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Tragic Three-Vehicle Collision Claims Lives on Great North Road


Liteta Police Station received a report yesterday regarding a fatal Road Traffic Accident (RTA) that unfolded at Kabwese Farm area, situated 4 kilometers south of Liteta Police Station along the Great North Road in Chisamba.

The incident involved three vehicles and resulted in the loss of two lives and various injuries. Mr. Jonathan Mwanza, aged 47, from Lunte Council, was driving an Isuzu D-Max with three passengers from South (Lusaka) to North (Kabwe). Additionally, Mr. Chilombo Sydney, aged 33, from Luanshya, faced a mechanical fault with his Fuso Fighter, positioned facing North, and had six passengers on board. Mr. John Chitoti Lumbuala, aged 51, from Mulungushi Extension in Kabwe, was driving a Toyota Fun Cargo from North (Kabwe) to South (Lusaka) with one passenger.

The accident unfolded when the Isuzu driver, due to excessive speed, collided with the stationary Fuso Fighter parked on the left lane. Subsequently, the Isuzu swerved to the right, colliding with the oncoming Toyota Fun Cargo. Tragically, two unidentified passengers from the Isuzu lost their lives on the spot, while the driver and a baby sustained minor injuries.

Further injuries include one passenger from the Fuso Fighter with a painful right leg, and the Fun Cargo driver with a swollen face and bleeding from the nose. The injured individuals have been admitted to Liteta Hospital, while the bodies of the deceased, identified as Alice Mwanza (30) from Lunte Council and a female juvenile, Mavis Mazyopa (15) from Chipata Compound in Lusaka, have been deposited in the Liteta Hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem.

Police Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga provided details, stating that investigations into the tragic incident are underway. The Isuzu vehicle sustained extensive damage, the Fuso Fighter suffered damage to its right side, and the Fun Cargo has its right side depressed with a shattered front windscreen.


  1. This is sad indeed. I have always said SUVs are very powerful cars and caution is very vital when driving them. Excessive speed, though tempting, must be avoided at all costs. They are very heavy vehicles with an extremely high momentum. Best freeway speeds are between 90km/hr and 100km/hr. You can easily control it at these speeds when faced with a sudden emergency because the momentum is not so high at these speeds.

  2. Unfortunately Zambian lawyers concentrate on political cases that’s why Zambians die like flies and no one is held accountable. The condition in which the road between Lusaka and Ndola is, there’s no justification for government to even continue to collect tolls on it. Torts lawyers can make money for themselves and the victims out of these accidents. People die and get injured and not even the statutory 3rd party insurance policy compensates them. We’re expendable

  3. Chaps like John Sangwa will be useful if they can take up the initiative and sue RDA and NRFA for a cool K10BN and distribute it amongst the casualties. People can appreciate that more than getting to a podium and telling us that HH is a dictator and has failed. That’s obvious because we know and whom do they think they’ll excite?

  4. When will our roads be safe? The police no longer check on vehicle fitness such as tires. They rush to check road tax and insurance. In the olden days even having no spare wheel was an offence. Early in the morning mini bus drivers buy freedom from the police to drive without fitness.

    • @Deja Vu, in your home town Kitwe all kind of skorokoro Noah buses operate the Chimwemwe route and load, sorry pack people like loaves of bread. The Riverside route has the most skorokoro minibuses and all these somehow don’t get impounded by the efficient legendary blue & white Hilux! Last time I used them I almost had an orgasm when going to Bulangililo mosque!!

    • @ Deja
      Such things are for vehicle inspectors.. They check all and give certificates of fitness to vehicle owners. Let’s just assume that there is no yearly vehicle inspections inthere.

  5. RDA and NRFA are useless. The Ndola/Lusaka road has no hard shoulder. The hard shoulder has a purpose, acts as a refuge place for broken vehicles. More accidents are coming and RDA and NRFA will just be watching.

  6. Most GRZ drivers are just careless. Yes the road and other factors can be blamed but if the driver was careful the accident could have been avoided.


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