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Beyond deception ,UPND Political Campaign promises are 1000 ways to die


By Misheck Kakonde

In the wake of the UPND’s governance, the stark contrast between promised pledges and stark realities has shattered public trust. The failure to deliver on commitments, along with the misleading depiction of achievements such as the IMF deal, has left citizens disheartened, yearning for the anticipated change. The timeless adage that “lies have short legs” stands evident, exposing the limitations of deceit in the face of tangible outcomes.

Winston Churchill’s said “the price of greatness is responsibility” resonates deeply. The current UPND administration shoulders the burden of being held accountable for veering away from the assurances extended to the Zambian people. Drawing from Theodore Roosevelt’s words, urging courageous endeavors despite setbacks, emphasizes the imperative for action over passive acceptance.

Furthermore, those staunchly supporting the government will soon awaken from their political slumber. Hunger and hardship do not discriminate based on political loyalty, the consequences of governmental actions impact all citizens, irrespective of party affiliations. Thus, it is crucial for Zambians to transcend partisan divides and embrace a profound sense of patriotism for the nation’s collective welfare.

In the realm of governance, the role of the Speaker of the National Assembly assumes paramount importance. Upholding impartiality and exemplifying honorable conduct are imperative in this position. Taking inspiration from former speakers like Amusa Mwanamwambwa could serve as a guiding light for the current Speaker in steering parliamentary affairs with integrity, transcending political biases for the greater good of Zambia.

The UPND leaders in government Plutocratic behavior is worrying, the administration should learn from leaders like Kenneth Kaunda who echoed a call for unity and collective progress, than the weekly arrests of opposition members, people with different views without evidence for arresting in trying to excite the unsuspecting Zambian citizens. Kaunda’s emphasis on unity in diversity and a shared vision for a better future can serve as a beacon for Zambians in transcending political differences for the nation’s prosperity.

Enough with the deception, it is time to for the Hakainde led administration to be honest and seek a national indaba to discuss the economic status of Zambia and find solutions to avoid this political hallucination we are witnessing.

The author is a legal scholar, comparative politics specialist, History and Cultural Studies, expertise in international relations, negotiation, and protocol (ZIDIS). Author of the book “peering into Zambia Cultures, Ceremonies” and contributor in the book “Young Zambia between poverty and abundant resources”. Email: [email protected]


    • Be careful what you ask for!
      There is no honour among “thieves” 33 coup generals eliminated that supported Emmerson Mnangagwa into power. Meanwhile VP Chiwenga who has survived poisoning is about to be dropped.
      Watch this space!

      Watch “WATCH LIVE: Mnangagwa crushes Chiwenga faction” on YouTube

    • Without PREJUDICE. The Criminal behaviour of the State of The Republic of Zambia is NOTHING but a STINKING failed state. Today you have an Attorney General who at WILL enter consent judgements with no regard to pending CRIMINAL matters before the learned Justices of our Country. CRY MOTHER ZAMBIA.

      Very true mune

  1. The Author is such a poor and incoherent writer, with no discernable theme and direction in what he’s trying to say. Is this surely the calibre of legal scholars in Zambia these days?

  2. It’s really shocking to see an educated man pleading for free things and misleading the younger generation. Bwana Mk the UPND government has already delivered on its promises, now it’s our job as citizen to use education through entrepreneurship to rebuild the economy. Lazy people like MK will continue to encourage young people to believe that it’s the job of the GRZ to provide free things. Far from that sir, embrace hard work not laziness and stop bringing your laziness through social media you just imbalance yourself sir.

  3. Aren’t toxic chemical perpetrators still roaming our streets? What about gassing victims themselves, have they been compensated by the state? Is being pointed a gun at by a private citizen worth a hefty half a million kwacha atonement by government? Only greed does that. Has the fight on corruption yielded any tangible progress? What has befallen UPND such that they have failed in all areas: justice, food, fx, transparency, leveled political playfield, economy, etc.? The president is always habitualy airborne, but brings nothing on the table to benefit us all. When will they start scoring goals for entire team Zambia greedlessly?

  4. Did I not warn Zambians about this monkey hh. You are now regretting. You are lucky 2026 is not very far to undo this mess.

    Without PREJUDICE. The Criminal behaviour of the State of The Republic of Zambia is NOTHING but a STINKING failed state. Today you have an Attorney General who at WILL enter consent judgements with no regard to pending CRIMINAL matters before the learned Justices of our Country. CRY MOTHER ZAMBIA

    • @Kaizar – You have an active case against you in Zimbabwe involving a minor. Events from Intelligence are that in 2014 while organizing funds from ZANU-PF for Edgar Lungu’s campaign, you went ahead of Mr. Lungu to hold key meetings with a delegation. During this time, you attended a party in the VIP of Chez Nthemba in Harare before going to Crowne Plaza Hotel in room 204. You took to the room a female and a male escort who were both underage. The following morning, the female escort left but you asked the male to remain, his pimp visited the hotel reception where he managed to locate you at breakfast, you stated this young man was your nephew, you were then reported to police but fled the country.

    • keep crying till 2025 when you will get a shock again
      you predicted an astounding victory in 2021 and got thrashed
      wait for round 2

  5. Our country needs to dialogue and face its challenges without partisan lenses. President HH should work with the opposition and all great minds in Zambia and outside. We need each other not politics but it’s time for unity of purpose Bo President HH and your team. Humility and wisdom will take our beloved Zambia far

  6. What goes on in our leaders minds once they travel to Europe or USA and see how clean and organized the cities are…don’t they feel embarrassed when they compare their so called “CAPITAL CITIES” with the cities in Developed countries…am talking about cleanliness and not infrastructure as per se…go to a small rural town in the USA and you find its a million times more clean and organized than most African Capital cities…do we need IMF or billion dollars to plant trees and take care of our own surroundings….i saw a picture of ZRA building surroundings a few days ago….and its an eyesore…the structure itself is dilapidated and its surrounded by garbage…am told most of the toilets at ZRA don’t even work….the toilets at the high court are filthy and they don’t even work

  7. …………

    The writer is all over the place…………

    Things are falling in place, today…….2.5 years from were we were is miraculous

    HH will win 2026, no matter the doomsayers……….

    Forward 2031

  8. @Anonymous, you are so correct.
    The perception of Africans in the developed are, we are nasty, we are backward, we are unclean, we are unhygienic, hence the reason there are so many diseases in Africa and we lack leadership.
    And I cannot say I disagree with the foreigners.
    Let’s take for example the cleanup exercise was ordered in Lusaka a few months ago to remove illegal traders, the furore that was unleashed by opposition politicians was unbelievable.
    HH is working hard to change to change things but it’s a hard task.
    Zambians and Africans thrive on chaos and filth. Except in Rwanda, off course.

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