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Public Protector Expresses Concern Over Unlawful Vehicle Impoundments by Traffic Police


The Public Protector, Mrs. Caroline Sokoni, has voiced deep concern over the growing instances of unlawful impounding of motor vehicles by some traffic police officers. Mrs. Sokoni notes that this practice has escalated, even in cases where the offense committed does not warrant vehicle impoundment under the law.

Expressing her observations, Mrs. Sokoni emphasized that the majority of the public is law-abiding and willing to pay fines, contributing to government revenue. However, she highlighted a disturbing trend where certain traffic police officers resort to impounding vehicles as a means to solicit bribes from affected motorists.

The Public Protector underscores the detrimental impact of such actions on the government’s fight against maladministration and corruption, asserting that law enforcement officers should not be contributing to the flourishing of these vices.

In her capacity as the head of an institution mandated to ensure adherence to processes and procedures in public institutions, Mrs. Sokoni asserted that the Office of the Public Protector will not tolerate deviations from laid-down procedures by a few officers within the Traffic Department. Such deviations tarnish the image of the Zambia Police Service.

Mrs. Sokoni issued a call to Zambia Police Service Traffic Officers to uphold professionalism, avoid procedural improprieties, and execute their duties without unjustly impounding vehicles or victimizing the public.

Furthermore, the Public Protector appealed to members of the public who have fallen victim to questionable vehicle impoundments to collect the name and service number of police officers, as well as the police station managing the roadblock. They are encouraged to report such incidents to the Office of the Public Protector or the Police Public Complaints Commission.

Mrs. Sokoni concluded by reiterating the importance of maintaining the integrity of law enforcement agencies and fostering trust between the public and the police force. The Office of the Public Protector stands firm in its commitment to upholding justice, transparency, and accountability in public institutions.


  1. Mrs Sokoni needs to let the police do their work. She is a public protector, and not the Director of Public Prosecutions, or the Chief of Police. If she thinks that the public is being abused, let her take it up through the relevant channels.

  2. They are hungry and suffering under hh government. People will do anything to survive in such extreme circumstances. We urge Zambians to vote pf in 2026

  3. They need mindset training, sensitisation on responsibilities and accountability for public servants. They currently think they are bosses.

  4. RTSA officers are on the Copperbelt and have been meeting bus and taxi drivers. They’re telling them to always take a snapshot of the name and service number tag of every buju that impounds their vehicles and send it to them. I don’t know what Musamba makes of this because it’s a recipe for anarchy. Soon his charges won’t command any respect. We saw it under Kanganja how some taxi drivers beat police officers in ChaChaCha. We have the most useless IG and maniacal Minister. Did Jack pass at ZIALE? He must be investigated

  5. She’s talking about petty corruption and has ignored the big league. Medium corruption lies in the abolition of check points to allow contraband to pass unnoticed while grand corruption lies in deals like giving KCM back to Vedanta. She isn’t a public protector but just a time waster

  6. Just for the asking. What is the logic in labeling ZP land cruisers CDF. I thought all money comes from the State Treasury? CDF or not government has to procure vehicles for ZP. Simple.

    • The New Doom is so desperate for “Sontapo” Im sure they will put CDF on waterpipes from Lusaka Water, on ZNBC, on that Copperbelt Airport, on roadsigns forgetting the added cost of the labelling.

    • My thought as well, CDF is funds meant for the development of the communities which can’t develop on their own, in as much as the police are for the communities but their vehicles should be occurred using state funds directly budgeted for such.

  7. Don’t police officers give a written statement to the motorists involved? In that note, there is an offence(s) written down and fine levelled finally the officer’s signature and ID… Then a Copy given to the offender. Ask for such copy if you are serious

  8. How can anybody condone bribery. On the flip side the police need to be paid a living wage so that they won’t see the need for bribery.

    • They would still do it even if they got paid serious money. It’s an addition that stems from the top. Power is addictive. They are in it for themselves, just look at the picture and it will tell you all you need to know.

    • The first thing Michael Sata did was to increase their salaries and adjust their ranks. This didn’t stop them from extortion. Bribery once you taste it, it become an addiction.

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