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Government Refutes Claims of Over 400 Senior Officers in Holding Positions


The government has firmly dismissed allegations circulating that more than 400 senior officers in the Public Service have been placed in holding positions at the Public Service Management Division (PSMD). Acting Secretary to the Cabinet, Siazongo Siakalenge, declared the allegations as baseless and urged the public to treat them with contempt.

Siakalenge emphasized that the government has not implemented any such measure, refuting claims that employees in these transitional positions are selected based on their regional affiliations. He clarified that the establishment of the PSMD includes a total of 78 transitory positions, commonly known as holding positions.

According to Siakalenge, these holding positions serve the purpose of maintaining employees on the payroll while awaiting redeployment during the process of re-aligning government structures or upon returning from missions abroad. He stressed that the government’s commitment to reinstating former public service employees, as highlighted by President Hakainde Hichilema during his inauguration, is focused on rectifying separations that occurred on tribal, political, or unfair grounds.

Siakalenge highlighted that some of the reinstated employees are actively engaged in various duties within ministries, provinces, and other government agencies. He assured that these individuals are eligible to receive emoluments through available organizational arrangements, aligning with the government’s dedication to fair employment practices.


  1. Nothing can suppress the truth no matter how much we try. Soon the allegations will either be allegations or the truth. Normally there’s no smoke without fire.

  2. “President Hakainde Hichilema during his inauguration, is focused on rectifying separations that occurred on tribal, political, or unfair grounds.”
    What do you do with an employee that divulges government information to unauthorised entities?
    We should not forget the issue of Brian Mwale.

    • He did not have much of a choice, when the only people in the government and the military were called Kosama, Kasanda, kabwe, Chileshe, Chanda, Mwape, Mwelwa, etc etc or Lungu, Tembo, Daka, Phiri, Nyirongo etc etc…

  3. It’s unfortunate that now we have a government whose daily program is to either refute or clarify and warn. These are serious signs of failure. What time are they going to deliver? Now the daily routine is that when there’s any allegation then the whole government machinery swings into action to counter. This is real under 5

    • Tribalism,politics,hatred and even racism was real in the PF civil service. It was even sanctioned by the PF constitution.Today, the civil service is compared to a piggery by SC Sangwa because it is moribund.PF employed deadwood cadres who then pushed out qualified and experienced people.In PF era, Permanent Secretaries were failing, and some simply had no clue where the money disappeared to when queried by the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament. Senior officers at the level of Director were tearing off pages and other official documents to confuse auditors,not to mention leaking confidential information…..Now they are being sorted out and you cry to Jesus

  4. One must Ask is it not the opposition parties or disgruntle workers pushing this out ?
    Why not get a sample from a bag or mill and get it analysed ?
    It is as simple as that

    • Those today you are calling disgruntled fall in the same aggrieved state of mind, who were conveying classified information to opposition politicians when PF were in charge of government. Intelligence gathering happens all the time to outrun an opponent. You enjoy when you are on the receiving end and frown when busted.

  5. It has taken you one whole week to respond. How do you counter a lie by adding your own lies?
    Emmanuel Mwamba said: ‘..over 300 qualified senior public service workers are parked at PSMD.. They are on constructive dismissal status.’ He didn’t say 400.
    The 78 Holding Positions are only leagal slots, it means the numbers can swell depending on needs and programmes government is undertaking like reinstatements or dismissals. Remember this is where former RS madam ThandiwePhiriMhende was placed too, exemplifying UNFAIR employment practices which are reasons for dribbling BrianMuwale.

  6. There is the case of an official deployed to the Food Agency in interesting circumstances never mind two ps at foreign affairs …but hey this is life

  7. @MuZambian If tribal was reason for removals why wasn’t Kanganja Kakoma not removed. Next you people hated Mrs Inonge Mutukwa Wina for serving in a so-called Bemba government.,… isn’t that tribalism?

    • DEjaFOOOOL,dont drag me into your personal biases and rumors. I am telling you that the PF constitution states that only PF members shall be appointed to senior government and parastatal offices.Now shut up and eat your beans

    • Namufilwa ukuteka Icalo so now you just waffling where you have failed in the supply of mealie meal…. for the first time in twenty five years Zambia has no reserve stocks and now GMO is the alternative which is clouded in all sorts of liese.

    • @Muzambian by the way who are tribal? 99% of your people only vote for their own… the bembas whom you despise gave your man a chance overwhelmingly thinking they were voting for high quality….

    • @ MuZambian

      You have failed to debate with @ Deja Vu

      Bush*t and go f*ck your Indian mother if you are mixed…

      Ati I am mixed race. Who are you impressing? You have an inferiority complex

    • So what? Even mixed race identify with parents. My wife is Lamba even if you call her coloured she speaks good lamba and Bemba not to mention her father’s language English

    • People who resort to insults and violence cant think. They should find another arena suited for inflicting violence on each other. The internet certainly isnt for them

    • Ka Today and Ka Bwembya.My maternal grandmother hailed from the royal house of chief Kasoma-Bangweulu of Samfya district.I am also a Kabende by tribe.So,as things stand,I might even be your prince,Respect my mother

  8. World problems are there yes but for this government to be always on defense is so irritating as they fail to even address positive criticism. Where is the economic indaba considering the status we are in as a nation? This type of leadership is so disappointing and frustrating.

  9. This wannabe @muzambian has attacked me before with his outrageous inferior foul mouthed antics.Very uncouth.I forgave him.Now holy spirit descend on this soul.

  10. He is a very frightened small man always wishing to offload his cesspool on everyone except himself.This is not what he’s in reallife, only that the pseudonym @muzambian has given this little man wings to fly.


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