Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Meheba Refuge Settlement To Have Electricity For The First Time


The Rural Electrification Authority (REA) has initiated the electrification project for Meheba Refugee Settlement and its surrounding areas in Kalumbila District, North Western Province, marking a significant step toward modernizing the area that has been without power since its establishment in 1970.

REA Western Regional Manager Moonga Muungo revealed that the project, estimated at over K9.9 million, has contracted Kailjee Construction Zambia Limited for the first phase. The initial contract involves installing 33KV overhead lines covering a distance of 11.44 kilometers and 400 volts overhead lines along a stretch of 10.9 kilometers.

Mr. Muungo disclosed that the contracted company has already commenced the line route survey, marking the beginning of the electrification process. The entire project is expected to take approximately 252 days, with a targeted completion date set for July 12, 2024.

Areas set to benefit from the electrification initiative include Kananga, Meheba A and B, and Jangaimo, all contributing to the government’s commitment to modernize the settlement for the approximately 34,000 residents.

Meheba Refugee Settlement, a vital area accommodating individuals of concern since 1970, has been relying solely on generators due to the lack of a sustainable power source. The electrification project aims to address this longstanding challenge, bringing essential infrastructure and improved living conditions to the residents.

The electrification efforts align with broader national goals to enhance access to electricity in various regions, contributing to the overall development and well-being of communities across Zambia.


  1. Good project,. but why should electricity be exported from Siavonga to other parts of Zambia while the people who lost their land to these hydro dams have no electricity? Why should refugees from foreign countries have electricity which Zambians do not have?

  2. Lungu’s legacy is borrowing US $33 billion, and looting it together with his uncle Michael Sata. This unpayable debt has left Zambia at the mercy of the IMF which has forced the country to withdraw subsidies from maize, petrol, electricity etc, while the money is used to pay the people Zambia owes money

  3. After 59 years of Independence?!? Achievement? Not in my humble opinion. We all have failed this country. How do we not have that ka thing of envying others in their development and bringing the same development home? Kaili we are travelling, si so?

  4. There is not enough power to go around in fact even loadshedding is coming so there is nothing that is going to change for these people.

  5. Instead calling Zambia a Christian nation. Let us change it into a STEALING NATION. All the former and new Presidents (except) KK are all swimming in stollen money. Even the opposition leaders including the pseudo-socialist M’membe have all crime records of staling and money embezzlement.They all want to become Presidents with the sole purpose of stealing and corruption.

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