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Government on course to resolve energy crisis – Mumba


Government says with the interventions being implemented through the Presidential Delivery Unit on Energy challenges in the country’s energy sector will be resolved soon.

Energy Permanent Secretary Peter Mumba said the energy sector is faced with a lot of challenges that are affecting energy delivery to the people especially rural areas.

Mr. Mumba noted that the challenges affecting the energy sector includes low water levels, poor rainfall, and poor access to power by a substantial section of the population.

The Permanent Secretary , who was speaking during the official opening of the Energy Lab in Lusaka, added that the energy sector is also faced with the challenge of slow delivery of projects, unattractive tariffs and sector bottlenecks.

“ The Ministry of Energy is already working on addressing some of these challenges through the review and enhancement of regulations aimed at addressing the bottlenecks in the sector, increasing access to energy and access to alternative sources of energy among others, “ he said.

Mr. Mumba expressed optimism that the initiatives will guarantee energy safety in the country and further that the PDU will unlock the sector and Improve energy delivery projects.

And speaking at the same event, Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation ZESCO Managing Director Victor Mapani said hid Corporation will have to synchronize its activities in order to improve the infrastructure and thus increase access to power from the current 42%.

He said the corporation would like to get actionable tasks from the lab, which they can implement in order to bridge the power deficit in the country.

And represented by his Chief Executive Officer Linus Chanda, Rural Electrification Authority (REA ) Director Alex Buumba pledges his Authority’s support of any action plans emerging from the Lab.

Mr. Buumba hoped that the discussions from the Lab will result into actions that will improve the sector.

Meanwhile, Energy Regulations Board (ERB ) Director General Yohan Mukabe added that the Board is working hard to remove barriers to investment in the sector, including regulatory reviews, Streamlining the licensing processes and finalising tariff reviews among others.

And Head of the Presidential Delivery Unit Kusobile Kamwambi explained that the PDU has brought together key stakeholders in the sectors in order for them to discuss and come up with solutions that will help unlock the sector and Improve the availability and reliability of energy supply.

The Lab which started yesterday is expected to run for the rest of the week and has drawn participation from various players in the energy sector.


  1. Energy crisis is not just affecting rural areas, just here in Lusaka in 6 miles, Kabangwe, Zani muone, 10 miles, ZESCO power cuts are a daily event

  2. These guys getting huge salaries and huge allowances and they have to justify it by blowing hot air…UPND just good at talking and deceiving Zambians…now busy with loadsheding but they wont admit it because they’re afraid to tell Zambians the truth….my construction project has stalled because there’s no electricity most part of the day

    • And Mr HH tells a public rally that within two years his government has achieved what others didn’t in ten years…. depends which way the achievement is heading.

    • @Anonymous. You are 100% spot on! My colleagues and I have been in Lusaka for 3 weeks and ZESCO power goes everyday where we are staying. And these empty suits are busy unashamedly telling us that there’s no loadsheding because they are importing power from Mozambique…Do they really think Zambians are so gullible not to see through their lies?

  3. Failures kikiki. I challenge and upnd son of a beech to list even 1 achievement of upnd government. We will be waiting here till judgment day

  4. Kaizar you and your failed PF are now in the dustbins of history. You will die a miserable pauper after serving jail. Styopet illiterate kaponya.

  5. Whilst in opposition everything was as simple as 1,2,3…..2026 i sincerely hope Zambians won’t make the same mistake again….SHAME ON YOU IF YOU FOOL ME ONCE…SHAME ON ME IF YOU FOOL ME TWICE

  6. You cannot talk of increasing coverage to rural areas when you have even failed to supply to urban areas which are already connected on the grid. Where are you going to get the extra power from? First talk of increased generation then you talk of increased coverage.

  7. Mr Hichilema with his graphs, charts and Powerpoint show indicated that he is the best performing president since Sir Roland left in 1964. If that is true, we must look at today’s cost of living, fuel and $. The monthly fuel review is the hell.ish imp in the building.

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