Monday, March 4, 2024

Government Applauds Formation of United Kwacha Alliance by Opposition Parties


The UPND government has extended a warm welcome to the formation of the opposition United Kwacha Alliance (UKA) by several political parties. Chief Government Spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa hailed the establishment of the alliance as a positive indication of the country’s flourishing democracy.

Mr. Mweetwa emphasized the government’s commitment to upholding democratic principles and stated that it will not obstruct the progress of the UKA. He noted that the formation of the alliance is particularly timely, given recent concerns raised by its proponents regarding the perceived narrowing of democratic space in Zambia.

Addressing journalists at a press briefing, Mr. Mweetwa urged opposition parties to refrain from alleging a shrinking democratic space and instead focus on constructive engagement within the political sphere. He called on members of the UKA to serve as advocates for goodwill and peace, emphasizing the importance of honesty and integrity in political discourse.

Furthermore, Mr. Mweetwa highlighted the significance of the UKA’s formation in dispelling notions of political stagnation within the opposition ranks. He expressed optimism about the alliance’s potential to contribute positively to Zambia’s democratic processes and urged all stakeholders to support its endeavors.


  1. Birds of the same feather flock together. He just confirmed it with the Chimbwili case. These are very dull individuals. How do you expect such people to read between the lines of financial imperialists when they can’t even string a few sentences together. Zambians should clean the lot of them out. Let’s amend our constitution to to allow the house of chiefs to be part of our checks and balance.

  2. With Cornelius Mweetwa and dull HH as leaders how do we expect Zambia to develop??? ….So UPND/HH is occupied the highest office in Zambia via corruption because they used buffoon Kambwili to bring down Lungu and this needs to be investigated….its on record and Mweetwa confirmed it……HH IS AN ILEGAL PRESIDENT AND HE SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED

    • Mu Zambia abakwata amano ya mbwa too many. There was nothing wrong in misusing Kambwili to chase away Koswe from mpoto. Nawakwi tried to use Feuna to castrate HH from becoming president. PF used pangas against RB and his MMD.
      Idyots who thinks low like you end up with guns in bush.

  3. I will only believe if you will allow them to campaign freely. Also you must allow James Ndambo to participate without hindrance.

  4. Every time I hear the name Edgar Lungu, brutality and killings come to mind. All those people sharing a platform with him really?…..

    • Don’t play clever… Upnd used to start most of the trouble and cry victim. If it was that brutal someone could have been killed right there and then on the Mongu road.

  5. That’s why most intelligent people don’t want to become Politicians because one of the qualities of a Politician is being a pathological liar…HH is a hard-core Politician because he is a liar and a demagogue….Late Paul Tembo was very intelligent and he couldn’t fit into Politcs and they ended up killing him just like Late Baldwin Nkumbula…he was very intelligent and immune to corruption and they ended up killing him….late Dean Mungomba was very intelligent and immune to corruption and they ended up killing him

  6. The moment they celebrated the blowing up of Zesco pylons I knew that they were evil schemers that were involved in other evil schemes. They were responsible for the gassing project, they kidnapped the Hatembo family. They’re hardcore criminals. They’re now selling Zambia for crumbs

  7. I wish to give credit to the Information Minister for articulating issues clearly in this press conference. He was not speaking as a cadre but spoke from the heart. He gave credit to what his govt have achieved. However, issues of cost of living, running of the mines, the farming season, the falling kwacha, etc did not receive much attention. The UPND govt needs to engage Zambians to resolve matters affecting them and for me they are not doing well in stakeholder engagement.

  8. It is important to recognize that the government is comprised of multiple branches, including the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. When a headline states “Government Applauds Formation of United Kwacha Alliance by Opposition Parties,” it’s essential to remember that this does not necessarily mean that every branch of the government supports this action.

  9. It’s important to maintain a distinction between the ruling party and the government as a whole. While the ruling party may hold significant power within the government, it does not represent the entirety of the government’s branches and entities. Therefore, it’s essential to consider the complexities and nuances within the government before assuming unanimity in their support for a particular action or decision.

  10. Since childhood, I have never heard the ruling party in Zambia recommend opposition political parties, so I would like to commend the UPND Government for doing so. If Zambia’s political leaders continue to act in this manner, Zambia will continue to produce future leaders who will be able to rule our country, demonstrating unity in its diversity.

  11. Bring it on AKA, the only worry is BID. What position is Socialist great Fred Membe in AKA and the president of preconised PF, Miles Sampa? Just more clarification on the grand AKA, 2026 is near

  12. Practive what you say. What you say mostly is contrally to what you do. what we will hear next is that UKA has beeen denied registration by the registrar of societies.
    Otherwise allowing the formation of the alliance is commendable Hon Mweetwa

  13. ……….

    We hope the alliance are allowed to freely campain within the bounds of the law……

    So that they are rejected fair and square again in 2026…….

    Sober Zambians know what work GRZ is doing………

    Forward 2031………

  14. This is proof that UPND gov’t likes and upholds democratic principles . Lungu’s PFools party would never do this.

  15. I would probably have looked positively at this new political body, if only there was no Lungu in the alliance. What are you guys telling us that you are a bunch of awaiting bootlickers with no initiative? It had to take a K O’d Lungu to wake you into trying to prouce a kick of some kind? Your last kick of course before dying. You are unambitious because you believe uubomba mwibala philosophy can bring you into power

  16. In my opinion, the decision to prioritize forming alliances with other political parties over developing intellectual property for the government and the party itself is a short-sighted approach that can hinder long-term progress and innovation. While forming alliances can be important for coalition building and achieving certain policy objectives, it should not come at the expense of investing in intellectual property and original ideas.

  17. While forming alliances with other political parties is important, it should not overshadow the imperative of investing in intellectual property and original ideas. By prioritizing the development of intellectual property, a political party can distinguish itself, foster innovation, and contribute to the long-term prosperity and progress of the nation.

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