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Tragic Collision Claims Lives in Serenje: President Hichilema Conveys Condolences


A devastating accident occurred at the Kabamba area between 09:00 and 10:00 hours on Tuesday, December 26, 2023, resulting in the immediate death of thirteen individuals, with an additional thirty-nine sustaining various injuries. The tragic incident unfolded when a Nakonde-bound bus collided with a Tanzanian truck in the Central Province of Zambia.

Central Province Permanent Secretary Milner Mwanakampwe revealed that of the confirmed eleven deceased, nine were male, and two were female. The collision transpired when the truck driver attempted an overtaking maneuver, leading to a fatal collision with the oncoming bus.

In swift response, the government activated emergency measures, facilitating the evacuation of the thirty-nine injured victims from Serenje District Hospital to Kabwe Central Hospital for specialized treatment.

Expressing deep sorrow over the loss of more than thirteen citizens, President Hakainde Hichilema extended heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families. He urged strength during this challenging period and offered prayers for the swift recovery of the injured currently undergoing treatment.

The President emphasized the importance of heightened vigilance among motorists and law enforcement agencies, particularly during the festive season, to avert such tragic incidents.

This tragic collision serves as a poignant reminder of the fragility of life and the imperative for collective efforts in ensuring road safety.


  1. Most trucks from Tanzania are not fit to be on our roads, even their drivers aren’t competent enough to drive here. When Zindaba Soko was at RTSA we had proposed that he causes a Statutory Instrument to be issued for drivers from Tanzania to localize their licenses as that would accord the Agency an opportunity to determine their competency. SA can’t allow this kind of nonsense on their roads. Unless we deal with these matters decisively, we’ll continue to lose lives on roads unnecessarily. What kind of people are we?

  2. By the way our bus drivers are not that law abiding either
    everyone has witness the speed they travel at, not to mention the advanced lunch money allowance they are given.
    Why dont all the passengers get together and claim for the injuries and deaths from the bus company as most only have the minimum Insurance

  3. Very sad development. while excessive speed is among causes of accidents, bad state of the roads with no road signs are the major causes of accidents. RTSA should stop behaving like a village bully and listen to our concerns. You surely don’t expect people to be driving at 60km/h Lusaka Kitwe coz we don’t know what speed to move at. Don’t punish people for your incompetency

    • @Mwelwa: The RTSA account was the very first one Michael Satan looted. As soon as he came into power, he confiscated the US $800 million that was set aside in it for the repair and maintenance of roads. Now Zambia would be able to have such money. The IMF would confiscate it right away, and distribute it among the lenders we owe that astronomical US $33 billion that Satan and his nephew, Edgar “Johnathan Mutawire” Lungu and borrowed and looted. Now you are all beginning to see the consequences of stealing. It is going to get far worse. We are finished as a country.

    • @Kaizar Zulu: I wish someone would sacrifice your ass. The amount of physical ugliness in Zambia would reduce by 50% due to that one act. I personally would drink beer for the first time in my life and dance Ndendeule that day.

  4. How many people are going to die under HH? Sensele, Sensele 2, Cholera and numerous suicides that are happening on a daily basis.

    • @kci: How is it the fault of HH when thieves decide to steal? Perhaps you should teach your relatives that stealing is wrong. This is what people in the parts of the country where some of us come from believe. I refuse the blame of HH for the Sensele deaths on his behalf. As for Cholera, blame Simon Chushi Mwewa for destroying the infrastructure of Lusaka. Blame Frederick Chipuba for giving away the assets of the city councils to his tribesmen, and depriving the councils of the means to provide services to their citizens. Lastly, learn to take responsibility for your actions.

  5. This road needs constant motorized police patrols otherwise we’ll continue losing lives….we don’t know who’s going to be the next victim… anyone one of us is a potential victim.

    • Zambia Police dont have time for patrols. Roadblocks yes because you can go with the driver behind a bush and exchange Kakubo Kwacha

  6. I think its a combination of reckless driving and bad road conditions with no proper road markers…potholes etc and its 60 years since independence

  7. Agreed. Tanzanian trucks that cross into Zambia are not supposed to be on the roads. Their drivers are untrained. There are more fatal accidents recorded on this northern route than all international roads put together. Almost always involving Tanzanian trucks. Having said that, the condition the GNR is deplorable. I wonder where the 31 billion USD debt was spent when such important roads were left neglected & ruined. How & where was the debt used? Countries in debt distress have something to show. Sri Lanka has a massive port, Ethiopia has electric commuter trains in Addis ant the massive renaissance dam/hydro power station. What do we have to show for our massive debt in Zambia? A few hundred thousand dollars for a few people in exchange for 31 billion USD debt? Sad, sad, sad.

  8. Multi-lane roads is the way to go. Somehow we still think it is a big deal to expand roads. We need to find a workable formula where we can increase the capacity of our roads without making it sound like a miracle or prolonged process.

    • @ Kalok I totally agree with you. All our major roads need to be upgraded.
      Great East Road, Great North Road, Lusaka to Kasumbalesa and Lusaka to Kazungula/Chirundu.
      On second thought, there’s just too many heavy goods moving by road, we need more investment in the railway system.

    • @Nakulu: THERE IS NO MONEY! Michael Satan and his nephew Edgar “Johnathan Mutawire” Lungu borrowed US $33 billion and looted it. The payments on this astronomical debts are due. They amount to more money that we generate in revenue in total as a country. We defaulted on the first payments in 2021, before HH came to power. Now it is worse. The IMF is watching everything, and every penny we get, they take and give it to the people we owe money. The 3 terrible Eurobonds Michael Satan took have matured and are due. For them only, we owe a lump sum payment of US $2.95 billion which we do not have. This is to say nothing of the remaining US $30 billion which we have no way of paying.

  9. At the rate people are dying in this country is extremely worrying! Something is wrong spiritually.. The d.evil is a liar
    Suicides and Accidents are the order of the day. The de.vil comes to kill,steal and destroy.. John 10:10 …

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