Saturday, July 20, 2024

Message For Today: Wow!


Today’s Scripture

The God who summons horses and chariots and armies—they lie down and then can’t get up; they’re snuffed out like so many candles: “Forget about what’s happened; don’t keep going over old history. Be alert, be present. I’m about to do something brand-new.”
Isaiah 43:17–19, MSG


Friend, In today’s Scripture, God reminded the Israelites who were held captive in Babylon that He opened a way through the Red Sea in the exodus, that He called forth the mighty armies of Pharaoh and drowned them in the waters. “But forget about all of that. It’s nothing compared to what I’m about to do when I bring you out of captivity.” This brand-new thing was going to be far greater than anything they’d seen in the past.

We all can look back and see when God parted Red Seas for us. He’s opened doors that shouldn’t have opened, had us in the right place at the right time to meet someone special, turned our health around. We’re grateful. We know it was the hand of God. But God is saying, “You haven’t seen anything yet. Forget about all that and get ready for something awesome, something that you haven’t seen, something that propels you to a new level.” When you see this new thing, you’re going to stand in amazement and say, “Wow, look what the Lord has done!”

A Prayer for Today

“Father, thank You for the countless blessings You have brought me and how Your hand has been upon my life in so many ways. Thank You that I can get my hopes up and know that You have something bigger and better than I’ve expected. I stand in awe of Your goodness to me and can only say, ‘wow.’ In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”


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