Thursday, April 18, 2024

Zambia Police Service Issues Warning Against Utterances on Secession of Territory


The Zambia Police Service has issued a stern warning to individuals making careless utterances suggesting the secession of territory belonging to the Republic of Zambia. In a press statement released by Mr. Graphel Musamba, the Inspector General of Police, emphasized that Zambia is legally established as a unitary state, and any attempts to challenge or undermine this legal foundation are deemed irresponsible and a serious offense against the nation’s laws.

The statement expresses grave concern over recent statements made by certain individuals that border on treason, advocating for secession and questioning the integrity of the Republic of Zambia. The Zambia Police Service asserts its duty to uphold and enforce the laws of the nation, safeguarding the safety, security, and unity of Zambia.

With immediate effect, the Zambia Police Service has vowed to take decisive action against anyone found promoting or inciting any form of uprising or secession. Such individuals will face swift arrest and prosecution in accordance with Zambia’s laws. The statement underscores the gravity of these offenses and warns of severe consequences for those who engage in activities that threaten the peace and stability of the nation.

The Inspector General of Police issues a stern warning to individuals contemplating illegal actions to cease and desist immediately. The Zambia Police Service reiterates its commitment to maintaining law and order and emphasizes that any attempts to undermine the unity of the Republic will be met with the full force of the law.

The statement called upon all citizens to uphold the values of unity and nationalism that define Zambia.


  1. Its those youths in Mongu and their leaders. They are on Youtube and they have bn on ZNBC, muvi tv, Diamdond tv amd even on social media. Lets not waste time.. THEY HAVE BEEN WARNED BEFORE…..JUST ARREST THEM TODAY.

  2. It’s very unfortunate that the current crop of leaders don’t understand the importance of peace. It’s ordinary Lozi that will suffer should there be conflict in Western province. The Nkoya, Luchazi, Chokwe, and Mbunda will resist Lozi domination and in that conflict the Malozi will be beaten like kids. Across the border Chitambala Mwewa of DRC Tshisekedi has declared war on Rwanda and he thinks it’s going to be like a Rambo movie. The effects will spill out to Zambia. Instead of restraining him Burundi has also joined in this senseless declaration. Are these people normal?

  3. And this useless IG has issued this statement directed at Fred Mmembe as if he’s the sponsor of those misguided Malozi.

  4. It is right for the police service to give a warning because from now on people should take responsibility for their actions. Personally, I am fed up with the Barotse Activists. It is treason to make the statements they have been making. Instead of engaging in economic activities to move the region forward, they want to destabilize the country and undermine the govt of the day. In some neighboring countries they would have suffered unfortunate fates. So they are taking advantage of the peace we have in the country.

  5. Govt should go after the kingpins behind that lawlessness instead of those hungry thugs we have seen on social media. If they go after those boys, they will just recruit more. Cut off the head of the snake. Greedy politicians want to disrupt the govt just because for now they do not have govt positions ! It is irresponsible conduct

  6. This is a timely warning, at some point people needed to be told this message. Even though the majority of the kingpins are probably out of the country it is necessary to send a strong message to these hungry souls who are sent to make noise. Their chief must own up and say something. What these chaps (secessionists) think is that it is as easy as walking out of their huts. It is not that easy. All the tribes in Zambia would want something like that but they understand the gravity of it. There is nothing special about the Litunga above other Zambian traditional rulers. Just work hard to develop your areas. You are Zambians now and forevermore.

  7. On a different subject…. Thieves break into a ware house and steal ZNS GMO mealie meal for the DRC. Now if this an algebraic expression it be the easiest to solve.

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