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President Hichilema Urges Respect for Investors as He Inaugurates Upgraded Zambian Breweries Plant


President Hakainde Hichilema has appealed to Zambians to show respect to investors, emphasizing their crucial role in bringing investment, creating jobs, and fostering economic growth. Speaking at the commissioning of the US$80 million upgraded plant at Zambian Breweries in Lusaka, President Hichilema expressed his government’s commitment to attracting more investment for job creation and economic development.

The President decried the unfair characterization of investors as imperialists by some politicians, emphasizing that such negative labels undermine the collaborative efforts required to grow the economy. He highlighted the essential role played by investors in partnering with the government and acknowledged their contribution to job creation and economic growth.

President Hichilema thanked Zambian Breweries for supporting thousands of cassava farmers in Luapula Province through its outgrower scheme. He commended the extension services provided by the company, noting their positive impact on boosting the capacity of small-scale farmers.

At the commissioning ceremony, President Hichilema reiterated his administration’s commitment to creating a conducive business environment in Zambia. He called for strong partnerships between the private sector and the government, emphasizing the need for mutually beneficial business arrangements that contribute to economic growth and job creation.

The Head of State stressed that economic growth is closely linked to encouraging investments through prudent policies. He highlighted the significant role of investments in providing business opportunities and jobs for small and medium enterprises.

Zambian Breweries PLC Country Director, Michelle Kilpin, informed President Hichilema that the newly expanded plant will double the company’s production capacity. She expressed the company’s commitment to investing further and contributing to the country’s economic growth. Kilpin revealed that over 2000 small-scale farmers will benefit from the plant’s expansion through the supply of cassava and sorghum.

Lusaka Province Minister Sheal Mulyata echoed the sentiment, stating that the commissioning of the Zambian Breweries expanded plant will positively impact the country’s economic landscape. She highlighted Zambian Breweries’ significant role in the region and emphasized the economic benefits of the plant’s expansion.

The upgraded plant, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, is expected to reduce the company’s reliance on imports and explore opportunities for exports within the region. The commissioning ceremony marked a milestone in Zambia’s efforts to encourage investment and foster economic growth.

President Hichilema commissions the US$80 million upgraded plant at Zambian Breweries in Lusaka
President Hichilema confers with Zambian Breweries PLC Country Director, Michelle Kilpin during the the commissioning of the US$80 million upgraded plant at Zambian Breweries in Lusaka


  1. We’re still importing barley for malt which is the most important component in the brewery. The increased production capacity means more drunkards.

    • “President Hichilema Urges Respect for Investors…” Why? Monga nimu colonial? Arent the laws enough? Asking citizens for more respect is what is called the slave mentality. When a slave is off duty on Sunday and he meets his master in a beerhall he goes to his knees to say “Good evening Master”

    • If foreign investors come to Zambia and behave like COLONIALISTS (which I am sure Hakainde knows the meaning,) they surely deserve no respect from Zambia’s.

      And if Hakainde is unsure how Colonialists, he should look at where these people keep the PROFITS they generate from their investments in Zambia. This is exactly what Africa has suffered from since a “White man” showed up on that continent—-the lack of reinvestments of profits by the so called investors. Just like how Colonialists behaved—-so their you have it Hakainde!

  2. Exactly how do you respect an investor? I can’t imagine a normal person disrespecting an investor for no reason.

  3. kkkkkk but we have been told to reduce on bear drinking whilst the upgrading the plant meaning production will increase and more bears and more intake.So this narative of telling people to reduce on bear drinking is non stater.

  4. You assured us of increased employment at one of the re privatized mines, but yet an exercise to reduce labor is underway. This is a funny way of job creation. And ba MUZ are quiet.

  5. Hakainde needs to keep quiet. What would we call the father of Elon Musk, who having been given a wantonly free license to loot Zambia emeralds by Frederick Chipuba, and begin the family wealth in which his son has become the wealthiest man in the world, called Zambia that wild West in the days of Chiluba, where so called investors could do anything. Never being too far from their Boer mentality, Elon Musk wrote and deleted a tweet from his X platform in which he blamed the hiring of black people and other minorities for the low quality of Boeing planes recently. Hakainde believes in trickle down economics where you give all the money to the rich, and the rich create jobs for the poor. This economic philosophy has been shown to be a failure. I miss Kaunda…

  6. It is a paradox. On one hand your Minister of Information was criticising beer drinking as a PF culture which should not be accepted. On the other hand, the president is commissioning an upgrade of production of beer. Certain sentiments should be kept in silence.

  7. He is a f00l. Investors should respect the citizens and values of those countries they invest in, before they can be respected. A visitor should not think they are owed respect for giving them an opportunity to make money in our country. Hh has a inferiority neo colonial tendency. He worship whltes

  8. He is a f00l. Investors should respect the people and values of those countries they invest in, before they can be respected. A visitor should not think they are owed respect for giving them an opportunity to make money in our country. Hh has a inferiority neo col0nial tendency. He worship whltes

  9. The real issue is one of tax evasion by multinational corporations. It creates financial instability for the government.

    • They cant be procuring raw inputs to make alcohol and start manufacturing bottles at the same time.Enable other industries in the value-chain,Specialization is more efficient for costs and development of skills.

    • MuZambian

      So to you when someone says they must use local barley ………

      Does that mean ZB must go into farming ???

      Noooo……….it simply means they must source local barley by out grower schemes.

      Same with bottles, lids and labels, of course they can’t manufacture, but they can have local manufacturers making them.

    • ………..

      This is where we are duped…….

      We only see the big picture, we don’t see what makes the big picture………

      Jobs and industry is in what makes up that beer complete bottle……..manufacturing the bottle, the lid and the labels and off course the ingredients.

      Those industries alone can create of hundreds of jobs.

      If bottles and cans, labels and lids for mosi are imported……..we are very du.ll

  10. Spaka.We are on the same page.When say”Procure”I mean they buy by out-sourcing in Zambia .”Enabling other industries in the value-chainen”,means making it easier for other firms in Zambia to manufacture bottoles etc

  11. Talking of bottle manufacturing…. that’s why I say our father Dr Kenneth Kaunda was much smarter than all smart alecs we have had since he left office. He created Kapiri Glass… you smart alecs sold it and the buyer simply took out the machinery which they “exported”

    • DejaFOOOOL,please find something productive to do with your bundles. Is politics all what you know? Try to do some artisanal mining.

    • @MuZambian. You are addressing a wrong person. Instead address your father for the disaster he procreated for a son. I use my own internet not from Mutwe Wampwa Mweetwa or confused Imendas. I don’t need you to tell me what I already do and good at it. I enjoy my wealth from morning to dusk.

  12. Other than flying around aimlessly. That’s all this man knows…commissioning, launching, opening speeches, telling lies, promising what he knows very well he can’t deliver, impulsive decisions without consultation, entertaining visitors at state house,…and last but not least counting his animals.

    The country is in the middle of a cholera crisis, instead of setting up a control centre to find out how this has happened under his watch when vaccines are already stockpiled by WHO and chlorine is abundant. The economy is in tatters, instead of holding crisis meetings to see how to resolve the problem ASAP. He goes to inaugurate a project that has been in the pipeline well before he came into power. What a disgrace!

  13. DejaFOOOl.No one has their own internet save for Ellon Musk.You are a poor illegal miner and you are lucky Senseli is in chingola.If you humble yoursel, I can transfer enough capital to you to work for me as a shylock.

  14. Its investors who are supposed to respect us.If the president can say that it means foreigners are more protected than locals-SHAME

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