Friday, April 12, 2024

Cabinet Ministers Undergo Economic Governance Training


President Hichilema emphasizes the importance of informed public service workers for economic transformation

In a bid to bolster efficiency within the governance system and drive productivity in both the public and private sectors, the Economic Governance Training for Cabinet Ministers was launched at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre. The initiative, spearheaded by President Hakainde Hichilema, aims to professionalize the civil service, a crucial component in delivering on promises made to the people of Zambia.

President Hichilema pointed out the significance of an informed and quality public service workforce in executing the economic transformation agenda set forth by his administration. Speaking at the inauguration ceremony held at the Mulungushi Conference Centre in Lusaka, he emphasized the pivotal role of information sharing among public servants as fundamental to economic development.

Conducted by the National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA), the training program for Cabinet Ministers in economic governance is anticipated to catalyze Zambia’s economic growth. President Hichilema articulated that his government’s vision is to translate clear policies and procedures into tangible economic progress, drawing parallels with nations like Singapore that have achieved remarkable economic growth within a relatively short span.

Highlighting 2024 as the year dedicated to economic expansion through job creation, President Hichilema stressed the necessity of a robust economy to sustain initiatives such as the free education policy introduced by his administration. He further underscored the interconnectivity of the energy sector with key sectors like mining, agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism, affirming the government’s commitment to revitalizing the energy sector to bolster the Zambian economy.

NIPA Executive Director, Royson Mukwena, elucidated that the intensive four-day training program aimed to equip Cabinet Ministers with the necessary skills to navigate economic challenges and opportunities. Dr. Mukwena emphasized the pivotal role of Cabinet Ministers as key drivers of economic transformation and expressed confidence that the training would enhance their comprehension of economic dynamics.

Secretary to Cabinet, Patrick Kangwa, lauded NIPA’s efforts in fortifying the public service and commended the institution’s proactive steps towards capacity building. Kangwa highlighted NIPA’s introduction of virtual training sessions to accommodate a broader spectrum of public service workers, underscoring the institution’s commitment to fostering economic growth and transformation.

The Economic Governance Training for Cabinet Ministers marks a significant milestone in Zambia’s quest for economic revitalization, underlining the government’s dedication to empowering its workforce and fostering sustainable development.


    • Common Sense Training School.
      This is the best School ever. But where do we find it? Teachers? The hardest resources to get as well. End result, back to square one. And nothing happens.

    • This same as sending husbands for $ex training at Mulungushi Conference Center. Those ministers were supposed to be trained before hire. It took 6 months before making cabinet, but still came up with impotent ones.

  1. @ Tikki and Futurezed
    I think the Ministers and the President himself need to be reminded that driving a 5.7L V8 engine land cruiser.. .gas guzzling SUV bought with tax payers money and buying gas with tax payers money is not being economical and also receiving brown envelopes from foreign investors in order to facilitate business deals is not being economical

    • @Anonymous. 100% spot on! HH himself needs this training more than his cabinet ministers…useless economic manager wannabe.

      How much were those VX’s sold at and how many were sold? We still see them being driven around by UPND ministers so don’t waste our time and resources trying to appear to be relevant when you are the biggest bottleneck to Zambia’s development.

  2. kkkkkk yama yama so again they will be given allowances, tax payers money. So what are we saying here,that they are not competent or what? or they are not qualified or all they needed is refresher courses if so, why?.

  3. I agree with these fancy cars upmarket cars its a precident set in the past and should be done away with … As for brown envelopes its deeply inbedded in all sectors of GRZ and local businesses
    There is no solution as far as i can see apart from those caught being given 20+ jail time
    10 x Higer buses = 3 years probably out in less than a year …… Who on this earth wouldnt go for a deal like that ??? That case needs to be reopened !!!!!!!

  4. Good is Good, lets give praise were its due and not criticizing everything!!!!!!!!!!!! Kudos HH for ensuring continuing teaching and learning for your Ministers. Even Mandela said, ” education is the key for development and education is continuous.” Keep it up and lets see results for that training in development!!!!!!!!!

    • They go for training to learn about loopholes and how to beat the system. We need government Alangize, with a sjambok to correct some of these ministers.

  5. The Zambian work force………

    From top to bottom , needs training on being productive and anti grafft…..

    Well done UPND…….

    Froward 2031……..

  6. The gadgets we use need constant upgrades. Too, the educated require incessant training. What more can we do with some ignorant and disoriented cabinet ministers close to us? Any limitation is a result of illiteracy. Illiterateness is a result of the mind being blind and clueless.
    Here is an inexhaustive list of some 14 forms of ILLITERACY: 1. Literal Illiteracy; 2. Argumentative Illiteracy; 3. Technology Illiteracy; 4. Financial Illiteracy; 5. Statistical Illiteracy; 6. Translational Illiteracy; 7. Factual Illiteracy; 8. Cultural Illiteracy; 9. Functional Illiteracy; 10. Emotional Illiteracy; 11. Racial Illiteracy; 12. Numerical Illiteracy; 13. Civic Illiteracy; 14. Perception Illiteracy.
    Best wishes on your NIPA lessons, comrades.

  7. If they write an exam after this exercise, among those that will record poor results are Mtolo Phiri, Jack Mwiimbu, Kapala Zesco, KCM Kabuswe, Toll Plaza Nzovu, Conman Mweetwa, Merc Masebo, Witna Kapembwa and GMO Lufuma

  8. KiKiKikikikikiki…ati Common sense. This was lacking in forgotten regimes. Next will be performance assessments, may be, may be some ministers who are long overdue date of expire can rest.

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