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Livingstone Mayor Expresses Concern Over Mothers Patronizing Bars with Babies


Livingstone Mayor Constance Nalishebo Muleabai has expressed deep concern over a growing trend observed in the city where mothers patronizing bars with their babies.

During engagements with bar owners and brewers in Simatobolo Ward, Mayor Muleabai uncovered alarming revelations about mothers frequenting bars, accompanied by their children, even during the day. The mayor emphasized that this trend not only hampers the productivity of women but also poses a threat to the future and upbringing of the children involved.

Mayor Muleabai urged women to reconsider their choices and proposed the possibility of enacting a by-law that would hold both parents allowing children in drinking places and bar owners accountable through prosecution.

Highlighting the importance of women redirecting their focus to more productive activities, Mayor Muleabai encouraged a return to traditional practices where women engaged in gardening and business ventures. Additionally, she pointed out the availability of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) empowerment component, offering grants and loans to women for life-changing opportunities.

The mayor’s plea serves as a call to action for the community to prioritize responsible parenting and productive activities, ensuring a healthier and more prosperous future for both women and children in Livingstone.

Livingstone Mayor Constance Muleabai talk to the inebriated mother
A mother with a baby at a bar in Livingstone


  1. When economy is bad and people are depressed, they turn to drinking. Why doesn’t the f00Iish mayor ask his president to sort the mess he has created instead? You dogs

    • The economy is bad because your tribalist presidents Michael Satan and Edna Lungu borrowed US $33 billion and looted it. This has left Zambia with a debt that is eating all the money it is earning, and leaving nothing for any other needs. You are one of the people who will be incarcerated in prison for a long time for stealing the money that was borrowed. When you are in jail, you are to be turned to the wife of the long term kialis in their, be hammered in the anas, the same way your Lebanese boyfriend is doing to you

  2. Ba Livingstone mayor can you also ensure that repairs and maintenance are carried out on the intercity bus station. There are toilet fittings that are already falling off.

    • Livingstone is a money making city. People come from all over the world, to visit the town and leave dollars, euros and pounds there. However, this money is all sucked by the government in Lusaka, and used to build tribal universities in provinces which did not earn a penny of that, or any other, money. You want to complain and blame, lets put all the facts on the table. And to make sure that we all understand each other, we are going to be speaking in the neutral foreign language of English. I am sure you do not want to hear me speak to you in Tonga or Lozi; and I can assure you that I do not want to hear a single word of your language. Thank you

  3. Set up by -laws and begin to arrest all mothers breaking the law. You control people’s behavior by laws. Arrest a few and you’ll quickly send a strong message to other mothers.
    Also bar owners who allow mothers with babies into their bars should lose their business license. Get serious Miss Mayor. These reckless mothers are putting their babies’ lives in danger. Act now!

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