Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Lusambo appears in court for mention


Former Lusaka Province Minister, Bowman Lusambo, was back in court today for mention.
This was before Lusaka Chief Magistrate, Davies Chibwili.
This is in a matter in which Mr. Lusambo is charged with  two counts of being in possession of property deemed to be proceeds of crime.
The details of the matter are that in the first count, Mr. Lusambo, between May 01, 2015 and December 31,2021, allegedly possessed property comprising a single storey four bedroomed house, guest wing, a gazebo and a car shed, all suspected to be proceeds of crime.
In the second count, on unknown dates but between May 01, 2015 and December 31,2021 jointly with other persons unknown, Mr. Lusambo possessed six flats in Lusaka’s Chamba Valley also deemed to be proceeds of crime.
Magistrate Chibwili has since adjourned the matter to December 20,2023 for another  mention and January 17 2024 for continuation of trial.
Mr. Lusambo was arrested in March 2023 and is currently on bail.


  1. Was a pleasure speaking with my brother bowman before his mention. Told him he not need any luck because innocent people don’t need luck.

  2. This is poverty mentality. Can a minister for 5years fail to build 6 flats and a single storey four bedroomed house. Icemeni ba ND!

    • ………

      A minister of 5 years can’t fail to build a property portfolio, however………

      With that portfolio, we expect a traceable money trail with associated tax recites ……….

      That is where the PF theives are finding difficulties, they can’t produce expected tax recites

    • A minister on a genuine ministerial salary? All the government wants is for him to show them he was earning income commensurate with the values of those properties
      . It is not difficult to do that if you possess the evidence

    • @Mutula, dollar is K22. So $3000 ninshi ni 66,000 HHKwacha. Kampyongo gave these numbers.
      5 years a Minister can’t build a house in Lusaka. The problem is most of you guys have never earned $3000 a month. IT’S nothing if you have children going to private schools in Lusaka.
      Madafaka Bowman is guilty!!!

  3. The women who sleep with him a from Addis Ababa rd and from Lungu’s camp.
    Zambia wants prison time for these people and soon or else 2026 will be a different story.

  4. All those who were members to PF under Lungu were thieves, murderers and rotten eggs. Lusambo must also be for killing an opponent with a Panga. Kashimba Kambwili must be called as a witness. I still have his recording .

  5. Live by the sword you die by the sword RIP
    why dont you get ur disbarred laywer ECL to assist him
    Oh i forgot hes been struck off the register hasnt he ?

    • @Tikki: The mathafaka, Edgar Chagwa Lungu, whose real name is Jonathan Mutawire from his home country Rwanda, as you can see from his giraffe like neck, stole $40, 000 from his law client. This egregious act got the bugger disbarred, but the criminal PF did not see any problem with appointing him their president. What do you think he did? What do you think will happen when you put a dog in butchery? Will it respect you meat, and not eat it???? Zambia is not US $31 billion in foreign debt, as a result of these criminals wantonly borrowing and stealing money.

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