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BRE To Engage Govt Over Barotseland Agreement


The Barotse Royal Establishment -BRE – says it will engage the Government on the Barotseland Agreement issue.

Ngambela Mukela Manyando says the BRE has come up with resolutions following a meeting at which district chiefs participated.

Ngambela Manyando said this during a press briefing at the Royal Palace in Limulunga, Western Province.

He has since called for calm and patience from all Zambians.



  1. Lack of development is one of the reasons cited but tell me which province apart from commercial provinces like the copperbelt and Lusaka are developed according to expectations? Luapula claims to be the least developed province but does every other province.

  2. kkkkk this is non starter it cant be am telling you. Other channels must be utilized, why cant they first start grabing that other land in DRC,Botswana and the real Barotse land and finally the one in zambia,does it mean they are foreigners and if that is a case then they need to pay back every coin that was spent on this land and pay them back their 75000 pounds.

  3. Indeed, constructive engagement is the way to go and I advise you to go with open minds. And please include other tribes that are in Western province but aren’t subjects of the Litunga so that we don’t have a repeat of what led to the separation of Balovale. Any attempt to impose Sasikalo Kuta on none subjects of the Litunga will be resisted and might lead to tribal conflict. And be reminded to be wholly truthful in your engagements as suppression of certain information won’t bring out the desired settlement. In 1911 something important happened that affected the agreements with the BSAC

    • They tried this under Chiluba. The reason why they want to secede is because you tribalists are taking all the money and stealing it; what you are not stealing, you building universities in your villages with. They also see that you have saddled them with billions of dollars in debt from which nothing was built in their area

  4. They have a very weak case. They should just accept . There friends in Luapula are pure congolese but have accepted to be called Zambians.

    • What you don’t know or have perhaps forgotten is that colonial boundary making did not care about dividing African communities. That’s a very uninformed comment to make. You really need help in how to apply school learning to real issues on the ground. I doubt if you should even have the right to vote.

  5. It is easy to shut up the Lozi on this. Barotseland was a fraudulent kingdom. The Lozi never ruled the Tonga, the Ila, the Nkoya, the Lenje the Lamba, the Kaonde, the Lunda, the Luvale etc. Litunga was an opportunist who signed away the lands of other people whose existence he did not even know, in return for royalties from the English. The notion that Zambia owes Barotseland money is bullsh!t. Litunga had no right to receive royalties from the mining of Lamba copper. Lastly, here is the tribal map of Zambia. The Lozi are welcome to take the yellow part around Mungu which says “Lozi”. That is going to be the full extent of BaLozi Land:

  6. KIKKKKKKKKK Mbuya my Lozi cousins stop dreaming, how have you checked your map first , do you think Copperbelt, parts of Angola , Namibia , Lusaka west the entire southern province will agree to your story?

    Anyway that is why I love you Mbuya you always find time to entertain me when I’m battling with the economic issues. At least today I managed to laugh.

  7. They have always tried to undermine the govt of the day with their separatist agenda. At independence the people from that area were the most educated people in the land and they used that advantage to make the false narrative of Barotseland as an independent state, when in fact they had signed mineral concessions with the criminal Cecil Rhodes and they colluded with his BSAC to steal minerals and the labor of our people. Other African chiefs actually resisted white encroachment and were severely punished like Lobengula. So these people actually resisted the independence of Zambia and wanted to maintain ties with our oppressors the whites. Is this not Stockholm Syndrome? Zambia is an independent state now, just start a tribal political party!!


    • You have nailed the gist of the issue. Some Zambians think they are special and the law of the land does not apply to them. Previous presidents were wise to put these law breakers in their rightful place. Prison

  9. These guys must stop wasting their time and get down to work. We all know how some selfish chiefs within the boundaries of Zambia, colluded with european thieves and coloniolists to defruad our native land out of God given minerals. The question is wheat have their chiefs built out of the money paid to them from the proceeds of crime? Look at the so called Barotseland. They used to spend the whole day canoeing from Mongu to Kalabo. A unitary state put up the road and many of their people have been educated under a unitary state. Many economic activities have been started and developed under the unitary state. This seperatist mind set is nothing but shear lazyness, tribalism and selfishness and must be braught to an end now.

  10. This BRE is just a forum for failed politicians to gain influence. GRZ should not entertain people that are breaking the law? Are there no issues to focus on like Cholera, food, unsafe working conditions, etc? It is unfair for these criminals to be entertained at the expense of other law abiding citizens. You can not have the law of the land applying only to certain people and the rest have to obey the constitution. Govt will set a wrong precedent if they entertain these megalomaniacs that want us to bow to them. It is madness

  11. The pendulum is still swinging on a none existent country called Barotseland. While the republican president goes fishing for veterans with tired legs -Johnson and General- around Zambia, the BRE went for a wider consultations from the breadth of Litunga Kingdom. This is the only diplomatic solution other than being emotional and militant about solving a problem that has gone long past time.
    Maybe someone pumped some sense in some of these sense-lacking leaders. Such an issue can not be handled by BNC alone, but all stakeholders for the pendulum to truly rest.

  12. It is crazy that such things are being condoned by the govt. How does a citizen carry a green national registration card say he belongs to another country and politicians entertain it? Should not these people be in prison or mental hospitals? How will govt account for the time they spend on this issue when it is not part of their mandate? We have real issues like high prices of food, disease, high fuel prices, etc. Do not entertain these agents of colonialism.

    • The president has given them white kidgloves because they are kids. I think these negotiations are necessary only for future generations who would wish to know how a more than half century old saga was eventually concluded. How effectively HH handles this will show what he is made of. Aren’t they his traditional cousins, after all? Always siding with him than they did the oucast Lungu. We are tired of this Barotse marshlands stories. We await closure.

  13. You have allowed the divide and conquerers to infiltrate your military so expect trouble from now on. This is not coincidental, they are getting courage from some powerful forces. We told you that Zambian peace is the en3my of the West. Muzungu azonda Mufilika wa nzelu. Let’s sort this noise out using donch ku beba.

  14. The authority of the Lozi leadership could better be used to galvanize the subjects to drive development than focusing on an issue whose potency has diminished with time.

  15. This Barotse business is not about land! The fact is if us Zambians were white people the Litunga would have been very happy to be part of Zambia. But because we are black people he has a problem. That is why we need constitutions to safeguard peoples rights against such people. We are all equal before the laws of Zambia. He better concentrate on ruling his subjects other than the course he is following now. Even in western democracies kings stay away from politics and are ceremonial figures. As long as he commits himself to be a traditional leader we will all respect him as our leader. He should stay away from politics like all the kings in modern democracies.

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