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Director of Public Prosecutions Appeals Kambwili’s 5-Month Sentence


The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Gilbert Phiri SC, has officially lodged an appeal against the five-month sentence handed down to Patriotic Front Member of the Central Committee, Dr. Chishimba Kambwili. The appeal comes in the wake of Kambwili’s conviction by Kasama Magistrate Senior Resident Magistrate, Samson Mumba, for violating Section 70(1) of the Penal Code by expressing or showing hatred, ridicule, or contempt for persons based on their name or place of origin.

Dr. Kambwili, a prominent figure in Zambian politics, swiftly appealed against both the conviction and the sentence following the Kasama Magistrate’s ruling.

In a surprising turn of events, the DPP, alongside the appeal, filed a cross-appeal requesting a higher sentence for Kambwili. This move has added a layer of complexity to the legal proceedings, raising eyebrows among various stakeholders.

The DPP, in a Notice of Appeal against Sentence, emphasized the desire to be personally present during the appeal hearing in Kasama.

However, the conviction of Dr. Kambwili has sparked criticism from several quarters, with accusations of selective prosecution echoing through public discourse. Critics point to instances where individuals, such as Bumba Malambo and Minister of Education, Douglas Siakalima, have made strong tribal remarks without facing legal consequences.


  1. Believe what you want. This is coming from someone who is hellbent to destroy our democracy. Kambwili is guilty and the court sentenced him and that should have been the end. But someone who wants to ensure there are no dissenting noises is not happy.
    The economy is crumbling and this where energies should be expounded.

    • 5 months vacation in jail is cheaper than spending money with ECL to fight Miles Sampa. Go to jail and rest. Come out and form own party again.

    • @Deja Vu: Actually it is not the end. Under the law, everywhere in the world, the prosecutor can appeal a verdict that he is thinks is too lenient. In the case of Gilbert Phiri, he feels that the 5 months in jail was too little. As for the economy, it crumbled long before HH came to power. PF under your father Michael Satan and his nephew, Edgar Lungu looted the $4billion that they found in our national reserves, and then borrowed another US $33 billion. Zambia only generates $22 billion every year in GDP, and cannot repay this debt. The reason why prices are high in that the debtors have demanded that subsidies on everything BE removed and used to repay them their debt. Tell me how to solve this problem.

    • Before Kambwili announced he wants to appeal his conviction and prison sentence, the DPP appeared satisfied with it. Phiri only got animated when CK sought an appeal himself. That’s how vindictive some people can be.
      Do remember too that a in 2021 a W P, Sesheke MP was convicted but only received two years suspended sentence.

  2. What is wrong a tax evader who didnt pay 7 million to zra is sentence to 9 months simple imprisonment
    who wouldnt go to prison for 9 months out in 4 for that amount of money ??
    Our courts suck

  3. These politicians are making a mockery of our democracy. They have become masters of their people and maybe they need the people to put them back in their places. If he comes out, it means he is immune to prosecuti0n or the people involved have been paid.

  4. ECL told this political commentator cum politician when they met at St Ignitius sometime back that your mouth is your worst enemy, here we are now.

  5. The leaders we have had in this country have been very disappointing, when it comes to vocabulary, it appears they can’t distinguish wrong from right. We hear tribal, racial, anti religious tantrums and other bad vibes. And they are very defensive, because they can not tell right from wrong. Followers are also the same, equal to the wrong task

  6. More evidence of the tribalism my learned brother kambwili was talking about. Those orders to the dpp have come from very tribal people high up in the upnd structures. These people are extremely tribal. I recently helped a brother of mine divorce a t0nga woman. He went through alot. We travelled to monze to meet the woman family, there I warned him not to eat anything he was offered. I then took the food and gave it to the dog. Unsurprisingly we heard the dog died

  7. I was with my friend when we met some friends of his. He introduced them to me and then me to them: This is my colleague Mr X, he’s from Mansa, Luapula province….was it necessary to mention where I come from. Later on I realized that he was making sure they didn’t say nasty things about my tribe.
    So tribalism is alive we just suppress it but unfortunately Kambwili isn’t strong enough to resist the temptation.

    • Deja Vu, as an easterner, every time I introduce my mbuyas to anyone, I emphasize where they come from to ensure other people secure their belongings. Nothing tribal but a security measure

    • Depends on which people… I love to introduce Rat Eaters to my fellow monkey eaters as such
      That’s not the situation I am talking about.

  8. And we spend a lot of time and money on these issues…instead of using our resources to develop Zambia we wasting tax payers money on Kambwili……i personally don’t subscribe to tribalism but I don’t think he should have been arrested…we are tribalist and no one can deny that….

  9. We should not bury our heads in the sand like proverbial ostrich. There is tribalism in the nation. This can be attested to the way we vote.There is no need of beating about the bush. Ever since multi partism came in, we have become very tribal.The time we realize that the vice is rife the better for our nation. Let us not use Kambwili as a pawn and yet tribalism is practiced openly. We should not demonize him. It is not an open secrete that tribalism has permeated all institutions in this country. Let us face tribalism head on.

    • Those are facts. I for one I don’t like pretending. It’s there in our government institutions, it’s there everywhere. It only becomes tribalism when a certain tribe is mentioned. Ever since HH became president my social club has become a strong hold of certain people. You really feel you are intruding.

  10. Dr. Kenneth Kaunda are you able to see hoe your prophecy has turned to be? It’s exactly how you had predicted. Bushe mwe Lesa BMW mwamufushe kwisa?

  11. i miss the Zambia of the 80s…the UNIP Zambia when we all used to get along very well….we were all UNIP and Zambians and i know things were tough but we used to walk around with smiles on our faces…the Days of UBZ buses and NIEC stores…the days of ZCBC and Zambia National Wholesale…The days of ITT Supersonic and Fiat Motor assembly in Livingstone…the days of LENCO…the days of Nalumino Mundia and Mainza Chona…The days of Mwaiseni stores..the days of Teen Time on ZNBC

    • KK would send a person from southern province to stand for MP in Northern province….he was a unifying factor…he introduced one party participatory democracy because he saw the animal in ( we have it now exposed). He abolished the VP position because he didn’t want people to fight over it.

  12. Believe me, a day will come when Siakalima and the so called Buumba, based on the same precedent, will face the music.
    The sad part is that the so called DPP or rather his sponsors are so vengeful that they’d want kambwili to rot in jail whilst shamelessly ignoring the same crime committed by themselves. Hypocrites!!!
    Chaona mzako chapita…

  13. The Problem with Politicians is that once they’re in office they create alot of enemies no wonder they always want to remain in power for ever because they’re scared of prosecution….Imagine what Kambwili would do to HH if Kambwili becomes President…i don’t envy Politicians they’re all the same

  14. When the entire UPND threw tantrums at a certain clegy and called him Lucy-Far Himself, it was okay. Didn’t they not glorify their call and villify the cleric? Hate speech at best.

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