Thursday, June 20, 2024

Cholera Deaths Linked to Delayed Health Facility Reporting


Health Minister Sylvia Masebo has revealed a concerning trend in Zambia’s cholera outbreak, stating that eighty percent of recorded deaths are attributed to patients reporting to health facilities at a late stage. In response to this alarming statistic, Minister Masebo urged the public to promptly report any suspected cases of diarrhea to their nearest health facilities to prevent further fatalities.

During a press briefing at the National Heroes Stadium, Minister Masebo disclosed that the government is collaborating with various stakeholders, including military wings, to address the cholera outbreak comprehensively. In the past 24 hours, the country has witnessed a significant spike in cases, with 567 new infections and 27 reported deaths.

Of the 27 fatalities, 26 occurred in Lusaka, while one was reported in Kabwe. Minister Masebo emphasized the urgency of reporting and early intervention, highlighting that delayed access to health facilities has been a critical factor in the high mortality rate.

On a slightly positive note, Mrs. Masebo announced that 350 cholera patients have been discharged from the National Heroes Stadium, which serves as the primary cholera treatment center in Lusaka. The minister reiterated the importance of early reporting, swift intervention, and collaboration between the public and health authorities to contain and mitigate the impact of the cholera outbreak.


  1. This government is now blaming patients. What a shame!! Even in deaths you are blaming someone. God is teaching you lessons because of your lies

    • You present yourself at the 11th hour and you expect to recover. There’s no blame here but a scientific medical fact!

  2. Ms Masebo you knew way back in November that cholera had been detected in some parts of Lusaka but all you did was to keep quiet and pray that it would disappear on its own. You have served in all governments and therefore you expected to be very familiar with the characteristics of the disease. But you have to wait for instructions from State House for you to act.

  3. You have a president who is more interested in talking about his own farms and who hates his own kind . He would rather shake hands with whlte people than deal with you Zambians. You think that under 5 can manage cholera? Masebo is just a loud mouthed menopausal incompetent woman


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