Wednesday, February 28, 2024

President Hichilema Leads Animal Vaccination at Choma Ranch


President Hakainde Hichilema, known for his commitment to hard work and hands-on leadership, demonstrated his dedication to the agricultural sector by personally overseeing the vaccination of animals at his Choma ranch in Southern Zambia. This act not only reflects the President’s long-standing involvement in farming but also underscores the importance of agricultural practices in the country.

The President, accompanied by his team, took time during the holiday season to engage in the vaccination process, emphasizing the value of hands-on efforts in the agricultural sector. The Choma ranch has been operational for over two decades, and President Hichilema, as a longstanding farmer, continues to promote a culture of hard work and self-reliance among Zambians.

In a statement, President Hichilema acknowledged the diligent work ethic of Zambians, emphasizing the aversion to dependency on free resources. He expressed his commitment to fostering and promoting this hardworking culture during his tenure in public office.

“As we spend our holidays at the farms, let’s keep pushing. Zambians are very hardworking, and we value their detest of free things. This is the culture we intend to promote while in public office,” President Hichilema stated.

The President’s hands-on approach to farming aligns with his vision for a prosperous and self-sufficient Zambia. By actively participating in agricultural activities, he seeks to inspire citizens to take an active role in their respective endeavors.

President Hichilema concluded the statement by extending his blessings to all citizens, wishing them a prosperous 2024 as they diligently pursue their individual aspirations.

First Lady Mutinta Hichilema at the Choma ranch
President Hichilema at his Choma ranch
President Hichilema at his Choma ranch


    • @His Frequent trips are leading us to Economic disaster, what are smoking these days? Friendly advice try mixing with dry papaya leaves, otherwise at the rate you are going…

    • I have been looking all over for Lungu’s Xmas and New Year message I can’t find it. Can somebody direct me to where can find it. Because if he hasn’t I would encourage him to do so before it’s too late. This can have serious implications on his leadership and purported Christian values.
      This is the best time for any one who wants to lead us to promote unity and forgiveness.

  1. He is doing photoshoot. He has never ever spent time workingvat farm. He goes there to take stock and relax. He is a white colonisers in black skirt.

    • @coconan: You are a complete id1ot. What Tonga person has never worked on a farm? This is what we do, this is who we are. Like each and every single Tonga boy, the young HH went to herd cattle straight out of school. That is how we operate. When it is tilling time, we all wake up early in the morning, and go into the fields together. When it isd weeding time, we all go into the fields together, when its harvest time, we go in the fields. That is our life. Unlike you we work hard and are honest. If you think about it, we are not different from you. When you go out to steal, we go out to work. The habit is the same, the vocation is different.

  2. Keep up the good works. you lead by example. on such days pipo like edgar lungu are very high on alcohol, no wonder they dont have anything tangible inspite of his age but only stolen things which he even shares with his whole family. edgar lungu shares stolen govt money with his wife, his children like tasila, dalitso and their spouses, and also he shares his stolen govt money with other family members. thats why his wife went to hide stolen money at a niece,s house.

  3. Photo ops. Who does he think he is lying to. Instead of fixing the economy he is busy working on his anthrax infected farm. Fuseke!!

    • @Kaizar Zulu: If you had not looted US $4 billion that you, PF, found in the reserves; borrowed and looted US $33 billion dollars; and so mismanaged the economy that the GDP dropped by almost 25% from US $28 billion, to US $22.15 billion, there would be no need for him to fix anything. Perhaps the first part of the fix should be to arrest and imprison those of you who squandered the economic future of Zambia by swindling and larceny …

    • A ha ha ha ha! Wena vegetarianimal. There’s no problem in hugging a friend you will later devour. Let’s live in peace while you’re alive

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