Monday, July 22, 2024

Zambia Appointed SADC Cholera Prevention Champion at Extraordinary Summit


Zambia has been bestowed with the title of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Cholera Prevention Champion during a virtual Extraordinary Summit addressing the cholera situation in the region.

President Hakainde Hichilema, on behalf of the people of Zambia, accepted this honor with deep humility, acknowledging the responsibility that comes with spearheading the fight against cholera in the SADC region.

This designation comes in addition to Zambia’s existing role with the World Health Organization (WHO), further solidifying the nation’s commitment to combating the cholera crisis on multiple fronts. President Hichilema, expressing gratitude for the recognition, emphasized the dedication of Zambia to working collaboratively with SADC and the entire African continent to advocate for the local manufacture of vaccines.

During the virtual summit, President Hichilema stated, “We accepted, with deep humility, on behalf of the people of Zambia, the honour of being designated the SADC Cholera Prevention Champion to spearhead the fight against cholera in our region. This is in addition to the World Health Organization (WHO) role we already perform.” The president highlighted the importance of regional cooperation in addressing the ongoing cholera challenges faced by several countries.

Furthermore, President Hichilema affirmed Zambia’s commitment to championing efforts for the local production of vaccines, recognizing the pivotal role it plays in preventing and controlling the spread of infectious diseases.


    • In the olden days we used to have bana Mazai (toilet cleaners) and the boss we used to call him Chief Namazai. Zambia fits this description.

  1. So you are glorifying the pandemic which other counries are experiancing cholera in Southern Africa because cholera is borne out of filthness.

  2. Does anyone need more evidence that SADC needs to be rigorously reformed or totally disbanded all together? What a load of BS (no pun intended).

    • Ichi KZ conveniently forgets the worst cholera outbreak under PF’s watch in 2018. Selective amnesia boy from cholera-central aka Misisi slums.

  3. ……..

    This will be a recurring situation until the matters of pit latrines, soak away tanks being built without inspection………

    The water tables are contaminated with feces……

    Ati unprecedented PF development, yet you forgot to clean your back sides.

    • Government must take a bold decision and demolish all the shanty compound surounding Lusaka.It can also think of issuing slam- dwellers with group title deeds and force them to lease those prime lands to serious developers.

  4. When you are the only team participating obviously the trophy will come to you. No other country in SADC has cholera.

  5. Our SADC brothers really sympathise with our being knocked out of AFCON. They decide to give us the AFCHOLERA title ka! Very sweet neighbours.

  6. NOT every one who goes to jail for a cause can be a hero. HH really wanted to be president. He got the chance. but he is now lamentably failing to deliver. His latest embarrassing episode…neighboring countries are now using Zambia….my Zambia…as benchmark on what not to do to avoid CHORELA. Apparently, my Zambia is the dirtiest in the region so much so that its now even a chorela case study. Really! Shame please.

  7. If one can go take selfies at Cholera centers he if fit to be awarded a Cholera medal. They should go far and award him for the greatest liar alive for many lies he told Zambians during is campaigns and the lies he continues to tell even after being elected.

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