Thursday, June 13, 2024

Government Advances Self-Regulation Bill for Journalists


The Ministry of Information and Media has revealed that the proposed Self-Regulation Bill for Journalists is currently in the drafting stage at the Ministry of Justice. Permanent Secretary Thabo Kawana emphasized the government’s commitment to establishing a regulatory framework for journalists, aligning their professional standards with other regulated professions such as lawyers, medical doctors, and public relations practitioners.

Speaking in Lusaka, Mr. Kawana addressed the importance of having a regulatory body for journalists, underscoring the need for accountability and responsible journalism. He stated, “It is the Government’s desire for a regulatory body for Journalists to align with other regulated professions like Lawyers, Medical Doctors, and Public Relations Practitioners.”

The update on the progress of the Self-Regulation Bill for Journalists was provided during a meeting between the Ministry of Information and Media and the Media Liaison Committee. The committee, led by Chairperson Ernest Chanda, engaged with Mr. Kawana to gain insights into the status of the bill.

During the meeting, Mr. Chanda urged the government to expedite the process of enacting the Self-Regulation Bill into law. He emphasized the importance of concluding a process that commenced in 2019, urging swift action to bring about the necessary regulatory framework for journalists.

In response to Mr. Chanda’s plea, Mr. Kawana reinforced the government’s commitment to the cause and called on the media to be both patriotic and responsible in their reporting.


  1. The problem in Zambia is that professionals are sometimes too petty you can’t imagine whether they have any integrity. As we mourn the former Minister of Information, let’s remind ourselves that his PS went to prison over Chanda Chimbw’s “Stand Up for Zambia” documentary. Can you imagine that it was produced by a trained journalist? Look at the behavior of Kawana! Are you sure he’ll face some people when he leaves that office? By the way, what happened to that pathologist who conducted a fake postmortem of Maketo Mabenga? HPCZ and the Zambia Medical Association haven’t informed us what they made of that incident

  2. Mr Bitter aka Kaisa
    Your patronage will never come back to head the reigns of this country. Get that in your head. 2026 will come and go just like 2023. If you are hoping a change of government in 2026 so that you can come back and continue brutalizing citizens again, I suggest you change what you are smoking. Zambians are no longer interested in jokers like you. Just enjoy your loot in privacy as it lasts.

    • You don’t decide that. Wait and see what happens at the polls. If you think the zambian people’s are happy with your tribal god, then you don’t know what is awaiting you

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