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Rachel Kundananji Shatters Records as World’s Most Expensive Female Footballer


Rachel Kundananji has made football history by becoming the most expensive women’s footballer ever after sealing a move from Spanish club Madrid CFF to USA club Bay FC for a staggering transfer fee of $860,000 (£685,000). This landmark deal, confirmed by Forbes, marks Kundananji as the first African player, male or female, to command a world-record transfer fee, underscoring the growing prominence of African talent on the global football stage.

The 23-year-old striker, renowned for her goal-scoring prowess, scored an impressive 33 goals in 43 Liga F games for Madrid, capturing the attention of football enthusiasts worldwide. Her exceptional talent has earned her a four-year deal with Bay FC, with the option of an additional year.

Bay FC is set to make their debut in the National Women’s Soccer League this year, providing Kundananji with an exciting platform to showcase her skills and contribute to the club’s success. Her move not only sets a new benchmark for women’s football transfers but also signifies the increasing recognition and valuation of African players in the international football community.

Kundananji’s remarkable journey to breaking the women’s transfer record began with Zambian side Indeni Roses before stints with BIIK Kazygurt in Kazakhstan and Spanish top-flight side Eibar. Her impressive performances both domestically and internationally, including a notable stint at the 2023 Women’s World Cup, have solidified her reputation as one of Africa’s top talents.

The significant transfer fee paid for Kundananji reflects the growing investment in women’s football, with FIFA reporting record spending in January. Despite a marginal increase in international transfers, the total transfer fees soared to $2.1 million, signifying the increasing financial value placed on women’s football talent.

Kundananji joins Bay FC alongside Nigerian striker Asisat Oshoala and former Arsenal defender Jen Beattie, further enhancing the club’s roster ahead of the upcoming season. As she embarks on this new chapter in her career, Kundananji aims to continue captivating fans with her exceptional talent and contributing to her new club’s success on the pitch.


    • Barbara should start playing in midfield or defense. She is no longer a good striker.
      Infact she can make a great defender.
      Stophila started as striker

  1. Am inspired. Leza awe nawe Kundananji (may the Lord be with you) as you lift the Zambian flag higher internationally.

  2. Congratulations to Rachel on this achievement I wish her great success and putting Zambians on the world map.Welldone what a shame KZ can’t praise her enough with his sarcasm!!! Total Dick Head!!!

  3. Rachel is very humble, and very honest. If you listen to her interviews, she explains how she was a limited and unskilled player when she first went to Kazakhstan. She recognised that her only advantage was her blazing speed, which she employed in order to remain on the team. A coach in Kazakhstan worked with her to sharpen her skills, and by the time she went to Spain she was a much improved player. Bruce Mwape then made the bizarre decision to leave her out of the WAFCON tournament that was won by South Africa, including by courtesy of a questionable penalty in their game against Zambia.. When she was brought into the team, Kundananji showed not only her potent scoring form, but a willingness to commit to defense as well. For me she is the best player on the team.

    • Bruce Mwape decided to leave her out of the team because she didn’t respond to his sexual advances. Bruce Mwape has serious allegations against him but everything has been swept under the carpet because of the good results that the women’s team brought and nobody including FAZ didn’t want to disturb the status quo.

  4. For her to reach this level despite coming from a country without a professional football league for women is commendable. As a country, we have regressed substantially in sports development despite being one of the most urbanised in Africa. We can easily produce more Kundananjis but they’re mostly going to waste.

  5. KZ for your information I lived in Zambia went to school there know several Generals in the ZDF and so too Ambassador Panji Kaunda on friendly terms. My father was decorated for bravery by the ZDF.Praise your fellow Zambian brothers and sisters and don’t be so offensive.

    • @Kaizar Zulu, come on now; you are too old for this kind of stup!d!ty….give it a rest man!

      Congratulations to the young lady footballer. Work hard and the sky is the limit for you. Especially here in the USA. Include some coaching studies in your spare time if you can, you will handsomely be rewarded when footballing career ends. Good luck!

  6. @kaizar Zulu: I assume you mean he isn’t Zambian because a Mzungu name means you can’t be Zambian? What about a South African name baZulu?

    • A whlte man can’t be african. That’s like me saying a black man is European just because they schooled in Europe.

  7. KZ you are correct schooling has nothing to do with the colour of your skin, but being born in any country can be taken up as the nationality of that country should you desire.We have a very wide ethnic population here in the UK and they call themselves British even though they hold on to their identity from their culture. Still British though.The outgoing ZAF General Collins mother Zambian father Scottish oh but he’s Zambian!!! Collins!!! What’s Kaizar? German???

    • @Jim Bridges, ignore the twat. He does not know that ethnicity has nothing to do with nationality in this modern era. Let him perish in his ignorance.
      And these were the people in power in Zambia?!?

  8. Awe Sure thanks my friend he’s an ***** can’t put up support for a lady that has put herself in the history of Zambia what the **** has he done?? Don’t answer that I think I know the answer.

    • You are not an ethnic zambian and therfore can’t and will never rule this can get legal citizenship but that doesn’t make you an ethnic zambian. Ethnic Zambians are and will always be considered more zambian than you hence why we have the presidency clause l. The same applies to Zambians with British citizenship. They will always be considered second class there in Europe. Keep your Europe we keep our africa.

  9. The matrix of culture and nationality is too complicated to comprehend by the likes of KZ. Notice his strand of perception of issues – weird, psychotic and nasty.

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