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Former MMD Information Minister Ronnie Shikapwasha Passes Away


The nation is in mourning following the sad demise of Lieutenant General Ronnie Shikapwasha, the former Information and Broadcasting Services Minister in the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) government. The news of his passing was confirmed by both former First Lady Maureen Mwanawasa and family spokesperson Alex Mapushi in separate interviews with ZNBC News yesterday.

Mrs. Mwanawasa, who is a first cousin to the late former Zambia Air Force Commander, expressed her grief, confirming that Lieutenant General Shikapwasha passed away at the Maina Soko Military Hospital Monday evening. She described him as a good man, emphasizing the profound loss the family is experiencing.

In a parallel interview, Mr. Mapushi, who also serves as the Lusaka Province Deputy Permanent Secretary, disclosed that the former Keembe Member of Parliament succumbed to acute abdominal secondary gunshot wounds at around 21:43hrs. He portrayed Lieutenant General Shikapwasha as a family pillar, uniting everyone and extending a helping hand to those in need.

“He was a person who united everyone and helped all those in need. The family will miss him a lot,” said Mr. Mapushi, reflecting on the significant role Lieutenant General Shikapwasha played within his family.

The late General Shikapwasha’s life took a tragic turn on Sunday when he was involved in a shooting incident at his residence in the Ibex Hill area of Lusaka. The incident prompted police investigations, leading to his admission to the Intensive Care Unit at the Maina Soko Military Hospital.

As the nation comes to terms with the loss of a seasoned politician and military figure, tributes pour in for Lieutenant General Ronnie Shikapwasha, remembering him for his contributions to the nation and his impact on the lives of those he touched.

Details regarding funeral arrangements and condolences from various political figures are expected to follow in the coming days as the nation mourns the passing of a distinguished public servant.


    • Maureen Mwanawasa must be investigated. She benefited from the money that the young brother ( Stanley Kakubo ), who swindled the Chinese business man and got fired from Foreign Affair Minister’s job

    • The problem I’ve noticed with many women is that they consider marriage as a greatest achievement in their lives and giving sex to a man as the biggest favour which men should appreciate and reward with their everything. As such, many can’t deal with the prospect of a man having another woman in his life. Almost all women in Zambia use charms on men, especially in food. The result is disaster as in the case at hand. It’s terrible that a man with such a rich CV to his credit would die at the hands of a woman whose only known CV is that she married a great man

  1. A lot of speculation on his death. If you don’t know the details then know that you are not close to the family nor are you important enough. Us we already know what happened. Can you just mourn and respect the dead. The family will at the right time avail what led to the death. Until then stop speculating.

    • So you want people to mourn without details? Tulelilafye kwati we have nothing to do atase. Mufwile mulondolole right now!!

    • You are not the only one in the know it is almost public knowledge what happened
      Also dont make out you in Ibex hill we also have contacts in the service and its known you are not being pursued at this particulr time … your time is coming in the future when the police are ready for you, ducking and diving is in its self good enough at this time
      as always you over estimate your importance

  2. We know it is a bullet he received failing to take cover.
    Russian general killed by wife
    A 41-year-old army general has been gunned down by his wife after a blazing row, according to Russian news agencies.

  3. @Mushota,
    Welcome hope you have been following, KZ has run amok with new found liberty – running commentaries which the public is not ready to hear. Tame his tongue

  4. Just been reported Kaizer Zulu is still missing eluding law enforcement officers for crimes ranging from false imprisonment, money laundering, assault, failure to surrender government passport and witchcraft.
    Law enforcement to revoke his surety and detain Munir Zulu till Kaizer Zulu is found. Simple procedure in law.

    • Fuseke! Continue dreaming. How can you claim to be looking for a person who is not lost? Have I reported myself missing to be looked for? Everyone including hh are aware that I am at home in ibex and even attending the offices of my successful businesses. Continue speculating over me

  5. They are telling the court that he changes residences by the day and one cant serve a summon on him. Wily Kaizer. So he is in Zambia I thought he was in Zim?

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