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Chishimba Kambwili Deported from Zimbabwe to Zambia And Hospitalized


Chishimba Kambwili has been deported from Zimbabwe to Zambia after spending at least nine days in Zimbabwean custody. Kambwili was arrested by Zimbabwean authorities after fleeing to the neighboring country on January 30, 2024, reportedly seeking medical treatment with the assistance of a Zimbabwean citizen.

Home Affairs Minister Jack Mwiimbu confirmed that Kambwili was handed over to Zambian authorities at the Chirundu border post on Thursday night at 23:00 hours. Currently, Kambwili is admitted to Maina Soko Hospital in Lusaka, where his health condition is being assessed.

Addressing the media in Mushindamo District, Minister Mwiimbu clarified that Kambwili had entered Zimbabwe illegally and voluntarily surrendered his passport to immigration officers at the Chirundu border when asked to appear before them. He emphasized that the Zambian government did not confiscate Kambwili’s passport nor restrict his travel for medical purposes.

Minister Mwiimbu reiterated that the Zambian and Zimbabwean governments collaborated in locating Kambwili, who was deemed an illegal immigrant in Zimbabwe due to his unlawful entry. Consequently, the Zimbabwean authorities chose to deport him, a decision commended by Minister Mwiimbu as it facilitates medical evaluation.

Dispelling social media claims of mistreatment, Minister Mwiimbu emphasized President Hakainde Hichilema’s directive to provide Kambwili with access to medical care despite his criminal record and political affiliation. The government’s commitment to ensuring the well-being of all citizens, as demonstrated by Kambwili’s evacuation for medical attention, was underscored.


  1. People who pay attention to this clown have too much time to waste. The time he fell out with Edgar Lungu he took a tour of the southern province to apologise to the local chiefs for the tribal remarks he had made against them. Somehow when he didn’t get what he expected from the Upnd he made 360 degree turnround and went back to his old self.
    Kambwili compromised many things such as forcing the labour department to allow unqualified foreigners to get jobs on the mines for which he would be awarded contracts. When he got fired, people rose to his defence…yes people who have time to waste.

    • He is a cartoon figure. He has not yet discovered who Kambwili Chishimba is in life. Thats why he swings from one branch of a tree to the next one. No Values, No Ethics and too Bombastic.

      When someone calls you a Monkey. It means you swing from one branch to the next branch of a tree, usually aimlessly. Because those are the characteristics of a Monkey.

  2. This chap was always boasting about his wealth and all the houses he owns both here and abroad
    If he feels his health is failing why dont he spend his money on his own health,
    Why should GRZ offer assistance ?? there are less unfortunate persons who would be more appreciative
    This GRZ dont need his vote or assitance

    • He’s just hot air. It’s unfair that since the breakdown of the cancer machine in the country poor people have been referred to foreign countries. Maina Soko the only hospital with the facilities can only allow people like Kambwili, a chap I am sure has never paid any taxes. Even if you are registered to go to Tanzania, you will never go as long as you are not a “Kambwili….” let Kambwili get treated with us at Kitwe Teaching Hospital and suffer with us.

  3. And we expect Zambia to develop wasting time with this nonentity Kambwili….looks like UPND has no better things to do….this buffon Kambwili should just be ignored but UPND making him look like he is relevant and a Political heavyweight and yet he is just a Pompwe with a loud mouth….Kambwili is also just an attention seeker and UPND is playing to the gallery

  4. Those who have been saying that I am next, for your info I am in Zambia and see my family almost every day. You will die before I am arrested and will never see me in cuffs. We wish our brother kambwili gods blessing. He is being punished for stating the truth

  5. It is silly for people to cerebrate Kambwili’s arrest. What you need to know is HH can only for maximum of 10years. What will happen to HH after ten years specially that he is using our tax to renovate his house. He only has ten years to make us look foolish.

  6. ……..

    This clown also……….

    Scary to think he was a minister…….

    All CK ever done was think of contracts from the mines for himself……24/7

    • @Spaka on this one I am with you. He could bully the mines to pay him even if there many other people who were first in the queue. He was an embarrassment.

  7. Kambwili will do anything stupid just to get the attention……just ignore him and he will be back on his feet and he will start insulting again so that the Police can go after him and then he will suddenly become very sick and get the attention he needs

  8. If he spent most of his time and energy to improve the infrastructure of his own country, he wouldn’t have been in this position. He would have had the best medics treat him at home and not shedding crocodile tears and a free joy ride. This man is convinced Zambians are docile.

  9. When he was voted as MP for Roan, he bullied Luanshya Copper Mines into giving him the lucrative Grill Room to run. The then CEO relented and consented!

    • Those are the things he ever for zambia……..

      He would probably be voted in again if he ran as MP…….

      That is why zambia will take 200 years to reach any meaningfull development…….

      The electorate just concentrate on the mouth instead of track record and cv……….

  10. The best HH can do for now is not to get involved in such things. It’s clear that this matter hasn’t been handled properly. Should anything unfortunate happen to CK, it’ll be difficult for people like Mwiimbu to explain and make people understand. It’s not necessary to subject the nation to debate Kambwili in the midst of so many challenges

    • You are right. Why even hold press briefings on him. They should just let him complete the court process and if he’s sick let the prison warder take him to the nearest health facility like anybody else.

  11. Why are we even talking about this Kambwili thing, this is the man who would afford to fly to the UK in the morning for breakfast, and have dinner back in Lusaka. Why is it a problem to fly for medical if he has money, instead of playing games with the Government? Its beyond my comprehension, and you have the silly opposition who were commending him for his nicely played theater.
    As others have aluded to above, why doesnt he get treated in Kitwe central hospital? If he doesnt want, well, he is rich let him use his money.
    Other all talk about CK, is wasted time. PEACE.

  12. Gutless stupidity can kill you faster than a bullet, Kashimba Kambwili is a classic example! Bukuba bwa bulaya ha putako kusiya lilumo!

  13. “Hichilema’s directive to provide Kambwili with access to medical care despite his criminal record and political affiliation.” We need not be hearing statements like this 60 years after independence and we boast of being a democracy. These are enshrined in human rights. The more we put emphasis on obvious things the more mediocre we portray ourselves to be. Kambwili has behaved in a very bad way since he started politics. Like the Bemba say “ Pansaka tapabula chipuba” we need to handle him carefully otherwise people or outsiders will not notice the difference.

  14. In spite of all these happenings and past crimes of Kambwili striping Luanshya railway line, building personal houses on Luanshya Golf ground and other buildings in Ndola, other Zambians believe Kambwili can be president of Zambia. Not another incarnation of Sata lunacy.

  15. You know the country is messed up when lunatic like Buffon Kambwili can still be in the news and i blame it on UPND for giving him the platform to showcase his stupidity

  16. CK only gets sick when he has a court case. If there are no cases he seems to be in perfect health and has enough energy to insult.

  17. They are all in it together. Zambians needs to fire all useless politicians and start from scratch. These people are eating masuku on our heads.

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