Friday, February 23, 2024

Health Minister Urges Zambians to Embrace Healthy Living to Combat Non-Communicable Diseases


Health Minister, Sylvia Masebo, has called on citizens to adopt a healthier lifestyle as a proactive measure against non-communicable diseases. Emphasizing the importance of incorporating physical exercises into daily routines, the minister believes that such efforts will alleviate pressure on the country’s health system.

Minister Masebo underscored the significance of regular exercise as a lifestyle choice, stating that it contributes not only to longer life expectancy but also to increased productivity, thereby fostering economic development. As a commitment to promoting wellness, she announced that every ministry event would be preceded by a health-related activity.

The call to action came during a “walk for life” event organized ahead of the 3rd Annual International Conference on Public Health in Africa (CPHIA), scheduled to take place in Lusaka from November 27th to 30th, 2023.

Addressing the upcoming conference, Jean Kaseya, Director General of the Africa Center for Disease Control and Prevention, revealed that the event anticipates the participation of over 5,000 delegates from across Africa, with an additional 25,000 expected to join virtually. The summit aims to celebrate Africa’s achievements in addressing public health challenges while recognizing individuals who have significantly contributed to improving the continent’s health outcomes.

Minister Masebo’s advocacy for healthier living aligns with global efforts to prevent and manage non-communicable diseases through lifestyle modifications, emphasizing the critical role of individual choices in public health outcomes.


  1. The problem we have is more about our living environment. We live in very filth places. Garbage is never collected . We have pit latrines that are next to wells from where we get the water we drink. We are actually drinking dirty contaminated water. And we know Lusaka ground water is contaminated with feacal matter.
    Cholera is already here .

    • The president has already donated boreholes for each ward in Lusaka. He even encouraged businesses to donate more. The Muslims society is already on it and also digging more boreholes . How many boreholes of this dirty can Lusaka take?

  2. Very true Sylvia the unfortunate thing is that all of you new generation politicians have the habit of throwing the baby out with the bathwater whenever you take over. There are certain things that those you have taken over from used to do which you should emulate. I do remember that when I was at University, with Sylvia as my senior-Kenneth Kaunda flagged off about three races and he briefly ran with us on GER. Just that action by a head of state, brings the spotlight on healthy living. Some Presidents however just show us that flying around in a jet is what we should admire them for. Wake Up and lead! Dont just rule

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