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FAZ Ethics Committee Lifts Ban on Simataa Simataa


The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has officially announced the lifting of the ban on Mr. Simataa Simataa, the former FAZ president, following a thorough review by the Ethics Committee. The ban, imposed in April 2018, has been revoked, allowing Mr. Simataa to actively participate in football activities.

Reuben Kamanga, the General Secretary of FAZ, shared the decision of the Ethics Committee in a statement, highlighting the committee’s adherence to established standard principles and a comprehensive review of all circumstances surrounding the matter.

“Given all the circumstances surrounding this matter, the Ethics Committee guided by established standard principles of comfortable satisfaction and personal conviction of the panel forthwith lifts the life ban sanction imposed on Mr. Simataa Simataa,” the statement reads.

The life ban, initially issued for breaching the FAZ Ethics Code, particularly Article 13 (3) of the 2012 FIFA Code of Ethics, has been rescinded, granting Mr. Simataa the freedom to engage in football-related activities.

Reuben Kamanga welcomed Mr. Simataa back to the football community, expressing FAZ’s best wishes for his future endeavors. Kamanga acknowledged that football could benefit significantly from Mr. Simataa’s vast experience.

“We welcome Mr. Simataa back to football and wish him all the best. Football can still gain a lot from his vast experience,” Kamanga stated.

In response to the decision, Simataa expressed gratitude to FAZ for the reconsideration of his ban.

“I would like to thank the FAZ for being magnanimous enough to review their own decision even as per FIFA requirements of the FIFA Ethics Code. They have done a good thing,” Simataa remarked.

He further extended his appreciation to friends who stood by him during this period, emphasizing the need for unity and collective progress within the football community.

“I would like to thank all my friends who have stood by me all this time; I just want to say let us move on, let us go ahead. Football is for all of us,” Simataa concluded.


  1. As an independent thinker, Simaata has bruised the FAZ presidency twice. He received not only a blacklist from Kamanga in 2018, he also was banned in 2014 by Kalusha too. Kamanga haa declared 2023 as their best year so far and decided to mend bridges with his past administrative opponents to put football ahead of personal might. Kalu is next to join this Kamanga kraal. Congratulations for such reconciliatory gestures. Happy new year to faz.

  2. After 5 years! Atase!
    Its FAZ who lost out because in those five years they could have exploited Simaata’s skills and perhaps avoided their present garbage record. The only FAZ to have failed to qualify for afcon. To that record they added the only FAZ to fail to qualify for three afcons.
    Simaata knows more about football than these Kamangas who have just come mukubuta. The Kitwe football fraternity knows Simaata very well. Mwana wesu!

  3. So what’s the point of banning someone for life. You should have just banned him for 5 years. Better still when you want to ban someone for life just say we will review your life ban after 5 years.

  4. Dont try reasoning with FAZ. Why is such a potential moneymaker as FAZ asking bankrupt govt for K52 million. If I was running FAZ for one year I would make 100 million. Im not joking

  5. @IhateKaizar…
    But you understand English and lie that you dont understand a few Bemba words:
    the most widely spoken language in Zambia. You betray your prejudices. You need prayers

    • He is a pathetic tribalist with a heavy inferiority complex. He never posts about anything except to attack the Bemba and to imagine angelic Tongas. If only he would have the audacity to spew such tribal snoot in his true identity he would die of shame

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