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GBM’s nephew Adolphus Mubanga convicted for possession of assets deemed proceeds of crime


Adolphus Mubanga, a Lusaka businessman and the country representative of CURZON Global Limited, has been convicted and sentenced to two years of imprisonment with hard labor for the possession of properties considered proceeds of crime. The judgment was delivered by Lusaka Principal Magistrate Irene Wishimanga.

Adolphus Mubanga had initially faced joint accusations alongside former Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba. However, they were later separated from the indictment, and Mubanga faced independent charges related to the possession of assets believed to be derived from criminal activities.

The charges against Mubanga specified that between June 1 and August 30, 2021, he was found in possession of four million and 50 thousand units of currency in a named bank, deemed to be proceeds of crime. Additionally, on August 30, 2015, he allegedly possessed K980 000 held at a specific bank, and on November 30, 2015, he held K525 954 in another bank, both amounts considered proceeds of crime.

Lusaka Principal Magistrate Irene Wishimanga handed down the verdict, sentencing Mr. Mubanga to a two-year prison term with hard labor after finding him guilty of the charges. The judgment marks a significant development in the legal proceedings surrounding the alleged possession of assets derived from criminal activities.

Mr. Mubanga’s association with CURZON Global Limited, a company where Geoffrey Mwamba reportedly expressed interest for business dealings in 2011 during his tenure as Defence Minister, adds an additional layer of complexity to the case.

It is noteworthy that Geoffrey Mwamba, the former Defence Minister, remains a separate entity in the legal proceedings, and the verdict pertains solely to Adolphus Mubanga’s charges.


  1. They can t even tell you what crime was committed because this is another case of hh directing the judiciary to make a decision. Do not worry mubanga you will be out when we take over and the same cell you are in will be occupied by ugly miyanda hichilema.

  2. Strange how the so called businessmen in Zambia fail to account for how they made their money. Unless you stole or made your money via illegal sources, it should not be hard to disclose how you made it.

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