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Two Children Drown After Mad Man Throws Them In River


In a heart-wrenching incident, two young children from the Nkomba area in Mpika District, Muchinga Province, lost their lives after being thrown into the Lufila River by a man suspected to be mentally disturbed. The tragic event unfolded on Tuesday, leaving a community in shock and grief.

Mpika Central Member of Parliament, Francis Kapyanga, revealed that the mentally disturbed man met a grim fate as well, facing mob justice from outraged community members for his alleged involvement in the horrifying act.

In a telephone interview with ZNBC News, Mr. Kapyanga conveyed the devastating details of the incident. The two children, aged three and another whose age was not specified, were thrown into the river by the mentally disturbed individual. Tragically, one of the children was retrieved without private parts, adding an even more distressing dimension to the already devastating incident.

Efforts to intervene and save the suspect from the wrath of the mob were made by a brave police officer. The officer attempted to rush the accused man to the hospital, recognizing the severity of the injuries inflicted by the angry crowd. Unfortunately, the suspect succumbed to his injuries on the way to medical assistance.

Paul Achiume, Muchinga Province Police Commanding Officer, provided additional context to the unsettling incident. He confirmed that the suspect, known to be mentally challenged, had a history of criminal activity, including a previous conviction for the murder of his own grandfather. Although he was later discharged, he continued to engage in criminal behavior within the community.

On the tragic day, the suspect was witnessed leading the two boys towards the Lufila River. The community later discovered the lifeless bodies of the young victims floating in the river.

The incident has sparked sorrow and concern within the community, prompting authorities to address the pressing issue of mental health and criminal behavior. The Muchinga Province Police Commanding Officer urged for a comprehensive approach to such cases, emphasizing the importance of identifying and addressing mental health issues to prevent further tragic incidents within the community.


  1. What sort of reporting is this? You can’t refer to people as mad. You should mentally disabled or HH. Since the two are one and the same

  2. Thats very true Kaizar. A journalist is not a psychiatrist so he cant be certifying people”mad” without diagnosis


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