Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Zambia to Host World Skills Africa Competition 2025 in Livingstone


In an exciting development for Zambia’s youth, the World Skills International (WSI) delegation, led by World Skills International Vice President San-Quei Lin, visited the country. President Hakainde Hichilema expressed his gratitude for Zambia winning the bid to host the World Skills Africa Competition 2025, highlighting the importance of vocational education, training, and capacity building for national development. Through the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), Zambia is investing in human capital for skills development, providing a competitive edge to the youth in the modern world.

President Hichilema thanked WSI for choosing Zambia and assured the government’s cooperation for a successful event. He emphasized the government’s commitment to skills development, evident in providing bursaries to youths. The President acknowledged the vital role of skills development in the country’s economic growth and pledged support for the 2025 World Skills Africa competition.

During the courtesy call, Vice President San-Quei Lin outlined the purpose of the visit, seeking President Hichilema’s support for the upcoming competition. He emphasized the transformative impact of skills competitions in inspiring youth and addressing employment challenges across Africa. Mr. Lin expressed happiness at Zambia’s selection and urged the President to form a team for collaboration with the organizing committee.

President Hichilema, in response, assured continued support and collaboration for the 2025 event. Minister of Science and Technology Felix Mutati also commended the President for reviewing Vocational Education and Training (VET), anticipating positive outcomes for the country’s youth upskilling and the attainment of Vision 2030. As preparations kick off, repair works at the Livingstone Trades Training Institute, the chosen venue, were highlighted for attention. The competition is set to be the third World Skills Africa event in Livingstone, following Kigali and Swakopmund. Zambian youth are encouraged to stay tuned for these opportunities, aligning with the country’s commitment to skills development.


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