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Young Woman Sentenced to 7 Years for Aborting 7-Month Pregnancy in Lusaka


A 24-year-old woman from Lusaka’s Ngombe compound, Violet Zulu, has been handed a seven-year prison sentence for terminating a 7-month pregnancy. The verdict was delivered by Lusaka Magistrate Mutinta Mwenya after Zulu admitted to the act, revealing that she used local herbs, commonly known as Muleza, for the abortion.

Appearing before the court, Violet Zulu confessed to taking matters into her own hands due to the alleged denial of responsibility by the man involved in the pregnancy. The court heard that she administered the local herbs to abort the 7-month-old pregnancy, a move that led to her legal predicament.

In delivering the sentence, Magistrate Mwenya emphasized the gravity of the offense and the need for an appropriate punishment to serve as a deterrent to potential offenders. The court’s decision reflects the legal stance on abortion in Zambia, where the termination of pregnancies is generally prohibited except when the life of the mother is in danger.

The case highlights the complexities surrounding issues of reproductive health, personal choices, and the legal framework governing such matters in the country. It also underscores the challenges faced by individuals, especially young women, when navigating the social and legal implications of unwanted pregnancies.

As the news of the sentencing circulates, it sparks discussions about the need for comprehensive sexual education, reproductive health services, and a supportive environment for individuals facing such dilemmas. Advocacy groups may use this case to draw attention to the broader societal issues and the importance of addressing them through both legal and social avenues.


  1. The punishment is harsh and definitely reflects the gravity of the offense. However, my request is that authorities must investigate the activities of Mary Stopes and establish if they’re within the Law. Otherwise we’ll take this issue as the naked reality of inequality before the Zambian Law between the rich and the poor

  2. this is very unfair ? what were the circumstances that drove her to this
    She made need help and going to prison is not the solution
    This just highlights the lack of empathy in our judges and magistrates

  3. Very sad that the man who caused this remains free. Maybe Violet should have sued this person instead of destroying the baby and her own future.

    • The man did not cause the abortion. He and her created the life that they both rejected. Thats what those who are judging the sentence from a one-eyed perspective should realise. 7 years too harsh you guys are saying but that is not theft or assault. Its killing of another life. To prevent such abortions let us make people more aware of orphanages and adoption laws so people can see the other options besides aborting

    • He’s connected to the whole saga. Let’s not side with our fellow man without first analysing the issue. In olden days a school boy who impregnated a school girl would be expelled from school together with the girl.

  4. Abortion is murder of an innocent, helpless baby. Am shocked that there are people who are defending this woman who murdered her own child! Sick

    • There are legal abortions she may be only semi literate and ill advised
      and it is not murder if done in the prescibed time

    • @ The Watcher, quite a good number of Zambians believe that life begins at conception, but there are others that believe that it’s at birth. The Law allows abortion when recommended by a panel of 3 competent doctors. Mary Stopes, a Yankee NGO whose slogan is “motherhood by choice” conducts abortions without meeting this requirement of the Law and they get away with it. Had this lady sought their services she wouldn’t be in prison. The Zambian Law only works against the poor and that’s what we’re against.

  5. I am a Christian and I don’t tolerate this abortion nansense. The sentence is very low. We are a Christian nation. Only married people should have sex.

    • Vantage point only heathens can think our Christian values are jokes. There is a reason why constitutionally we are a Christian nation. If you are too westernised then move there or stay there.

  6. Kaizar Zulu Christmas innuendos land him in hot soup in Zimbabwe’s Yarawa Night Club. In a twist of the evening, after arriving with 2 females at the club, Kaizar was spotted leaving with a male escort, Lovemore Chandura.

  7. And Bandits and looters are being evacuated overseas for specialized treatment….this judge is a piece of shiiit…..its her body and her choice…let God be the judge…very stupid judicial system

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