Sunday, July 21, 2024

Wildlife Crime Prevention Issues Warning Against Illegal Game Meat Trade in Zambia


The Wildlife Crime Prevention (WCP) has been cautioning consumers about illegal game meat business.

Illegal game meat business is common in many parts of Zambia.

WCP Director of Communications Luwi Nguluka says consumers of bush meat help drive the illegal trade and advises that they purchase meat from licensed traders.

Ms. Nguluka announced that WCP is implementing the “This Is Not A Game ” in partnership with the Department of National Parks and Wildlife in a bid to raise awareness among consumers on the effects of consuming illegal game meat.

She spoke to environmental journalists being trained on Biodiversity at ASMARA Hotel In Lusaka.

The training on Biodiversity is an initiative of Internews Network Zambia and the Earth Journalism Network.


    • That is exactly what she is saying. Hunting licences are issued at Chilanga you just need to go there and pay for the specific species you want and the number of animals for each species. They will indicate which GMAs are near you where animals may be hunted. They also indicate the gun calibre allowed.

  1. Last time we went hunting I learned something I’ll never forget. I didn’t enjoy the experience. It wasn’t what I had always imagined. It’s risky. Hunting was done by villagers that knew were all types of animals are found. Ferrying carcasses to the camp wasn’t easy. The risk of being killed by animals or poachers is also high when you remain at the camp. Although we came back with meat none of us fired any shots and that’s the part of story that was difficult to recount to our admirers. It’s not like you watch in movies

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