Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Kawana Refutes Social Media Reports Of Hunger At Heroes Stadium


Government says it is providing all the three main meals to frontline workers and admitted cholera patients at the Heroes stadium in Lusaka.

Ministry of Information Permanent Secretary, Thabo Kawana said social media reports that health personnel and admitted cholera patients are lacking food at the treatment centre are false.

Mr Kawana said to the contrary government has put in place measures which include providing a balanced diet to patients which has resulted in the reduction of new infections, deaths and more discharges in the recent days.

The PS said this when he visited the Heroes Stadium to check on the feeding programme of cholera patients at the treatment centre.

“There is so much food here, patients and frontline workers are being fed three times a day and five times a day for the children.

“There is food which is being prepared from here and that which is brought from outside from an outsourced caterer for over 1400 meals at every meal time.

“It is very disappointing to see someone come here and put up a show and state that people are starving,” he explained.

He further advised the general public to refrain from politicising the cholera situation in the country but instead work with the government to help fight the cholera epidemic and save lives.

And Mama Mwewa’s Kitchen’s proprietor, Florence Mwewa said she has been engaged to cater and provide meals for frontline workers and cholera patients at the treatment centre.
Mrs Mwewa noted that her catering company has been providing food at the centre three times a day to supplement the food that has already been cooked at the stadium.


  1. In the first place, what is happening shouldn’t have happened.
    Secondly even if it was true there was starvation at the center, Thabo wouldn’t admit it. Let’s it’s not true.

    • If your relative Simon Chushi Mwewa had not destroyed the water supply, sanitation and sewer systems of Lusaka, this would not have happened. If your relative, Frederick Chipuba, had not stolen the assets of the council and given them to his tribesmen, and thereby depriving the council of the ability to deliver water, sanitation, sewer and other services, this would not have happened. If your relatives, Michael Satan and Edna Lungu had not borrowed and looted US $33 billion, and thereby crippling the finances of the country, in the service that massive and unpayable debt, this would not have happened. You are blaming the honest Hakainde who is trying to do good, and praising your criminal relatives who caused the problem; and that is the problem with you. You lack integrity and credibility

  2. Ironically there is hunger all over the country yet this ugly bab00n kawana refutes hunger at one location. This is how out of touch these crooks in upnd are. Zambians remember when we warned you about upnd. You deserve to suffer for a little while so that you learn

    • You are a kaili-in-wating. Every time you open your mouth, we see a greasy and gluey grey fluid your mouth, that was injected in there by your Lebanese sugar daddy, from his sausage and two eggs. Get out of here. I hate you Kalya Nyoko

    • Yes, hunger is all over the country among those humans who used to steal taxpayers’ money during the PF failed Government.

    • They are also hiding the hunger facing over a million Zambians! If you don’t read widely you’ll believe Imenda’s dreams about UPND having fulfilled all their promises…useless government. SMH

    • DeadNBC? You still rely on these Dodo broadcasters for information? In the modern day world, Government cant be in charge of your news broadcast! Not in the world of free media.

  3. Look at those ugly CDF beds…Never mind the wooden ‘coat hangers’. Surely how mediocre can we be as a nation?

  4. When Pentecostals are cornered, they resignedly shout that “the devil is using you!”. When I reflect on that statement now, it fits into Kawana’s current status. The devil is using him

  5. Too bad that we have leaders who are not leaders but they force themselves to be leaders no wonder it is very difficulty for them to lead. Why hiding the truth ,one to be ashamed for not performing to expectactation .If it was with our friends on moral grounds one needs to resign.

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