Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Fertilizer scam unearthed in Northern


A scam has  been unearthed in Northern where some cooperatives  are getting farming inputs on behalf of farmers are under declaring the number of packs to their groups.

Northern Province Permanent Secretary, Bernard Mpundu says government has received reports that the cooperatives are stealing inputs from farmers.

He said this has resulted in cases of farmers sharing the small packs of inputs among themselves.

 Mr Mpundu has since directed District Commissioners in the province to go on the ground and verify the packs that all cooperatives have received during this year’s farming season against what has been declared.

He said government will not spare any cooperative leader who would be found to have stolen inputs meant for farmers.

Mr Mpundu said this when he addressed the community in Chilubi district.

Meanwhile, Mr Mpundu has expressed worry about the slow rate at which farmers in Chilubi are redeeming farming inputs.

He explained that as of last week, only nine percent of farmers in the district had redeemed their inputs.

Mr Mpundu has since urged farmers to quickly redeem their inputs so that they can start planting.

He has also warned farmers against selling their inputs saying anyone who will be found doing so would be blacklisted from the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP).

And Chilubi District Commissioner, Risto Mushembe emphasized the need for farming inputs to be given to the right people.

Mr Mushembe said government has not reduced the number of packs that are given to farmers but it was unscrupulous people who were declaring fewer packs to their members.


    • Iwe kabolala Kaizar, ubwele uko wayafisama ku RSA. Come and explain what you stole. You’d not have run away had you been innocent. You are the chaps who are missing PF and want it back to continue stealing. It won’t happen, never again.

  1. Under5 government the most useless of all time. It’s now clear that they are a failed project…One term
    Small and medium businesses/ enterprises have collapsed
    Businesses are closing, no money in circulation, dollars forward it’s at K 23.5
    The economist has failed they have no proper direction, Foreigners are looting our mineral resources for free and yet Zambians are been squeezed to more tax
    I have no doubt we have a puppet in state house who’s interest is to enrich himself and his master’s this is very nonsensical.

  2. People are not serious about peace. They were lawless, they were corrupt, they thought they were kings. Now they cry for the evil they created to come back. They think Zambians have a short memory???
    They borrowed and refused to pay back. This are the aftermath of their crookedness that is making us suffer. UPND is trying its best to restore our dignity internationally.

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