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PF Bahati MP and President HH Unite for Development in Constituency


President Hakainde Hichilema led a tour of the Mansa Trades Institute to assess the progress of a Constituency Development Fund (CDF) project focused on skills development. The project, facilitated by the institute, highlights the UPND New Dawn government’s commitment to enhancing skills development and empowering the youth across the country.

In a display of bipartisan collaboration, PF Bahati MP Hon Leevan Chibombwe joined President Hakainde Hichilema (HH) during the tour of the trade school specializing in the production and repair of school desks within his constituency. The event showcased a departure from political rivalry as Hon Chibombwe and President HH shared a common goal of advancing the development agenda for the people of Bahati and Luapula at large.

Miles Sampa, PF president has said under the rebranded PF leadership, this cooperative effort is applauded, emphasizing a commitment to setting aside political differences for the greater good. The PF leadership highlighted the shift away from past practices that would have seen punitive measures taken against a member for participating in a developmental event with the President.

In a statement, Miles Sampa assured Hon Chibombwe that there would be no such reprisals for his collaboration with President HH. The rebranded PF is moving away from divisive politics to embrace a more modern and civilized approach, fostering a culture of love and unity in diversity within the democratic principles of One Zambia; One Nation.

Quoting the Bible, the statement emphasized the importance of recognizing the right time for different pursuits—drawing a clear line between development-focused activities and political engagements. With no impending by-election in Bahati, the focus shifts entirely to the development agenda for the constituents.

During the visit, President Hichilema expressed enthusiasm for the innovative skills development initiatives taking place at the institute. Notably, learners showcased their ability to assemble high-quality desks using recycled materials, exemplifying the kind of creativity and sustainability the government aims to promote nationwide.

President Hichilema emphasized the government’s dedication to promoting local industries and job creation, stating that no school under the UPND administration would be allowed to import desks. The focus is on empowering local communities, fostering skill development, and generating employment opportunities.

The President underscored the importance of a productive Zambia, urging citizens to work diligently and in an organized manner to achieve national development goals. The commitment to skills development aligns with the broader vision of the UPND government to create a more prosperous and empowered nation.

President Hakainde Hichilema’s visit to the Mansa Trades Institute follows the government’s pledge to prioritize education, skills development, and job creation. The CDF project at the institute is just one example of the initiatives aimed at equipping Zambians with the tools they need for personal and national growth.

President Hichilema tours the Mansa Trades Institute
President Hichilema greets students at the Mansa Trades Institute


    • Please don’t tell lies
      Any Upnd member who welcomes Lungu or any government officials was going to be expelled by the party. Chilanga mayor was expelled for welcoming the president in the district. Please let’s for once say the truth…Mulusa, Moonde and others were expelled from the party because they wanted to work with the government in power. You are the worst hypocrites ever to rule this rotting country.

    • # Deja Vu

      Fact based! You have presented good examples; Mulusa & Moonde. Especially Mulusa, he is a smart guy who wanted to take development to North Western. Stopping him to work with PF government was punishing people who need development on the ground.

    • It shows maturity and good leadership. It is time for Zambians to work together and whoever works hard for his constituency should be supported. well done all

  1. While it’s a good gesture to depart from toxic politics on nonpartisan matters such as development, it’s wrong for anybody to refer to Miles Sampa as the PF President because whatever he did was illegal. We said it here that Mwami 1 couldn’t have allowed Miles Sampa to host that illegal event when there was a visiting Head of State unless with express authority from his boss. We knew that HH was the architect of the confusion in PF. He himself alienated the UPND from the rest of Zambia to the extent of his supporters cutting down Zesco poles in Namwala and Kalomo. He never recognized ECL and MCS. Just visit UPND media platforms and review their stand on national issues before 2021. We all desire to see development but let their be humility

    • @ Ayatollah,
      You started off on a positive note welcoming bipartisan, it would have been great for you to continue on that trajectory and educate your followers.
      Miles Sampa’s mention is not official and can be attributed to the reporter of this article, and when you talk about it you are making it even more relevant.
      And as is always the case in Zambia, you go back and dig into negativity, conspiracy theories, and the past.

      Good Points. There is a 3D Relation) in the 3 data-points you stated, if one looks at underlying derivatives and context. Sampa is preaching nontoxic politics, a great factor to foster. Sampa is also an illegal PF President. HH had promoted a culture for his MP’s not to corporate with PF or Edgar Lungu. MP’s seen to be doing so, were often reprimanded. Repeatedly, HH demanded his MP’s boycott parliament or to vote against Good Legislative Bills, as often opposition parties; want regimes in power to fail, and use the catastrophe as a podium to critic that things are not working. HH said, it was better for Lungu to build toilets in his constituency (Kanyama) than bring back Zambia Airways. I wonder why HH did not closed Zambian Airways, now in power.

    • UPND did practice politics of hate. Going back to address these issues is not negativity, conspiracy and theories. ECL had attempted to appoint southerners as minister, diplomats and permanent secretaries but Hakainde blocked the inclusion. Southern Province was a no go area in August 2021. Innocent People were killed in North Western province on election day in 2021 and the culprits have not faced justice. Market stores owned by Northerners and Easterners were destroyed during 2021 Elections.

    • @@@@ Independent Observer….

      Kikikiki ….. “””””” HH said, it was better for Lungu to build toilets in his constituency (Kanyama) than bring back Zambia Airways. I wonder why HH did not closed Zambian Airways, now in power. “””””
      Its true that’s what HH said.
      However, no matter how you point to the truth, play recorded videos of HH,
      UPND supporters such as the one above will always deny that it a conspiracy

    • #Observer this what is making me angry. These went as far as reporting there MP from NWP to the police that he had fake accounts diploma from NIPA. This was after the young had accepted the position of Deputy Minister in the PF government.
      Too much hypocrisies and pretence.

    • @General Kanene, it’s evident to all that HH doesn’t tolerate dissenting views and he ensures that those that dare to challenge him are ruthlessly dealt with. Tiens Kahenya tried to push for reforms in the UPND when he noticed that HH was resisting a mandatory elective convention and that the UPND Constitution and structures were being decimated. Tell us what happened to him. Nowadays when ZP visit opposition leaders it’s not to protect them. They’re violently arrested and humiliated for days while in custody. How did Miles Sampa qualify for 24/7 protection with more officers than even are allocated to Ministers? HH will be embarrassed when the Courts finally end Sampa’s escapades. I feel sorry for him because he’s lost an opportunity to serve Zambians with dignity

  2. Miles Sampa for now is PF president !!!
    PF has been headless for so long with no effort to resolve the issue
    atleast he has put the cat amongst the pigeons
    whether he lasts or not is immaterial good for him !

  3. So this confirms that HH is behind the Miles Sampa nonsense….the formula is very simple….devide and weaken the main opposition

    • He thinks those tactics will save him from be asked for accountability. Look at Lungu he can’t even find a rat’s hole to hide his shame. This one thinks he’s smarter than life itself. But he’s wrong because time always comes to ask for its share.

    All provinces need to benifit from the Government of the day no matter which party is favoured
    Unlike the past .. get used to a new way of thinking

  5. The statement does not say Sampa was in the company of HH. Its the elected MP who was in that team. HH is doing different politics. PF all projects went to one region. Now we all feel like Zambians.

  6. Fuseke let these bought cr00ks continue f00ling hh into thinking they support him. We call this donchi kubeba. It is not mp who votes but the people. Go on ground and see how much people want change and regret voting those upnd f00Is in

    • Only in Zambia would some glorify a disbarred lawyer Who misused clients funds
      somehow I think we deserve as to what went on.
      Lets not go that road again God save zambia

    • @Kaizar – Please explain your breakup with Kenyan door bouncer at Spice Night Club in Nairobi. The muscular dark door bouncer whom you encountered in the rest rooms of the club on the fateful night. Drug-fueled Kaizar bent over and penetrated. You think you have all the footage but some was retained at the order of your own minister of home affairs at the time in order to have one over you. It will be a lovely December.

  7. ……..

    “….The event showcased a departure from political rivalry as Hon Chibombwe and President HH shared a common goal of advancing the development agenda for the people of Bahati and Luapula at large…”

    Only bitter crooks who have been cut off from the looting will oppose this……….

  8. @Deja Vu, UNIP,Ayatolla, Quarter Pounder; GREAT to have told off these pretenders, who actually use REVERSE PYSCHOLOGY to paint innocent people with their own acts of TRIBALISM, REGIONALISM and HATRED in their dispensation of politics !! The problem is that in Zambia we are very poor at keeping records and thus fail to show track on how some divisive political leaders should have been kept on the sidelines forever!!

    • Telling off? To me it appears like fire of hatred in their hearts, including yourself. You can not be playing politics forever. Move on and heal.

    • #Newt the problem with you ba Haha is that you don’t acknowledge what is wrong unless it’s from another person. History is important and we don’t need superficial healing. There are many things I can recount but what is the use since you won’t admit.


  10. When Sata referred to Hakainde as an under five politician this is what he meant. Well done PF don’t replicate the under five behaviour of isolating your MPs from Govt. These MPs are not for Hakainde they were voted in by the people of Zambia. It does not matter who is president you must go to represent your constituency. Hakainde while in opposition, opposed everything including important Government functions. And he asked his MPs to shun all progressive and historical state functions. That was very childish which PF must not emulate. The failures of Hakainde are there for all to see.

  11. This is refreshing to hear, opposition under Miles Sampa and His Excellency joining hands to work for the people of Zambia. Way to Go!

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