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We are in an economic crisis – Fred Mmembe


We are in a serious economic crisis, the Kwacha is free flowing, the fuel price is high, mealie meal prices are high, and the cost of living is generally in its extreme. What has happened to the promises he made below to the people? He needs to come out in the open and give the country direction on the way forward on this economic crisis. What is the way forward Hakainde Hichilema? The kwacha has hit K27 against the US dollar.

Fred M’membe
President of Socialist Party


  1. Fred Mmembe please…you sound like you want things to improve in Zambia but in the actual sense you’re celebrating….we know you Politicians….same as to what HH used to do while in Opposition…..HH wanted things to get worse because he wanted Zambians to vote out PF

    • It is not economic crisis; it is leadership or HUMANS shortage in Zambia. HH has only 4 ministers, the rest of 22 are just beattles rolling balls of feces. Opposition also has only Fred, who has nobody.
      Can imagine HH has failed to find a minister of foreign Affairs after the boy was bribed by Chinese.
      Please appoint Ba Chishala Kateka as Minister of Foreign Affairs since you are not giving jobs to former female diplomats.

  2. Shame on all those that voted upnd even after we warned them many times. Zambians deserve to suffer for a bit more

    • You are the causers of this crisis. So please stop fooling the people who are suffering at least with peace of mind rather than your pa maka rule.

  3. Disappointing indeed Mr Mmembe
    Some of us already knew that Zambia was in an economic crisis for the last 12 years
    Evidently you are not the person to take us out of the quagmire as your level of perception is very poor

  4. HH has failed the country while in opposition he thought it was an easy thing to talk and do, by now i believe even himself he wonders why he can not reduce even a bag of mealie meal which he thought he can do it without any difficults, it’s a shameful thing to be ruled by a liar.

  5. If you truly are a Christian, no matter how indifferent you are with one’s opinion or doing, you CANNOT refer to prayer or prayer event as ‘Useless Day of Prayer’. Let’s watch words that proceed from our mouths (power of the tongue), some utterances we make can have serious repercussions.
    We can play with everything else except God. Watch the space.

  6. Lets have some wholesome perspective M’membe. Would Zambia be in this predicament were it not for irresponsible PF which you enthusiastically supported?

    I detect and detest your hypocrisy Bwana M’membe.

  7. If Fred Membe’s life and fugitive Kaizar Zulu’s lives are in crisis , they need to personally reprieve themselves. From here in the West Zambia is on a sound recovery path. HH came at the right time, Zambia would have been worse than Congo, let alone Somalia dysfunctional or failed state. Membe and fugitive Kaizar Zulu freely insult and express themselves everywhere, any where at any time. Enjoy the freedom while it exists.

    • Stop hallucinating. Tribalists like you cannot merely accept that the god your worship, hh, is useless. You put all your faith in him, not realising that running a country is not a one man task. You have failed. The sooner you accept the better for your chest

  8. “The kwacha has hit K27 against the US dollar.”

    All SADC currencies have about the same exchange rate. This is orchestrated. And considering you don’t get a non-neoliberal option to vote for.

    Because if the gvt used the nation’s resources to back up the currency, there would be no inflation.

  9. The economic crisis started when the PF got Eurobond funds without a plan of how to use the kaloba. They even brought Clive Chirwa to modernize Zambia railways. The funds got misappropriated and stolen. Then came the excessively overpriced Chinese projects. Mmembe is sadistic deriving pleasure from the pain we are going through in order to gain political capital. Useless. Why didn’t he raise his voice when PF went on borrowing spree. Its only Nevers Mumba who rose to challenge the PF

  10. Zambia is not in economical crisis. The country has everything. We do not have to go to World Bank and IMF with a begging bowl. Zambia’s main crisis is myopic leadership. The time we will learn to vote not based on tribe or lies, Zambia will come out of this crisis. God gives us 5 years to choose credible leadership but we end up with riff ruffs. The vote that we mess up creates a mess in the economy. You reap what you vote.And you suffer 5 years of consequences of your vote.

  11. It is not like that. PF can justify how they used EuroBond. Look at Zambia Railways.
    The money put into Ndola-Mufulira Road about 189 Million Dollars. Go and check the Road.
    The other issue is that PF in Cabinet approved to expand the Zambian Mission in Turkey. The Mission was not expanded, but the money went to buy choppers. That is how PF worked. Now we can not show anything as PF Ministers as PF Ministers where kneeling to ecl . Is it in the constitution?


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