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PF constitutional amendments allegations baseless-Mweetwa


The Minister of Information and Media, Cornelius Mweetwa, has refuted allegations that the government is planning to carry out constitutional amendments.

Mr Mweetwa said this in response to recent claims made by a wing of the Patriotic Front (PF) led by Emmanuel Mwamba that the government was planning to make amendments to the current constitution.
Mr Mweetwa has emphasized that the assertions regarding changes to the constitution, particularly concerning the 50% plus 1 provision, the Presidential term extension from 5 to 7 years, and the repeal of the article related to the running mate, are baseless and lack any substantiating evidence.

Speaking in a live broadcast from Ethiopia, Mr Mweetwa acknowledged ongoing discussions about constitutional amendments, initiated by citizens and Members of Parliament.

He highlighted the defects in the 2016 constitution, which was imposed without consensus and resulted in provisions that led to various contradictions.

“One example was the inclusion of a requirement for parliamentary candidates to possess grade 12 certificates, catching some members of the PF off guard, as they were unaware of this provision during the voting process,”said Mr Mweetwa
He said the subsequent exclusion of MPs from participating in local authorities and councils, along with challenges related to the size of constituencies, has prompted calls for constitutional reforms since 2016.

Mr Mweetwa who is also Chief Government Spokesperson stated that MPs have expressed regret over the limitations imposed by the 2016 constitution, particularly regarding their exclusion from local decision-making processes and the administration of Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

“The demand for constitutional amendments has been driven by a desire to address these issues and allow MPs to actively participate in local governance,” said Mr Mweetwa.

He underscored that these discussions reflect the broader sentiment among citizens and members of parliament who have long advocated for constitutional reforms to rectify the perceived defects and limitations of the current constitution.


  1. Just pick and approve BILL 10. It was a very progressive bill . You short it down just because you were in opposition then. Otherwise if you look at it again, you see nothing wrong with it. And I do not see the opposition opposing the same bill.

    • Bill no.10 of 2019 was a 28-page doc that had very progressive clauses intermixed with contentious verses. Therefore, parliament can’t just bring B10 back and wish for plain a sailing voyage.
      The PF had just had a major overhaul of the bible in 2016. It was therefore folly to amend that large portion only after 3 years’ usage. I am happy it flopped. Just because PF had brought B10 then UPND must reintroduce it is retro forward. But there is nothing wrong for a new government bill for amendments so long they consult widely. PF is not our standard way of doing things in Zambia.

  2. Zambian opposition should put their acts together and start behaving like Patriotic Zambians and mature adults……Just because they’re in opposition it doesn’t mean they should fight the Government….let them do checks and balances but not being rubble rousers

    • UPND behaved the same when they were in oppostion. Infact them even crafted a lot of lies:
      1. 48 houses belonged to Lungu…..Today we know the owner of the houses.
      2. TASILA bought a bank…..
      3. PF was gassing Zambians…..Two years down they have just “arrested” a ngoni worrior for ” epsonage”
      4. “We will reclaim forest 27″….Today they are quiet because some of them have houses on Forest 27.
      6. ” By 14 hours …the dollar will be K10/dollar”…..Today its K23/$
      7. ” Fuel price will be K15/litre” ……Today its K30/litre.
      8. ” Govt should cut down on presidential trip” ……Today the president has done 64 trips in 2 years.
      9.” No more pamela and tu saladi twakupimisha” ……….You know what is happening today.

  3. @Patriot
    I guess thats the nature of the game…yes UPND also were rubble rousers whilst in opposition…i think the best way is to get rid of all Politicians but unfortunately thats a bridge too far…and Democracy is somehow to blame…Malawi was much better Governed under Kamuzu Banda but now Bandits have taken over Malawi…all what Chakwera is doing is hop from country to country begging for donations which ends up in his pockets and his friends just like HH

  4. Iwe Mweetwa just improve our lives. We are not interested in an ending battles with PF. Everyday it’s PF this PF that while the Kwacha burns to ashes.


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