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Lt Gen Barry hands over “control stick” to Lt Gen Nyoni in spectacular fly-in fly-out parade


In a dazzling parade display of precision and pageantry, the Zambia Air Force (ZAF) Headquarters skies bore witness to the historic Fly-In Fly-Out parade, where the mantle of the ZAF Command seamlessly transitioned from the hands of the Immediate-Past Commander, Lt Gen Colin Barry to the newly appointed Commander, Lt Gen Oscar Msitu Afred Nyoni.
The ceremony was a tapestry of emotions and symbolism as the out-going and in-coming commanders addressed the assembled crowd.

Lt Gen Barry, after three decades of dedicated service in the Air Force, spoke about the honour of leading the brave men and women of the Zambia Air Force.

He expressed his gratitude to the Commander-In-Chief for his trust when he appointed him as Commander and for the firm support he received during his tenure office.

Meanwhile, the Zambia Air Force Commander, Lt Gen Nyoni, who arrived in a majestic flyover in the AB-212 Augusta bell Helicopter to officially assume command accompanied by his immaculately dressed fair lady Nicolynn, exuded confidence and a profound sense of responsibility. He emphasized the importance of unity, innovation, good leadership and readiness in facing challenges such as insecurity, climate change and hunger, among others.
Lt Gen Nyoni thanked the Republican President and Commander-In-Chief of the Defence Force, Mr Hakainde Hichilema for his appointment as ZAF Commander and for according him the privilege to serve the Air Force and the Zambian people.

He pledged to ensure that transparent and accountable servant leadership prevailed as his Command continues to address the challenges face by the people.

He called on Officers under his Command to be solution oriented and adopt selfless and exemplary leadership qualities as they work together to serve the nation.

“ZAF will continue diligently undertaking it’s constitutional mandate of safeguarding the Zambian airspace and rendering support to the ground forces in defence of Zambia’s territorial integrity. My Command’s strategic vision will be anchored on welfare, morale and combat readiness to defeat all threats including hunger,” Lt Gen Nyoni stated.
He also touched on diversification programmes where he charged that ZAF was going to remain dedicated to supporting government in improving the lives of the Zambian people through economic diversification and engagement in agricultural activities towards the national food basket and food security.

He reaffirmed the commitment to actualizing the Republican President, Mr Hakainde Hichilema directive to implementing the ‘One Zambia One Nation’ motto and appoint office bearers based on merit regardless of tribe or religious beliefs. He also pledged to implement deliberate policy programmes to ensure diversity and gender parity at recruitment, selection, promotion, deployment and appointment in the Air Force.

“My Command will focus on ensuring that the Air Force is not only operationally efficient, but will also ensure the welfare of personnel, infrastructure maintenance and development, organisation expansion and promotions so that we enhance our efficiency.Thorough training of personnel across the rank and file in military courses will be a priority for my Command including manpower development,” Lt Gen Nyoni added.

He acknowledged the Immediate Past Air Force Commander, Lt Gen Barry for his two (02) years of selfless service rendered to ZAF and mother Zambia as Commander and recognized his dedication towards improving the operational effectiveness of the Air Force through the increased conduct of operational activities and increased training as well as Air Force core capabilities and competencies and for enhancing professional and technical proficiency amongst personnel.

Lt Gen Nyoni paid tribute to the Immediate Past Air Power Ladies Club Patron, Mrs Sharmaine Barry for her immense contribution to the club. He pledged to support the In-coming Patron in her activities saying he was confident she would carry on where Mrs Barry had left off.
And speaking earlier, Lt Gen Barry said his Command was focused on a modernised combat capable Air Force anchored on accountable, professional and well-motivated personnel and that all programmes and initiatives during his time were towards the fulfilment of this vision which resonated well with government programmes to ensure that professionalism and accountability were the hallmarks of public service.

“I am humbled to have had the privilege of leading this extraordinary Force. The successes we achieved together were a testament to the dedication and professionalism of every member of the Zambia Air Force. As I pass the baton to Lt Gen Oscar Msitu Nyoni, I am confident that the Air Force will soar to even greater heights under his leadership,” Lt Gen Colin Barry declared.

The Fly-In Fly-Out Parade drew a distinguished audience, including representatives of Service Chiefs, Former Service Chiefs, Defence Advisors, families, the Deputy Air Force Commander and Chief of Air Staff, Maj Gen Arthur Kalaluka and his spouse, service personnel, and members of the press. The gathering reflected the widespread recognition of the pivotal role the Air Force plays in safeguarding the nation and, observing and maintaining military traditions.

Several activities constituted the Fly-In Fly-Out Parade held on January 3, 2024, at ZAF Headquarters not only stood as a testament to observance and celebrations of military traditions but once again the repositioning of the Air Force world over as a truly elite Force.
The symbolic nature of the parade was epitomized by the departure of Lt Gen Barry and his wife who were flown out in a ceremonial gesture marking his exit from the leadership of the Air Force.

The transition between the outgoing and incoming Commanders was not just a change of leadership but a moment of reflection on the rich history and promising future of the Zambia Air Force. As the sky above the Air Force Headquarters roared with bell helicopter aircraft in salute, it marked the beginning of a new chapter, one where the wings of the Air Force would be guided by the proficient hands of Lt Gen Oscar Msitu Nyoni.

Lt Gen Barry and Lt Gen Nyoni salute each other


  1. Our inexperienced President should know that you send such people into Foreign Service after firing them. Don’t think running a Country is like running your business.

    • @Lameck Banda: The only experience his predecessors, other than Mwanawassa and Kaunda, gained, was looting the government coffers, mismanaging the economy, implementing misguided economic policies, and promoting tribalism. Zambia is much worse off because Frederick “Titus Chabala Kafupi” Chipuba, Rupiah Bwezani Banda, Michael Satan and Edgar “Johnathan Mutawire” Lungu

    • There is a massive and distinct contrast running a nation and a corporation, though both require decision-making. GOVERNMENTS have a broader responsibility for the well-being of society such as *Education, *Healthcare, *Social-Welfare, *Security etc. Plus *Unpredictability’s it has to deal with every day. CORPORATIONS may engage in *Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, their primary responsibility is to their shareholders. CSR initiatives are voluntary contributions to society. If corporation is not practicing *Social Responsibility, it’s not a crime, no person can force it to do so. Whereas a government cannot abandon its responsibilities. It’s a law breaking. Governments collect money in taxes. Corporation make money/wealth

    • GOVERNMENTS are established by a legal and constitutional framework. They are responsible for maintaining the continuity of governance, even in challenging times. The purpose of a government is to serve the public and provide essential services to its citizens. A Governments has no choice but to continue finding ways to run.

      CORPORATIONS generate profit for its shareholders. If a company is unable to meet its financial objectives, faces insurmountable challenges, or determines that continued operations are not economically viable, it may decide to shut down in order to limit losses and protect shareholder interests. And terminate to exist.

    • @ TIKKI….. Just compare what you posted and how @ INDEPENDENT OBSERVER has put it as an education to you or anyone who thinks you are yapping sense.

      @ Bro INDEPENDENT OBSERVER…. Thank you for the wisdom and insights you bring to lusakatimes. Its always refreshing.

  2. Barry should consider running the new Zambia Airways with his experience as an instructor. Most Zambia airways pilots came from the airforce.

  3. This is proper transition. Kanganja was stripped of his dignity unceremoniously. He became a leper even to those people who were reporting to him. Police service should emulate ZAF in the way they hand over power to each other. They do it professionally and very methodical. It does not mean when someone is dropped he or she becomes an enemy. The president appoints and disappoints. Just like electorates appoints and disappoints.

  4. It’s not a revolution or coup de ta’t but a normal change of leadership. No one is starting from ground zero. It’s the same Zambia Air Force.

  5. Oh now I see! Kikikikikiki! HH must have plagiarised those white gloves from the army!!

  6. Someone please help me understand if one gets fired and is accorded such fanfare! This is just reshuffling or a retirement maybe moving on to serve in other capacity! But it seems there are those who know everything!

  7. There is obsoletely no experience President, There is only experience men and women in service.
    All Presidents comes from the people. What experience is there?.
    Presidency is a role one takes and the constitution helps but it is not absolute, It is the interpretation that is very important.

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