Monday, July 22, 2024

Presidential Office Extends Support to Family of Newborn Twins That lost Mother at Birth


In a heartfelt gesture of compassion, representatives from the Office of the President visited the newborn twins, Baby Hakainde and Baby Mutinta, this morning. The twins’ mother, Mrs. Sinatilla Namukonda, tragically lost her life shortly after giving birth at Levy Mwanawasa Hospital. The deceased leaves behind not only the twins but also four other children.

Expressing condolences on behalf of President Hakainde Hichilema and the First Lady, Mrs. Mutinta Hichilema, the team from the Presidential Office made a compassionate contribution to alleviate the family’s immediate needs. The donation included a cash amount of K20,000, various foodstuffs, and specially curated baby hampers.

Representatives from the Office of the President visiting the newborn twins, Baby Hakainde and Baby Mutinta

The baby hampers were equipped with essential items for the newborns, such as baby clothes, milk formula, blankets, and diapers. The gesture aimed not only to offer financial support during a challenging time but also to provide necessary supplies for the care of the infants.

The loss of a mother is not only a profound tragedy for the family but reverberates as a somber moment for the entire community. The Presidential Office expressed deep sympathy for the Namukonda family and emphasized the importance of extending support to those grappling with the aftermath of such unfortunate events.

The twins, Hakainde and Mutinta, along with their bereaved family, are kept in the thoughts and prayers of the President, the First Lady, and the entire team from the Office of the President.


  1. Baby Hakainde and Baby Mutinta? I thought Zambians hated HH, and could not wait to drive him out of the presidency in 2026, and put the people supported by the possible homosexual, Kaizar Zulu, back in power

  2. Good gesture. Whatever else Zambians don’t, God grant them humility and kindness. I would further say this should not be a once off kind of gesture, let other people of goodwill do the same at different times until the babies are say 10+ years. God bless you all.

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