Sunday, March 3, 2024

Chishimba Kambwili Illegally Leaves Zambia for Zimbabwe Amidst Controversy


In a surprising turn of events, Patriotic Front (PF) member Chishimba Kambwili has reportedly left Zambia for Zimbabwe in defiance of immigration laws. The revelation was made by Home Affairs and Internal Security Minister Jack Mwiimbu during a joint press briefing in Lusaka, shedding light on the controversial departure of the former PF member.

Minister Mwiimbu disclosed that preliminary investigations indicated that Kambwili, who was scheduled for evacuation to South Africa for medical treatment on Thursday, opted to leave for Zimbabwe instead. On January 30, 2024, an unidentified Zimbabwean man allegedly presented Kambwili’s passport to an immigration officer at the Chirundu border post. When asked to have the passport’s holder present himself for clearance, the unknown individual fled, leaving the passport behind.

According to Minister Mwiimbu, Kambwili contravened immigration laws by crossing into Zimbabwe without completing exit formalities, violating Section 16(1) of the Immigration and Deportation Act Number 18 of 2010. The Act mandates any person exiting the country to appear before an immigration officer for exit clearance formalities.

It was further revealed that Kambwili’s passport was not confiscated by the state but left at the immigration office at Chirundu border post. The vehicle transporting Kambwili into Zimbabwe reportedly had a Zimbabwean registration plate.

Minister Mwiimbu clarified that Kambwili, despite the irregularities surrounding his departure, may still be in Zimbabwe unless he possesses other documentation allowing him to leave the country. Health Minister Sylvia Masebo, present at the press briefing, emphasized that Kambwili had initially been cleared for evacuation to seek medical attention in South Africa, but he chose to leave for Zimbabwe instead.

As the controversy unfolds, the Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security has initiated investigations into the matter, highlighting the legal violations associated with Kambwili’s departure.


  1. The whole thing doesn’t add up. It makes no sense that a person who has been free loaded by government can run away just like that. Did anyone certify Kambwili’s mental status? He may have gone around the bend. Why Zimbabwe? Maybe he’s going for the Sangoma thing.

    • Why is UPND forcing healthy Kambwili to be treated in South Africa? If he goes to Johannesburg he definitely die there.
      Kambwili is not sick, he doesn’t just want to go to jail, leave him alone.


    • 1. Kambwili is comical
      2. Mwiimbi has sounded like a dead-log from day one.
      3. Masebo is past her time. { They are better people in UPND that HH can appoint as Health Minister }

      As for the story, there are a lot of gaps that need to be filled. Why have a joint press conference over this matter? Public Relations is something that UPND keeps failing all the time. What happened to Cornelius Mweetwa – the now-silenced Government Spokesperson?

    • Chishimba Kambwili of course gained entry into Zimbabwe with the help of the Zimbabwean government. We will not be seeing him soon.

    • @ Independence Observer

      Indeed this should be the duty of the government spokesperson to make a statement about Kambwili. I guess Community House sent these two to make a press conference wasting taxpayers money and journalists’ time on such trivial issue.

    • Perhaps because he wants to seek assylum in Zim since he knows Mnangagwa wont allow any HH Police to retrieve him from there.

    • …………

      There are allegations of his passport being confiscated………the responsibility of the Home affairs minister to clarify

      There was allegations of his medical evacuation being bogus …….responsibility of the ministry of health to clarify

      The buck stops at these ministers feet…….

      And this is not a trivial matter, this is serious and deserves a response from the ministries concerned

    • Zero sense. Can he be allowed in to Zimbabwe while not presenting any passport? I’m sure it’s a reporting issue kikikiki

    • @ Spaka

      The government can simply make a statement to the nation through the government spokesperson. There was no need to call for a Press Conference exciting journalist on a matter that they could update the nation easily.

  2. These are the clowns Zambians want as leaders. This fugitive should have been locked up long time ago. He is using his health to run away from his criminal activities.The government should not even waste tax payers money on someone who clearly has other intensions, plus Kambwili himself said he is a rich man. Let him go to Zimbabwe without a passport, kaili Africa is a country not a continent. Maybe he wants to fly to London to visit the King for tea, manje King naye ni patient.

    • What criminal activities should he be tried for? Yes he is a thief, yes he has committed crimes, but unless people who know come forward and testify, the bugger goes scotfree. He was already tried and acquitted for something before UPND came into power, and according to the laws of Zambia, he cannot be tried for what that thing was.

    • It is very bizarre behaviour. Already, HH in his infinite bullsh!t, was going to send this bugger, who is already loaded with looted government money, to South Africa for “treatment”, at government expense. This escape makes me wonder if he was even sick in the first place. Perhaps the trip to South Africa for treatment, was always intended to be the escape from whatever it is he is running from. … Either way, HH needs to question who ever recommended that the bugger receive government sponsored healthcare in a foreign country.

    • Yes, Kambwili has simply run away to escape a certain longer jail term after the state appealed the 5-months sentence for tribalism he got from a magistrate in Kasama
      I had observed earlier, that after that diabolic protest in shorts and barefoot at Leopards hill cemetary, Kambwili has not been the same brave” leopard”He is now a leopard with a hyena’s head.

  3. Bring down the cost of living. Kambwili should not be an issue. Tell the Zambians how you are going to bring down the cost of living.

    • You can do better than that. Find and beat up Lungu for f@cking up the cost of living by borrowing and looting an unpayable US $33 billion. You guys can help Zambia by coming forward with evidence of Lungu and Satan’s thefts. If we could finger the location of even US $10 billion of that money, it would go a long way in righting the economy of our country.

    • Yes it’s diversion from the real issues. If Kambwili is a fugitive just ask the Zim government to extradite him.

    • What a wise man this Henry! Perhaps Community house could exploit your wisdom before leaving all defences with Masebo, Hamakasa and Mweetwa

  4. Jack Mwiimbu is one of the extremists in the UPND government. He’s going to embarrass government by falling into Kambwili’s nonsensical trap. The border post at Chirundu isn’t porous, so Jack’s explanation doesn’t make sense. Last time Kambwili feigned fainting at CFB clinic, the whole UPND and some Chiefs condemned ECL but today they’re falling into the same trap. Masebo said HH authorized his evacuation and we said here that he shouldn’t be involved as that’s a matter for juniors. Politicians are the same, they don’t think properly

  5. What a title….Champions of Chorela…meaning Champions of filthy…feces..urine…and piled uncollected garbage

  6. Zimbabwe is a welcoming country. I visit Zimbabwe alot these days. I have a house in Zimbabwe. Welcome to Zimbabwe sir. If people are running away from zambia it shows how bad hh is.

  7. He will be caught soon. Just send upnd cadres to touch his wlfe big breasts. I don’t condone violence. I just don’t like liars. Yes hh is a liar but he lies for a good cause . Hh is like God

  8. You like hallucination alot, how many people have run way from Zimbabwe so far – over 6million. It seems you and ZANU PF are the one’s who facilited “vapid” Kambwili’s escape. Let’s hope he is not committing more crimes by selling secrets. Any way this could mark the end of his dodgy divisive political career. What is he going to say to interpol when he lands at Heathrow?

  9. Kambwili’s alleged bolt is a minus to the UPND. Who are they FUUULING in this official syndicate?

    How does a jail boy be in possession of a passport and not Musamba to produce at immigration border point? Who is this Zim emissary involved?
    CK, to avoid using taxpayers money, declined evacuation offer on government financing, but insisted going with state police on trip to RSA with own funding. How possible he is a fugituve today?
    Kambwili is not a free dude. The judiciary or prisons/police commissioner should have sanctioned his journey. Is it true in all these areas JackMwiimbu didn’t know about these security lapses? It is a shameful embarrassment for this security loophole.

    • ……….

      Then when is under watch……..

      Ati ” zambia is not free ……” ??

      Just give him enough rope to hang himself.

      He has put himself in more shiiit.

  10. Fugitive Kaizar Zulu has been joined by fugitive Chishimba Kambwili in Zimbabwe.
    Non of them can come here, in the UK.

    • In the Chongololo club I grew up in they showed us a video shot in Luangwa of a dead duiker surrounded by bewildered lions. As he wasnt fighting for his life the lions didnt know how to proceed. Just when they had shifted gaze to some other disturbance the duiker suddenly stood up and galloped away Kikikikikikikkkambwili!

    • Maybe Chishimba Kambwili got ticked off that the RSA evacuation was just a ruse to go and finish him off while there.

  11. ………

    Just give them enough rope to hang themselves……….

    The law was waiting for CK………

    He chose to use the rope GRZ gave him enough of in terms of freedom before proven guilty………

    Not a problem for GRZ, he can languish in exile until beyond 2031…………

    Forward 2031………

    • By 2031, Simba may not be in danger, after all. Ask Rafiki.

      Unlike the Chongololo video from #Mihova above, let’s turn to The Lion King. Simba has just regrettably caused a fatal accident claiming his father’s life from a long fall from a cliff. Scar strikes a good deal with naive, guilty Simba suggesting the boy runs away and never returns. Then the old lion covertly and swiftly unleashes his hyena-minions who pursue the cub right up to the Zimbabwe border announcing, if he ever comes back, he’d be dead meat.

    • …..

      In this case CK or simba is a clown…..very very du.llll…..

      Only knows how to get involved in corruption and being used like toilet paper by other politicians……….

      No one needs to worry about that clown in exile

  12. ………

    GRZ should just leave CK to languish in exil………

    He is a clown.

    Emmerson mungagwa should be carful about hosting extremist outlaws in Zimbabwe.

    Better he gets moved on to claim asylum in the UK.

  13. Africa too much jokes….its even scary to know that these are the kind of leaders we have……and this Kambwili even thinks of becoming a President of Zambia

  14. There is nothing sweeter than money in this life. Anal sex with a man comes close but still money is nice

  15. When you have a decreasing democratic space these things are common, some people are so short sited the will ask how many people have run away “ there is always the begining or innovators so the question is childish at this point. I think shrinking democratic space in Zambia May be one of the reasons. The country has changed for the worse ( Economically, politically etc etc) in a very short period of time. Only those eating crumbs from Hakainde’s mercy are happy.

  16. Let us be careful with mnangagwa Emerson and Edgar lungu all those trucks were engineered by mnangagwa Emerson and Edgar lungu!!!!!!!!! Why using Zimbabwean boarder not other boarders? something is fishing here.

  17. Chishimba Kambwili can not seek asylum here in UK because there is no admissible reason to present to UK government. Chishimba in a recent clip boasted of his worth, this morning on voice social media he is alleging they want to eliminate him through suspicious means. This afternoon, his self imposed exile is already taking its toil on him pleading to be forgiven as he doesn’t want to die because of politics. This could be a psychiatric case.
    @ I Hate Kaizar Zulu, am on my way to Zambia, waiting for chorea to be managed

  18. Zambia is now officially a comedy country….everything is taken as a joke….i miss the Kaunda days….Zambia was a much better place….the current Zambia is not inspiring at all…

  19. Firstly the minister of home affairs must be sacked or resign,because how did they allow a situation like this to happen Ba UPND government you are failing in everything you sent Nevers Mumba to Zimbabwe to create confusion now you will get your test of medicine forget your useless mingalato Crocodile will bite you

    • How did Kambwili manage to travel all way to the border without a government escort? There are too many loose ends in this fiasco.

  20. UPND Govt vs Kambwili SAGA is a “nasty smell” emitting from Govt’s own kitchen. If it is true that the Republican President authorized the evacuation of Kambwili for treatment abroad, the nation expected Ministries of Home Affairs & Health to decisively switch on the machineries to effect the Presidential ORDERS. Instead, the two Ministries opted to play unusual delaying tactics, thus creating dangerous games on a valuable human life. A joint press brief by 2 Ministers was effectively aimed at deceiving the Republican President – NOT the nation.

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