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Siavonga residents tipped to avoid cholera in tourist town


Siavonga District Commissioner Geofrey Jakopo has urged residents in the district to prioritise primary health care guideline to prevent any cholera disease outbreak in the District.

Mr. Jakopo says residents need to abide by primary health care guidelines such as keeping their domestic and business surroundings clean other than regular handwashing with soap and water among others.

Mr Jakopo said this when he toured Harbour Market yesterday, to  share knowledge about the cholera outbreak that has broken out in some parts of the country.

He said as Siavonga is a tourist destination that receives a lot of people, tidiness must be a priority in the border town.

” Please I urge you to play your role and ensure that you exercise high level of hygiene by washing hands and keeping your good clean as you sell, Siavonga is a tourist destination so we need to protect the district and together we can prevent this cholera disease, ” he said.

Mr Jakopo added that the onset of rains often brings with it the risk of diarrhoea diseases, making it a must for residents to keep their surroundings clean and hygienic regularly as possible.

Harbour Monday Market chairperson Softy Hangoma has expressed happiness at the gesture the district administration office has embarked on in sensitising the community on the outbreak of the cholera disease.

Mr Hangoma has reiterated commitment to maintain a clean and safe business environment adding that sanitary facilities and proper waste management is among the essential practices marketeers will adhere to.

He said working together with the local authority a healthier and safer environment for everyone in the district will be created calling for the local authority to ensure that sewer leakages within the market area in some points must be attended to.

” we are grateful for this gesture it shows that government cares for its citizens and today
He said the local authority encourages all residents to participate actively in the upkeep of our community by reporting any sanitation issues or areas in need of attention to the local authority, ” he said.

The Siavonga pastors fellowship, Paul Chawinga says the activity undertaken by the district administration is commendable adding that the health of the community is vital.

Reverend Chawinga said Lusaka is a central business and most people flock back and forth adding that Siavonga residents interacts with Lusaka residents, urging for strict alertness from each individual.


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