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Energy Minister Peter Kapala Guarantees No Load Shedding


Amid concerns over potential power shortages, Zambia’s Energy Minister, Peter Kapala, has moved to allay fears by assuring the nation that there will be no need for load shedding in the foreseeable future. Kapala attributed this assurance to the implementation of robust mitigation measures aimed at addressing the anticipated power crisis.

Speaking to ZNBC News in an interview, Mr. Kapala emphasized the proactive steps taken by the government to tackle the issue head-on. He revealed that Zambia has adopted a strategy of importing power from Mozambique during off-peak hours to compensate for the reduced power generation capacity at the Kariba North Bank Power Station.

“The country is currently importing 200 megawatts of power from Mozambique,” stated Mr. Kapala, highlighting the collaborative efforts being undertaken to ensure uninterrupted power supply to Zambian households and industries.

Despite the challenges posed by the decrease in power generation capacity at the Kariba North Bank Power Station, Kapala assured citizens that the government remains vigilant in monitoring the situation closely. He reiterated that any decision regarding the implementation of load shedding would be communicated transparently to the public.

The statement by Energy Minister Peter Kapala provides a measure of reassurance to Zambians, offering hope for stable and reliable electricity supply in the face of prevailing challenges.


  1. But please don’t move the goal post….No loadsheding means no loadsheding just don’t change your story in a few months when yiu you start loadsheding…..we will save this article for future reference

    • It could be good news if it was coming from a Unip minister . But these guys will change the story when they are cornered. Why export then import? It has to increase in order to come down motto.

    • That “strategy” he is announcing is fraught with illogical presumptions. If Kariba has low water levels Cahora bassa which is on the same river will also be affected. Mozambique will need electricity for its own use. So where will Mozambique get the electricity to send to us when right now it cant even feed South Africa? South Africa is severely loadshedding it depends on Mozambique Zambia and DRC exports.

    • Kapala is telling lies with his open mouth. For last 3 months, every single day in Roma there has been power outage. UPND is led by liar in chief, followed by liars in league, believed by fools.

  2. These UPND Ministers have no shame…and when they start loadsheding they will deny ever saying that they promised no loadsheding….just like 22 and 23…..they said exactly the same thing….be careful with a naked man promising you a shirt

    • @Anonymous
      Read carefully, “………..there will be no need for load shedding in the foreseeable future.” The keyword being ” foreseeable future”.

  3. He should not move the goal post when load shedding returns. Importing power for a country capable of producing enough power for itself and for export is criminal. Zambia is depleting its natural resources fast without plan B.

  4. Remember these are the same guys who made Gold turn into copper….and they kept on dancing around the Gold Scandal when it was discovered that the State House was involved engineered by Bandit HH

  5. People have been so used to bad service that when you promise no load shedding they can not believe you…kikiki. They want to stay in the dark like Nfwitis so that they can bewitch Zesco.

  6. We have heard this before even from the supreme tribal leader Dr Hakainde Hichilema the greatest liar who said he has ended laod-shedding he boom, no power. I am sure when the time comes they will just say PF and Lungu have caused this load-shedding. What Infrastructure have UPND built in power generation to prevent load-shedding when demands has grown in the 2.5 years they have been in power?

    • But it is lungu and PF who have messed up Kariba. When the major rehabilitation works were carried out by Lungu‘s chinese contractors a few years ago, Engineers warned us that the turbines the chinese were installing were the wrong ones and were going to consume too much water. This gets worse when we get poor rains like now. There will probably never be enough water to run those PF turbines throughout the year even when we get good rains. Lets get angry when we hear about corruption instead of joking about it. UPND Govt needs to incorporate the poor infrastructure built with chibese loans by PF in debt restructuring negotiations

  7. You cant guarantee someone a service when you know your lender wont give you the needed money!
    “a strategy of importing power from Mozambique during off-peak hours to compensate for the reduced power generation capacity at the Kariba North Bank Power Station”???

  8. The moment I read “strategy of importing power from Mozambique…” my eyes involuntarily rolled to the back of my head. I was hoping he would say “We, in fact, have excess power that we are even exporting to Mozambique…” Fyabupuba ifi. When crunch time comes they will resort to the typical wall of silence. Watch that wall coming up!

  9. @Kalok
    Imagine they’re so confident and yet they’re just importing and at the same time they’re exporting power…..and when they start loadsheding they will blame it on Mozambique and Zimbabwe


  11. Guys,
    I presume that the Hon. Minister was not articulate enough with his words. I presume he meant….WE’LL BE IMPORTING POWER VIA MOZAMBIQUE. That means that the Turkish power generating ship, anchored off the coast of Mozambique, will be supplying power via the Mozambican grid. Such power is twice as expensive as hydro-power with a massive carbon footprint!

  12. He will definitely say I was misquoted and what I actually said was that I can guarantee there will be loadshedding in the foreseeable future.

  13. @Lazy lungu, you are also lazy. Simple geography will show you that By the time Zambezi hits Mozambique , it will have received massive amounts of water from Kafue, Luangwa and Shire in Malawi which is the outlet for Lake Malawi. Thats why they have floods in mozambique due to copious amounts of water from these Zambezi tributaries

    • Yayi baba! When there is a drought the entire Southern Africa is affected including Luangwa and Shire. They have floods in Mozambique mainly because of proximity to the Indian Ocean. Cyclones originating in the Ocean bring intense rainfall and storm surges, exacerbating flood risks. Of course deforestation, soil erosion, and land degradation contribute to increased vulnerability to floods.

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