Sunday, March 3, 2024

PROTUZ Endorses Grade 7 Cut-Off Points to Enhance Education Quality


The Professional Teacher Union of Zambia (PROTUZ) has expressed its support for the re-introduction of cut-off points at Grade 7, a move aimed at enhancing the quality of education in the country. Minister of Education, Douglas Siakalima, recently announced that out of the 454,396 candidates who sat for the Grade 7 examinations, 137,522 obtained division five and are deemed ineligible for Grade 8.

PROTUZ, which had previously advocated for the removal of automatic progression, now sees the re-introduction of the cut-off point as a crucial step toward ensuring that only deserving and credible learners progress to Grade 8.

Brian Mwila, the Director of Communications for PROTUZ, emphasized the importance of the cut-off point, stating that it will enable learners to secure places at STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) schools based on merit. This change signifies a departure from the past practice of automatic progression.

“The re-introduction of the cut-off point at Grade 7 is critical to ensuring that only rightful and credible learners progress to Grade 8,” Mr. Mwila affirmed during an interview with Radio Icengelo News.

Regarding Grade 9 results, a total of 291,894 candidates took the exams, with 156,315 obtaining certificates. This represents a slight decrease in certificate pass rates from 54.1 percent in 2022 to 53.55 percent in 2023.

Mr. Mwila took the opportunity to commend the hardworking teachers for consistently delivering positive results for the benefit of Zambia’s education system.

As the education landscape evolves, the endorsement from PROTUZ signals a broader commitment to enhancing the overall quality of education in Zambia by implementing measures that ensure merit-based progress for students.


  1. Good move but not good timing because the learners for the just ended exams especially Grade 7 were suppose to be credited their SS1 and SS2 then the next meaning learners who will sit for 2024/2025 were the ones on which theses exclusions were to be made because for them they would not even learn these two subjects.

  2. In first world like UK there are no failures at primary 7, they all pass to grade 8 or secondary school . Can we work on that one as well, were all students in primary 7 can have a place in grade 8 then we can talk of quality education.

  3. Implementing feeding schemes at schools, especially in rural areas, can indeed enhance children’s concentration and academic performance by ensuring they have nourished meals. This could contribute to creating a more equitable educational environment for all students.

    In addition, providing school buses for learners traveling long distances and organizing extra classes, especially for those with illiterate parents or guardians, can help alleviate exhaustion and provide crucial academic support. This holistic approach aims to create a more inclusive and supportive educational system.

  4. Examinations are always meant to reduce overcrowding, selecting the best candidate crops, encouraging pupil hardwork, and improving the educational methodical system. Is it normal to have everyone who sat for exams passing???

  5. Hi team I think it was like gun point for these last kids coz it won’t be fair for them it just came unexpectedly it’s fine if everyone agree with it more especially the president and the minister

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