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Decision Pending on Sugilite Mining in Muombe Mine, Chembe District


The government is on the verge of making a crucial decision regarding the potential mining of Sugilite at the Muombe mine in Chembe District, located in the Luapula Province. Luapula Province Minister Njavwa Simutowe revealed that the decision awaits the completion of final testing at the mine to determine the quantity of Sugilite available before mining activities can commence.

Speaking during an inspection visit with the Provincial Joint Operations Committee to oversee activities at the mine, Minister Simutowe provided insight into the current status of the testing process. He clarified that two separate tests have already been conducted, with a third and final examination underway. The government will base its decision on the findings of this comprehensive analysis.

“The government can only make a decision once a final report indicating the quantity of the mineral at Muombe is out,” Minister Simutowe emphasized.

Luapula Province Permanent Secretary Mighty Mumba echoed the sentiments of Minister Simutowe, urging residents to remain patient as the government awaits the conclusive report on the mine. Mr. Mumba assured the public that no illegal mining activities are taking place at Muombe. He highlighted that the testing is being conducted by geologists from the Ministry of Mines and Bayern, emphasizing the government’s commitment to a thorough and legal evaluation process.

“The government is committed to ensuring that all necessary steps are taken to determine the potential of the Muombe mine. We appreciate the cooperation of Chief Kalasa Lukangaba throughout this testing process,” Permanent Secretary Mumba stated.


  1. What is so difficult in giving a mining license for any mine. Problem is that there too many leaders salivating for this jewel… everyone wants it.
    You called us dumb but I can assure you that we know how to fight for our rights….we were the only province that fought the colonial government by burning bridges and other colonial monuments.

    • @Tikki don’t think we’re blind. We know how your government is transferring civil servants including doctors who are serving in your provinces to the remotest posts. You may deny but inside you know I am telling the truth.

    • That type of mentality is toxic. So you think the people of Luapula alone forced the British colonial government to grant Zambia her Independence?
      Who contributed money for KK and other freedom fighters to buy air tickets to fly to England to meet the queen so that Zambia could be granted Independence?
      Stop exposing your ignorance. The Sugilite does not only belong to the people of Luapula but to all Zambians,=.

  2. We were given gift at Independence stop making out it was due to your freedom fighters
    Britian was sick and tired of these colonies THEY CALLED IT THE WIND OF CHANGE
    Stop saying we fought a long struggle for it ……..

  3. In this country from time immemorial people think the President is the alpha and omega, so all decisions await the President. I even laugh when I hear even educated people say the President said Police should not arrest before investigations, this has nothing to do with President, it is the law, whether a President said it or not, it is the law and is supposed to be handled as such

  4. Shame really,
    I’m a resource engineer and I’ve seen identical tactics employed in Indonesia and Kazakhstan. In a case like this, they’ve already selected the winning bidders. They are now negotiating the percentage they should receive for awarding the successful bidders. This commission usually comes in two tranches, namely:
    ***A fixed sum on awarding the lease, and
    ***An annual amount based on production
    In short, the local get nothing.
    In Indonesia, I’ve seen villages being relocated and graves desecrated!

    • First time I am hearing of the term “resource engineer”. I only know of resource economist and materials engineer. Mining is invariably polluting to the environment and experts have to be given time to work out if what will be sacrificed will be paid for by the return from mining. It’s not easy to ascertain because of too many unknowns and random factors.

    • Gunner please let me elucidate,
      Resource engineering is a new discipline.
      It combines Geology, Mining and Metallurgy to analyse a mining in order to establish its profitability. Just a handful of universities run such coursed. It was the demand from the World Band and IMF for such people which has led for such people EMERGING…..They found the pure line economists and accountants were not making the correct decisions on their own, they needed a RESOURCE ENGINEER as a part of their team.

    • Prakash Krishnan, thank you for laying it bare. It’s a new discipline indeed. No wonder yours truly is hearing it for the first time.

  5. General Barry was fired because he refused to be used by hh and mutinta hichilema to illegally trade in our gold. Every week mutinta transfers over 500k dollars to Panama.


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