Saturday, February 24, 2024

Zambia Airports Corporation Achieves Record High Passenger Numbers in 2023


The Zambia Airports Corporation has recorded the highest number of passengers served since its inception in 1989.

The Corporation recorded over 2 million passengers served in 2023, largely driven by trade and tourism at all airports.

Speaking during a media breakfast, Zambia Airports Corporation Acting Managing Director Gillian Mazimba said the growth represents an increase of 24 percent.

Ms. Mazimba stated that the corporation will continue to collaborate with key stakeholders to make Zambia an attractive and affordable destination, with a focus on seamless air travel.

She emphasized that this effort will help attract more business and tourism, including hosting international meetings and conferences.


  1. Someone condemned the building of Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe Airport as a white elephant because nobody was going to use it. I told him that it’s better to have that air now instead of panicking if things improve in future…. and that future has arrived.

  2. The building of Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe Airport was condemned at the time because there was no strategy in place for how its use and how it could be best utilised.
    However, with the excellent policies on business and tourism introduced by the current government its use has been fully utilised.
    This government should be thanked for its innovative policies rather than the simple minded harping on about what was previously said.

  3. My friend Ethiopian Airlines have always wanted to use Ndola but couldn’t because the old one was not suitable. And so is Kenyan Airlines. The influx of miners in the democratic republic of Congo has also contributed….in any case my complaining friend is a very senior Upnd official at constituency….. there no tourists coming to the copperbelt… some airlines have split with one catering for the Harare Lusaka route, another one for Ndola Bulawayo. So you see.

  4. The numbers have increased because of numerous trips made by HH in 2023 together with his entourage every time he travels they are all recorded as outgoing and incoming passengers.

  5. Not here to rain on Zambia Airport Corp’s party but that is a very low bar to celebrate. JKIA in Nairobi and Bole Addis both handle 10m to 12m passengers (not counting their other domestic airports)


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