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Opposition Parties Call for Broad Alliance Against Ruling UPND


Eight opposition political parties have jointly called for the formation of a broad alliance aimed at challenging the ruling United Party for National Development (UPND) in Zambia. The parties express their concern over the shrinking democratic space in the country.

United Liberal Party President Sakwiba Sikota, speaking on behalf of the opposition coalition, emphasized the need for unity among opposition forces. The eight political parties include United Liberal Party, Patriotic Front, New Heritage Party, Citizens First, National Democratic Congress, Golden Party, Economic Freedom Fighters, and Forum for Development and Democracy.

Former President Edgar Lungu, addressing the press alongside leaders of the opposition parties, stated that the collaborative effort aims to create a mass movement to reclaim power for the people. Citizens First President Harry Kalaba added that the alliance formation is geared towards defending the nation.

However, Chief Government Spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa dismissed the opposition alliance as a mere collaboration of convenience among power-hungry politicians. Mweetwa argued that the opposition lacks moral authority to call for such an alliance, citing past activities during their governance that allegedly traumatized citizens.

Mweetwa, who is also the Information and Media Minister, challenged Edgar Lungu to provide evidence of his claims regarding sponsors of the UPND. He asserted that the sponsors of UPND are the 2.8 million Zambians who voted the party into office.

Addressing the ongoing debt situation, Mweetwa stated that the government has made substantial progress in negotiations with both official and private creditors to alleviate the debt burden, some of which, according to him, was accrued during the leadership of opposition figures.

The Chief Government Spokesperson emphasized the improved democratic space under the UPND administration, allowing opposition leaders to campaign freely. He highlighted instances such as Citizens First President Harry Kalaba’s one-hour interview on the state-owned ZNBC Sunday Interview program, suggesting that such openness was not prevalent under the previous regime.


  1. The current government was born out of an alliance. The UPND has had the most alliances starting from UDA in 2006. So Mweetwa isn’t being truthful. It’s a narrow agenda to team up just to wrestle power. However, it’s inevitable when you look at how HH has behaved. He doesn’t have the monopoly of imingalato, he can also be dribbled. Mweetwa shouldn’t mislead him to believe that this alliance isn’t of any substance. Be careful with I’d iots in large numbers

    • We thought Mweetwa would good job as chief govt spokesperson. This has not happened. Mweetwa is now just yapping all the time with nothing sensible coming from him. He tries to defend what is not defendable. We now believe Chushi Kasanda was even better .

  2. The only problem with such alliances is luck of cooperation amongst alliance members because some will be easily bought by the ruling party to destabilize the alliance….just like they’ve bought Miles Sampa…..and the other thing is that everyone wants to be the leader

    • Edgar Lungu will not be allowed to run for the presidency of Zambia. The constitutional court has already showed in the Lusambo and the other petition that it is not going to stand for that sort of PF nonsense. It is going to apply the law, and Lungu will be barred from running. As for the so-called opposition, they are irrelevant. They were irrelevant in the last election, and they will be irrelevant again. The best hope for PF at this point is Miles Sampa because he has name credibility, and has been at this for some time. If they choose someone else, they will not have enough time to build him up. The delay in the ruling is the best thing that has happened for UPND. If the ruling to bar Lungu occurs in late 2025, PF will not have time to organise around another candidate

    • UPND is going to be reelected by the IMF and China or not. If HH can get China to sign the June 2023 debt restructuring deal, the economic situation will change. That deal gave Zambia a grace period of 3 years before starting to pay on its debt. This would have meant that Zambia did not make debt payments until 2026. It would then have serviced the debt at 1% from 2027 to 2037. China revoked its assent after finding out that the Western debtors were getting a better deal under the loans. Zambia has tried to get these debtors to adjust their terms to match those of the Chinese. These debtors have refused, and since most of them are private, it is difficult to make the move. This is why HH asked for help last week. Once this solved, the kwacha will strengthen

  3. Look at the composition of the alliance itself, nashala neka parties which have lost their relevance. We need credible opposition with productive checks and balances not full of hate, there is no time for child play.

    • Cephas, go and register a party, called Zambian Blue Sky Party, or some other such name, and you will have as much credibility as almost all those foolish parties on that stage. Ultimately, what the people on that stage say is irrelevant in who gets elected in 2026. The IMF will decide the elections of Zambia. If the IMF can get the private Western creditors to agree to match the terms that China was going to get under the June 2023 debt restructuring deal, the economic situation would improve. That deal gave Zambia a grace period of 3 years, which would have taken it past the 2026 elections, before it had to pay on its debt. In that time UPND would use the money it had to make the economy look good. …

  4. Mweetwa must be realistic in what he says. Deep down he knows his govt has failed:
    1. Debt restructuring has failed.
    2. Govt is borrowing more.
    3. Kwacha naipena! k30/$
    4.Mealie meal…K300-400
    5. Fuel K34/litre
    6.Fertiliser K1200
    7. Low salaries for Civil Servants.

    • 2) Government is not borrowing more, because no one will lend the Zambian government money. These are the laws of the Paris Club. If you default to one, you have defaulted to all. Zambia defaulted under Lungu
      1) Everything you have said is irrelevant because you have completely avoided the US $33 BILLION BORROWED AND LOOTED BY MICHAEL SATAN and EDNA LUNGU. This is the only issue on the table. This is the sickness that Zambia has. All of the things that you have mentioned are just simptoms of this calamitous illness. Please tell me how you will address this issue

  5. Unknown entity will remove Hakainde Hichilema from office in 2026. He will concentrate on Lungu and others while this entity will slowly evolve into an unstoppable force.

  6. “What would you have done to restructure the debt his govt contracted?” Question by a Journalist.
    Ati, I’m not in State House, ask HH. My WORD! a former Head of State! I almost fell off my chair.
    It was abundantly clear ECL has no debt restructuring plan, later on economic turnaround strategy.
    An opportunity, squandered, to tell Zambians that they made a mistake to show him the door.
    I can imagine the embarrassment Saki and team found themselves in.

  7. Let him hullicate all he wants he will never return of even be recognised
    His vengance trip will end in well desrved tears
    He has no feelings for Zambia its a pride Issue


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