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Heavy Rains Leave Over 100 Families Displaced in Lusaka’s Garden House Area


The recent heavy downpour in Lusaka has wreaked havoc in the Garden House area, leaving over 100 families displaced as their houses succumbed to the rising floodwaters. Pit latrines have been inundated, and access roads transformed into waterways, hindering emergency vehicles from reaching the affected community.

Residents are grappling with the dire situation, with reports of pit latrine sewer mixing with stormwater and shallow wells becoming contaminated. Emergency services are struggling to navigate the flooded streets, compounding the challenges faced by residents in need of assistance.

One resident, Fromel Munyompe, voiced her concerns, emphasizing the urgency of finding a solution to the flood situation in the Garden House area. She pleaded with authorities to intervene promptly to prevent further deterioration of living conditions.

Moses Malizala, another resident, highlighted the extent of the crisis, stating that some individuals have been unable to leave their homes due to the severe flooding. He stressed the necessity of constructing drainage systems to mitigate the impact of floods in the area.

Kanyama Member of Parliament, Monty Chinkuli, has pledged to address the issue, noting that his office will engage with the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) to find immediate solutions for the flood victims in the Garden House area. Recognizing the urgency of the matter, Mr. Chinkuli underscored the need for collaborative efforts to provide assistance and relief to those affected.

As the community grapples with the aftermath of the heavy rains, residents anxiously await the implementation of measures to alleviate their plight. Authorities are urged to act swiftly to not only provide immediate relief but also to explore long-term solutions to prevent similar incidents in the future.


    • This is a welcome development. Urban centres need area planning, mapping and relevant services. You can’t just build and then expect things to be okay. When you build over an area, the ground loses its capacity to soak most of the water coming from the roofs of the properties. That water needs proper furrows to enable it flow away. The lesson will be learned the hard way and that is also one way to learn.

    • Lusaka. Its the town that has swallowed more government revenue than any other since Zambia was born. But its the most chaotic unplanned residence in the country. Shanties abound! So do so-called site and service schemes with unfinished houses everywhere except near State House.
      We should thank God there are no earthquakes in this region because the city already looks like it has been hit by hundreds. What was the difference between the Town Engineers that the copperbelt towns employed and the ones in Lusaka? Ku migodi there were no floods but Kanyama floods have been with us from the 70s. Ba Gary Nkombo tiuzeni ndaba its now your problem

  1. This situation happened last rainy season and the president opted as usual to go take selfies in areas of floods. His government did not do anything and 12 months later we are having cholera combined with covid. With the much celebrated CDF, there is nothing to show for. Next it will be Kanyama and Chilenje then the president will go there to take more pictures to show that he is working. Time to deal with these disasters is when it is not raining. We have the government that works on social media with nothing to show for on the ground. How many people have died out of negligence ever since this useless government took over power. There is negligence everywhere. I will not even start talking about Chingola.

    • Kula bwatatabwatafye @kci.Is it the first time we are witnessing such floods in Lusaka? Who doesn’t know that Lusaka is built on limestone and the land is flat? You say so because of your deep hatred and jealousy of HH. Tell me what KK, Chiluba, Banda, or Lungu did concerning the flooding of Lusaka.

  2. Kci this has everything to do with the people, remember your people fill up the drainages with cabbage. They build anyhow and anywhere, when the government moves in to demolish those messed up unplanned structures you condemn the government instead of condemning the people responsible for these messed up structures don’t forget they also build ontop of drainages and even take land that is supposed to be for other neccessary utilities. You cannot even lay sewer system in these areas because people have taken every little space visible to the eye

    • Councils have become political battle grounds. They are afraid to control unplanned development lest they lose that “valuable” vote. And this the result.

  3. Cholera, hunger,flooding, poor kwacha performance, unexplained deaths= hakaindes rule. It is god telling us he is not happy with our choice of Ieadershlp

    • Far from truth. I believe the courts and authorities are competent enough to locate any zambian. I am in ibex and everyone is aware of that. Remember I worked for office of president. I will explain everything one day in future. For state security reasons I am limited in what i can say over this matter.

  4. The Inspectorate Department should be harnessed to include Building Offers, Cartographers.
    Department of Inspectorate has its tasks and powers according to Decision 1765/QD-BTTTT dated 25 November 2014 of the Minister of Information and Communications prescribing the functions, duties, powers and organizational structure of the Department of Inspectorate. Unfortunately, as from 2014, there are no records to show what the Department has been doing hence mayhem the country is experiencing. What is the problem us Zambians?

    • What are talking about? Such skills are already there in local authorities. It’s really heartbreaking to see what’s happening in spite of the skills set in local authorities.

  5. Mr Kaizer, where in IBEX? You haven’t been seen around as before. That is why we are asking kaili. You are missing in action esp at Chita Lodge where you would normally be found.

    • It is called growing up. You cannot keep attending the same locations. I have outgrown those establishements. I now prefer a quieter ambience and working on my many businesses. I am old enough to be your father

    • But you speak like a juvenile deliquent. Threatening posters here that you will sleep with their mothers. Is that grown up language?

  6. @Piranha..
    Much as it’s an old problem don’t forget that during campaigns the residents of this township were assured that once they voted Upnd into power all what’s happening will solved. People should be honest more than just looking for votes when they know they not be able to do better than their friends.

  7. The problem of Kanyama, Garden, Kamwala south, UNZA’s East Park and part of Chawama will not go away overnight. I hope, one day we will have a bound government which will demolish all the houses built-in low-lying areas. these are dambos, with grey clay soils that are rich in humus, they are underground recharge areas. they should be left alone with no one building in there. However, for government to allow people to settle in the areas. they need to lower the water table by 1.5m. meaning they should build a big confers dam to lower the water table.

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