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Police Assure Chinese Community Of Their Safety in Zambia the association donates K260, 000 worth of goods towards the Cholera fight.


Inspector General of Police Grapheal Musamba has assured the Chinese community in Zambia of their safety under the the police service.

And the Zambia Chinese Association has pledged continued support towards ensuring that Zambia remains a peaceful nation that allows investors to thrive.

The association has today donated assorted items worth K260,000 to the Zambia Police Service aimed at safeguarding the lives of men and women in uniform against cholera and reported cases of COVID-19 in the country.

Among the donated items include Chlorine, Soap, Wash bins, water purifiers, face masks and alcohol for medical purposes among others.

Speaking during the donation, Zambia China Association Executive President, Wu Ming said the Chinese Association in Zambia were concerned with the happenings in the country in terms of health, hence coming forward with the donation.

And Ming commended Zambia for creating an enabling environment for investors to thrive.
“We are members of the community in Zambia who are equally affected by what is happening in the country, and that is why we have decided to come on board with this donation as a supplement to what the government is doing in the prevention of Cholera and reported cases of COVID-19,” Ming said.

Ming said the Chinese community was concerned about their safety in the country, saying, the Chinese Association had a number of security concerns which they feel the Zambia Police can help in resolving.

“We remain hopeful that our relationship will continue to grow in 2024 and beyond and will create a platform in which we can engage Zambia as far as security is concerned,” Ming added.

Zambia Police and Zambia Chinese Association

Meanwhile, Zambia Police chief Grapheal Musamba says the Chinese community has nothing to worry about in terms of thier safety, adding that the police service will ensure that all foreign nations and investors in Zambia including the Chinese feel free to conduct their business.

Musamba also commended the Chinese Association for what he termed as a timely gesture.
“It is our hope and trust that we continue on this trajectory in order to create our relationships in increasing a peaceful and secure environment,” Musamba said, adding that Zambia remains open to further collaborations.


    • Who brought the foreigners into Zambia? Frederick Chipuba flooded the country with Lebanese homosexuals whom he allowed to buy land in the Tonga provinces of the country. Michael Satan started the flood of the Chinese, which was increased Edna Lungu. In addition to the Chinese, Edna “Johnathan Mutawire” Lungu opened the flood gates to Rwandan Hutus ethnically cleansed from Rwanda by Kagame. So, it is as if you are “defakating” on yourself again, blaming UPND for it, and demanding that they not only clean you, but force a wooden plug in you anas, other you are threatening to do it again.

    • @Moono. So when PF was fraternizing the same Chinese what were they bringing to the table. You people were all against the Chinese….oh all you wanted was to convince the gullible voter. In any case are suggesting that I a Zambian tax payer I am not entitled to safety? No wonder we have cholera and COVID-19 back.. we don’t matter.

    • Im leaving this country. Iam a copperbelt born Zambian with Zambian parents. No policeman or commander has ever assured me of my safety in the country. Perhaps if I come back as a foreigner I will be assured of my safety. I’ll first try applying for Chinese citizenship.

    • These Policemen are just vuvuzelas. First their commander HH some two days ago told us “to show respect to investors” then henchman Musamba, very aware of his salary cheque, jumps in to echo his boss

  1. And UPND criticized PF when the Chinese were protected… Zambia being a foreigner means having more rights than owners of the land….but are Zambians protected in China,??? The answer is NO…are Zambians given tax breaks in China…..the answer is No

    • The Chinese presence in Zambia is a direct result of PF rule. Whatever is happening to the Chinese is due to the fact that Michael Satan allowed them into Zambia; Edna Lungu then opened the flood gates and allowed even more of them in. All this was done to allow these two evil criminals to loot the US $6 billion they borrowed from the Chinese. Frederick Chipuba flooded the country with Lebanese homosexuals, whom he allowed to buy land in Tonga provinces. You are not fooling anyone with your protests. We know your agenda. We know your MO. You soil yourselves and the country; you blame UPND for not sealing your anas with a wooden plug, and demand that it cleans up the crap from your buttocks, and the Zambian roads you were depositing it on.

    • They bring jobs, they are investors. What do you bring to the table as a Zambian? Nothing, except consuming & complaining

  2. A government talks about assuring your safety when your safety cannot be assured. I end there. Those with brains will understand

    • Those without brains will not understand. Those with brains will understand that you need to protect the investors who bring jobs to the country. What do you bring to the table as a Zambian? Nothing.. except complaining & stealing

  3. The police should assure all communities their safety
    not one particular group
    Someone talks about brains when they don’t have any
    The mind boggles

  4. China and Zambia are all weather friends with a deep history of cooperation. Zambia should be safe for all law abiding citizens and foreigners, as others above have alluded. Not just one group of people

  5. How shall we free it from suckling up? This Institution of the biggest bootlickers of the country called Zambia Police. Why dont Police Assure Zambian Community Of Their Safety in Zambia? Oh yes they regularly assure HH and cabinet of their safety in Zambia. Who else would the suck up to without a paycheck?

    • @Benson Moono it appears you are short on brains yourself. Even your fellow Upnd supporters here have seen how wrong the statement by your IG is.

  6. Those without brains will not understand. Those with brains will understand that you need to protect the investors who bring jobs to the country. What do you bring to the table as a Zambian? Nothing.. except complaining & stealing

  7. The Chinese like cash transactions irrespective of the amounts involved. It’s common to see Chinese nationals draw large amounts of money from banks or get there to deposit without police escort. This is the first security risk that they bring upon themselves. Please advise them that it’s not good to do what they do. Otherwise, it’s important for ZP to provide security to all people that are in Zambia together with their property. We Zambians are sometimes not safe in the presence of our own buju. One man saw it prudent to run into Manda Hill police post but he later regretted the decision

  8. So the Chinese have to come and buy chlorine, masks and sanitizers for the police. They can’t buy themselves? What happened to my tax dollars?

  9. Mr Kaizar Zulu your safety is not granted because you brought this calamity upon yourself you were not suppose to run away there was no need of jumping bail Sir and putting your brother in problems.
    And this Zambia police service is not serious how come they fail to get or locate Kaizar Zulu when he is always posting online VPN or RDP can be unmasked you should hire some serious people then you can talk about safety.

    • You are a sick puppy. A very sick little dog. Who told you I am hiding? I do not run away from a fellow human. No human scares me. I am in ibex at my home. If the police don’t want to arrest me, that speaks volumes about the unpopularity of hh and his f00Iish supporters. I am mourning my father Ronnie shikapwasha and you have forced me to comment profanities! Goto hell and let some of us mourn in peace

  10. And they really are being assured of their safety – it begins at the airport – they are led to the front by some Immigration officials while we Zambians(the owners of the country) wait in line for immigration clearance. Any ordinary Zambian who has been accorded such treatment in China or anywhere else for that matter, please raise your hand up:-(

    • Even when they go for medical exams at the Occupational health department, they are attended to before we the locals…. whether late or not. You should how their files move… very fast.

  11. Fugitive Kaizer Zulu Keeps Changing Residences, Court Told { HEAD LINE NEWS TODAY}

    You were busy insulting me I told you that you are a Fugitive you need to be fished out my advice to you KZ just come out and face your crimes at list your soul will be free you can’t keep on running up and down hiding in the corners.
    Face your charges as they are you will get bail eventually and be free after that behave yourself you are a family man you are troubling your kids and wife.

    • Have my kids or wife complained to anyone? You crazy coward. Keep my children out of your imagination. The police cannot touch me because they know all those are political charges and they know in 2026 we will be back in power.

  12. KZ day dreaming 2026 where just join the winning team and your charges will be dropped that’s the name of the game.

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