Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Attorney General Inaugurates Chipata Office to Advance Access to Justice


Attorney General Mulilo Kabesha announced the official opening of the Attorney General’s office in Chipata as part of the ongoing decentralization efforts to strengthen the principle of justice as an inherent right for all citizens, regardless of their geographical location or socio-economic status.

Speaking at the inauguration, Kabesha highlighted that the establishment of the Chipata office aimed to streamline processes related to Constituency Development Funds (CDF) contracts. The provincial office would now handle these matters, facilitating quicker vetting and processing without the need for travel to Lusaka.

“Constituency Development Funds contracts will now be vetted and worked on from here in Chipata, thereby cutting down on transport and time that was spent traveling to Lusaka,” Kabesha explained.

He emphasized that the launch of the provincial office marked a significant step in the government’s commitment to ensuring equal access to justice. The move to bring legal aid services closer to communities reflects the government’s dedication to empowering marginalized populations and fostering inclusivity within the legal system.

Thandiwe Daka Oteng, the Ministry Permanent Secretary in charge of Administration, also spoke at the event. She expressed that the newly established office would actively engage with the local community to develop partnerships and programs promoting legal awareness, education, and conflict resolution.

“Our aim is not merely to adjudicate disputes but to prevent them from happening through legal advocacy and education,” Oteng stated.

Addressing legal practitioners associated with the office, she urged them to approach their roles with empathy, ensuring that justice is fair for all.

Paramount Chief Mpezeni, represented by Chief Mnukwa, expressed satisfaction with the development, emphasizing the government’s seriousness about improving and maintaining justice, law, and order. Chief Mnukwa also took the opportunity to call for national unity and peace.

Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Paul Thole and other officials attended the event, marking a significant stride in the government’s commitment to justice accessibility.


  1. There is too much corruption in the legal fratenity in this country.Too many corrupt lawyers , magistrates and judges. Judges conive with lawyers ti fix cases. Are we safe??

  2. It’s the New Dawn administration delivering like DHL once again. Since Chipata has a resident judge now, it’s only fair that the Attorney-General’s office should also be nearby.

  3. It’s not the building that matters it’s the occupant of the building that matters. Pupils can learn under a tree and do better than those learning in fancy buildings.

  4. Each local authority has a legal department with at least one qualified lawyer. CDF contracts are managed by local authorities, is there a need to establish local presence for the Attorney General just to address CDF contracts? I don’t think so. By the way, these consent judgements being awarded to politically exposed persons are serious dent on the AG’s standing. I advise him to introspect

    • @Ayatollah am equally concerned about the way these CDF funds/contracts are being administered/managed. It seems everybody wants to stick their dirty fingers into the CDF pie…I can assure you by the end of this financial year most of the funds would have gone to non-developmental projects and the intended recipients will be left scratching their heads.

  5. The day of reckoning draweth nigh…soon the chickens will come home to roost…Mr.AG, mark my words, those consent judgments will come back haunt you.

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