Saturday, March 2, 2024

President Hichilema Delivers on Borehole Promise


President Hakainde Hichilema has announced the successful sinking of boreholes across various constituencies in Lusaka. These efforts, undertaken in the President’s personal capacity, aim to address the critical need for safe and clean drinking water, particularly in the face of the ongoing cholera outbreak affecting some communities.

President Hichilema shared the positive progress in a statement, noting that boreholes have already been successfully sunk in key areas such as Kamulanga ward in Kabwata, Chinika ward in Kanyama, and Kalikiliki ward in Mtendere East, among others. The initiative is part of a broader commitment to safeguard the health, livelihoods, and prosperity of communities grappling with water-related challenges.

The announcement comes at a crucial time when parts of Lusaka are grappling with a cholera outbreak, and access to safe drinking water has been identified as a pivotal factor in curbing the spread of the waterborne disease. The sinking of boreholes aligns with President Hichilema’s pledge to actively contribute to the improvement of living conditions for citizens.

Acknowledging the urgency of the situation, President Hichilema emphasized, “This initiative is especially critical at a time when some of our communities are facing the cholera outbreak, partly due to a lack of safe and clean drinking water.”

Moreover, President Hichilema extended an open invitation to those willing to join the cause, calling for collective action to make a tangible difference in the lives of fellow citizens.


    • Ask your relative Simon Chushi Mwewa why he gutted the water supply of Lusaka. Ask your relative Frederick Chipuba why he took council assets and gave them them to his tribesmen, and thereby depriving the councils of the revenue to provide services with. Ask you relatives Michael Satan and Edna Lungu why they borrowed and stole US $33 billion, the service of which has crippled the finances of Zambia, depriving the country of the ability to supply clean or other services. You are the one who was defending the deprival of the council of the revenue from homes they once owned. You are the one who defended Chipuba’s theft of council resources. You have no right to protest the attempt by the honest Hakinde Hichilema to alleviate the suffering caused by your relatives.

  1. Demagogue President…in opposition he was a super genius….now sinking a bohole is an amazing thing under UPND

    • Your relative Simon Chushi Mwewa is the one who gutted the ability of Lusaka City council to provide clean water and other services. Your relative Frederick Chipuba is the one who robbed the councils of their assets and distributed them among his tribesmen, thereby depriving the councils of the means to supply services. Your relatives, Michael Satan and Edna Lungu, are the ones who borrowed US $33 billion, the servicing of which has crippled Zambia’s finances, and made it impossible for the country to provide services. Why do you blame an honest man, Hakainde Hichilema, who is trying to do good, and say nothing about your relatives who destroyed everything, and stole whatever remained, thereby causing all the problems in the country? Why do we always have to be your saviors?

    • You are a Kaili-in-waiting, and an open homosexual. No one wants to hear from your mouth. Every time you open it, we see nothing but the grey condensed milk from a man’s one “breast” that is in it, probably courtesy of one of your Lebanese sugar daddies. Get out of here Kalya-Nyoko, I hate you.

    • More people have died in road accidents in the last two years on the average compared to previous years. People should learn from the past and if necessary improve on it. Outright condemnation of everything is what has caused the issues we are experiencing.

  2. He has no shame!in this day and age, you praise yourself for sinking boreholes instead of developing a modern sustainable water sanitation system for the city…and he claims to have a degree from UK. I’m sure he drank tap water when he was there.

  3. I live in Johannesburg, a city with the population of Zambia. There are no boreholes here. Despite South Africa having much less rivers and lakes than Zambia

  4. Ba LT there’s a lot of news going about but it appears you are only interested in what HH and his Upnd are doing and saying.

  5. People don’t need boreholes give them tap water which is safe and clean this president is a joke does he really mind about Zambians.
    Zambia has gone back to old ancient of days , we would be interested to know where taxpayers money goes if everything has become impossible in this government

  6. The usual rubbish writers, Deja Vu, Anonymous, Kaizar Zulu (the biggest buffoon of the lot) and FutureZed.
    Can’t you guys find more productive things to do?
    You all must have a pitiful existence when all you do is spew hatred.

    • It’s not your mother’s time I am using. If you want to see praises for your fellow*****man go to the Zambian Watchdog

    • Well said dejavu. Tell that f00I blackman. He is a typical f00Iish upnd cadre who thinks his hh is alpha and omega.

  7. Promises delivered not auguring well for those not even residing in recipent residential areas! HH promised boreholes and he’s sunk the boreholes then the doom sayers awaken with empty hands not appreciating that which is in hand prefering the anticipated! It’s not HH who promised boreholes that he’s delivered to be told what should’ve been for his promise has been honored! Those of you dull critics should be telling the councils as for how long have residents in these areas been waiting for clean portable water? Cheap intelligence of not having anything to offer!

    • You are calling people dull that are asking the national president to use our tax payed for money, to supply tap water and not cholera invested boreholes.Then you think in your small brain that you are intelligent? This is Bwengwa politicking. We are not in the village.

  8. He was in opposition for too long and he spent his childhood looking at cattle’s backside so he cannot see the big picture. A national president sinking boreholes? we are in trouble as a nation. Look at the dollar, the price of mealie meal, fuel and the escalating cholera cases. He sees is fit to go take pictures in his village and promoting cheap CDF projects while the country is disintegrating at a very very fast pace in all sectors. I would like to thank the jobless youths who voted for this incompetent man while they are still staying in our homes asking for us to pay DSTV for them, eating our food for the over taxed parents.

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