Saturday, July 13, 2024

Nitrogen Chemicals to build US$ 6 million blended fertilizer plant


Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia (NCZ) will next year embark on the construction of a fertiliser blending plant at an estimated cost of US$6 million.

 Speaking at a stakeholders’ meeting in Kafue district, NCZ Technical Manager, Simon Mwape said the project is expected to start in the first quarter of 2024.

 Mr Mwape said the plant is expected to produce about 400 metric tons of blended fertiliser per day.

“The proposed project will be developed on approximately 0.5 hectares of land. It is expected to have a production capacity of 400 metric tons of blended fertilizer per day,” said Mr. Mwape

Mr. Mwape said the construction of the plant has been necessitated by the high demand for blended fertiliser in the country following an increase in the population and agricultural activities.

“The increase in population and farming activities in Zambia has led to a high demand for fertilizer hence we need to increase production and meet the demand for the current market,” said Mr. Mwape.

He added that the project seeks to alleviate the existing fertiliser shortages in Zambia and to create a new local blended fertiliser capable of meeting the market demands.

Mr. Mwape said that the blended fertiliser will be tailor-made to meet the needs of individual customers.

“The blended fertiliser will be tailor-made, and soil assessment will be done to determine the exact fertilizer needed for the customer,” said Mr. Mwape.

 Mr. Mwape stated that the project will also create employment opportunities for local people and respond to the Government’s call for investment which will complement the commercial growth currently taking place in the agriculture sector and the district.

He added that the company will not neglect the old fertiliser production plant but an investment of K4 million will be made to boost its production level from 35 metric tonnes to 65 metric tons of ordinary fertilizer.

Meanwhile, Kafue District Commissioner Maurice Hikapulwe is happy with the fertiliser-blending plant venture.

 He said the project will create employment opportunities for the local people and enhance the economy of the district.

Mr. Hikapulwe said the fertiliser blending plant will produce tailor-made fertilizer according to the needs of individual customers.

“We are happy with the project because clients will be able to get the right fertilizer for their crops,” said Mr. Hikapulwe.


  1. This is really great news and exciting development that all Zambians ill benefit from and the agriculture sector at large.

  2. NCZ received a chunk of the Eurobond money, hundreds of millions of dollars. How was this money used? Where are the assets to show for debt incurred. It is tragic that new Chinese fertilizer companies are exporting there products to Zimbabwe and Tanzania whilst NCZ is still asking for cash handouts. Has someone followed up on the mwinilunga pineapple canning factory? Do pineapples grow all year round? What is happening there? There is a lot of tomatoes grown in Lusaka and central provinces all year round. Would have made sense to make a plant in Chibombo, Kabwe or Kapiri to utilize the can the tomatoes that go to waste. Who is going to transport tomatoes to all the way to mwinilunga for processing and then transport them back to Lusaka for selling. Was a feasibility study done?

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