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UPND Governement have made huge strides in fighting corruption -Nkulukusa


Secretary to the Treasury Mr. Felix Nkulukusa says the Government has made huge strides in fighting corruption as evidenced by the various efforts and the enactment of legislation aimed at promoting transparency.

Mr. Nkulukusa made the remarks in his keynote address titled “the fight against corruption in Zambia: insights on successes, challenges and opportunities going forward”, at the 14th Annual African, African American, and Diaspora (AAAD) Interdisciplinary Conference at James Madison University in Washington DC.

Mr. Nkulukusa said the enactment of the Access to Information Act will help public and private bodies be held accountable by civil society, the media and the public at large hence reducing corruption.

“We enacted the Access to Information Act to provide for the right to access information from public and private bodies. With this law, public and private bodies will be held accountable by civil society, the media and the public at large hence reducing corruption as corrupt officers face higher risks of exposure,” Mr. Nkulukusa said.

“To complement the Anti-Corruption Commission, an Inter-Agency Coordination Framework comprising 21 law enforcement and other competent authorities, was established on January 10, 2023.

“The Framework, spearheaded by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions operates based on existing domestic legal and institutional frameworks, institutional mandates, bilateral and multilateral agreements, recommending best practices in combating economic and financial crimes, illicit financial flows, and stolen asset recovery,” he said.

Mr. Nkulukusa acknowledged the negative impact of corruption on governance and economic development but emphasised the Zambian Government’s ongoing efforts to fight the vice for the benefit of the people.

Mr. Nkulukusa also observed that the contemporary global anti-corruption agenda has achieved a lot in terms of drawing attention to the problem.

And Zambia’s Ambassador to the United States Chibamba Kanyama said decentralization has worked well in Zambia as the money goes directly to the people through the increased Constituency Development Fund (CDF).This is contained in a statement issued by Charles Tembo,First Secretary Press and Public Relations,Embassy of Zambia, USA.


  1. So says the fox that has invaded a sheep’s pen. So says a man who $exualy attacks a woman that he only felt her thing but did not penetrate.
    Anyway you will be judged when you lose the instruments of power.

    • You can be guilty of rape but be free of corruption. The reason why you think that a) UPND will be voted out of power, and b) be found with corruption to answer for by a new government is because you think that UPND is like you and your parties. You think that everyone is inclined to be corrupt. What has never occurred to you is that there are people who culturally abhor theft. Some people simply do not cheat, trick or steal. If you grew up where HH or I did, you would understand this simple fact

    • I have never said UPND is without sin, or without error in judgement. I know for a fact that they are simple, decent people. This is why when they find an Anthony Bwalya or a Stanley Kakubo, they cut him off and discard him like the proverbial sinful eye in the Bible. The difference is that other parties in the past embraced, if not encouraged, the larcenous behaviour of such people.. I mean, imagine a president openly preaching and avowing that “He who works in the field eats in the field”. This is not a faulty individual aberration; it is the averring of a cultural value. It is the statement of an admired and practised community principle. Of course people are different. There are place where such a saying could never exist.

  2. And those who sinned, sinning and those to sin, will be held accountable. Others are confessing on their own(surrendering assets), others turning into state witnesses. So, 2026 is tomorrow and 2031 will be evident that corruption will have taken a less picture of pre 2021 rampant free for all mindset. Come 2036 emphasis by politicians agenda will be growth and sustenance of Zambia. Cadreism and corruption taken care of by legislation and moral values inculcated into our nation.

  3. Please Mr Felix tell your brother Mr. shike to work on Chikumbi Road its actually under his constituency, the stretch from ST Eugen University to Deliverance church is very bad. That road require just grading and compacting that is all. We had too much hope having him as MP but he is disappointing us big time.

  4. Letter to Editor,
    Has Zambia become an Islamic Republic? Passed through ShopRite and was shocked bread made by ShopRite was Halal Certified. Every milk, yogurt, mabisi, mayonesse, even salt, cooking oils and ice dreams were all Halal.
    Why cannot ShopRite create a separate section for food, soaps and other items for Muslims?
    Why does it not keep graced food and other items that meet religious requirements of Christians?

  5. as evidenced by the various efforts and the enactment of legislation aimed at promoting transparency???? Huge strides are counted by the number of convictions you have. As it is there hasnt been any.

  6. Cornelius Mweetwa just spilled the beans about Chishimba Kambwili…i told you guys too much theatrics going on behind the scenes…..just like in Zimbabwe….

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